Suicide’s Alan Vega 70 This Year
Commemorative Limited Edition EP Series

Uncompromising solo artist and legendary frontman of the band SUICIDE, Alan Vega celebrates his 70th birthday this year. To mark this occasion, blastfirstpetite is conducting a yearlong series of monthly limited edition releases.

The series kicks off on 6th October with two releases, both editions of 4000 each, available in both 10” vinyl  and a limited download formats.

Two separate releases on the 6th October are the Bruce Springsteen’s cover of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream” (catalog number PTYT 017), a live recording from The Boss' 2005 “Devils & Dust” solo tour. The sleeve is by Edward Mapplethorpe.

The second release is a Suicide cover by The Horrors of ‘Shadazz’, (catalog number PTYT 018), a track originally recorded by Suicide for their ‘Second Album’, released in 1980. Sleeve artwork by Alex Rose.

The promo CD enclosed contains both A and B-sides of the first two vinyl releases of the series, available on 6th October.

Each release includes:
• an established recording artist paying tribute to Alan by covering one
of his songs,
• a previously unreleased Suicide/Vega rarity from the archives, and
• proving that Vega's work even now continues to inspire, a cover version by a young up and coming band.

Major artists will include Bruce Springsteen, Primal Scream, Peaches, Grinderman, Spiritualised, The Horrors, Sunn 0)) + Pansonic, Julian Cope, Lydia Lunch, and Vincent Gallo. Upcoming bands include Beat The Devil/Shilpa Ray, No Bra, HTRK, X-Vectors, Nik Void (ex-Kaito), Effi Briest, S.C.U.M., and Stephen Burroughs (ex-Head Of David).

The sleeve images are all by contemporary visual artists who have been inspired by Vega, including Edward Mapplethorpe, Alex Rose, Cary Kwok and Colter Jacobsen.

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