If you're looking for a feelgood hit of the Summer, then look no further!

Unrestrained Aussie rockers C.O.F.F.I.N provide a toothy taster for their forthcoming new album.

'Give Me A Bite' is the opening cut from the Sydney quartet's fifth album Australia Stops, which follows on from 2020's Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway album, and is inspired by their love of Detroit rock'n'roll.

“Throughout a chunk of the Covid lockdowns I was still working full time on construction sites and in the art department of film sets,” explains singing drummer Ben Portnoy. “For weeks my Friday routine was to come home and blast this bootlegged Stooges LP from France. It was recommended and sold to me by Ray Ahn of the Hard-Ons who works at Utopia Records. It’s made up of piecemeal demos and blown-out jams by the band, all of which are bursting with amplified energy. I was really missing jamming with my friends and showing up to our sweaty storage unit/jam space in Brookvale with new inspiration from the week’s listening. Trying to resolve this, I got on the video chat with Aaron one Friday night and we did our best to nut something out that had a sense of that sound we love so much.

“What’s it saying?” he continues. “Well, you can only get for so long without giving …without giving me a bite.”

You're gonna be singing "Spit in my wounds!" all weekend now, we reckon!


Produced once again by Frenzal Rhomb frontman Jason Whalley, Australia Stops is set for release on 15 September by Damaged Record Co through Bad Vibrations in Europe. Pre-order here.

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