BORN BAD LONDON, FRIDAY 4TH SEPT, 9PM-4AM, £6, @ BARDENS BOUDOIR, STOKE NEWINGTON ROAD, N16, LONDON Buses:149, 243, 67, 76 Overground: Dalston Kingsland, Contact: Duncan, 07796196781. X   Like a bad rash, Born Bad returns to Bardens Boudoir to rock the boys and girls of Dalston! with special secret guests, more booze, more dancing, more falling over, more rockabillytrashsurfswingngrind, and more to be announced! oh yes!  ************************************************** PLAYING LIVE - SKIFFLE, ROCKABILLY BLUES FROM 'THE SEVERED LIMB'!  For the last 5 years, Born Bad has been rocking Brighton's messed up children, bikini girls with machine guns, creatures from the black leather lagoon, super vixens, switchblade sisters, teds, greasers, hot-rod heads and flat-tops! and count among their fans, both Andy Weatherall (who had to queue for an hour to get in the first time..) and Richard Fearless (who got suitably pissed at our NYE mash up)....  Resident DJ's Duncan DeMorgan (Shore Leave, Decline & Fall), Jon Slade (Comet Gain), Steph Shrag and Jim 'Sonic' Smith, just about managing to stand up behind the decks to knock out vintage rocknroll, surf, trash, swing, blues and jive.  Doors from 9 till 4am, 6 quid entry, all night rocknroll dance party! Bardens Boudoir, Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 Buses:149, 243, 67, 76 Overground: Dalston Kingsland Contact: Duncan, 07796196781. - "This legendary south-coast club night is renowned for its quality excursions into the seedier, clammier corners of rock'n'roll, and this Red Hot Martian Bop threatens to be up there with the wildest..." - The Guardian Guide
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