Read a review of the Bone Orchard album in next issue of Vive Le Rock magazine! BONE ORCHARD 'Stuffed To The Gills - and Other Fishy Tales' CD+DVD  The first time on CD for this cult Post-punk / Gothic-jazz / Psychobilly  80's band from Brighton.  A comprehensive 17-track anthology of the best  of their series of Jungle releases, PLUS a DVD with seven video promo  clips* + seven archive live performance tracks, & 12-page booklet with  1,000-word history by Grave Jibes webzine editor, lyrics and photos.  *Two of the promo-clips can now be seen on Youtube: - (two more, including 'Fats Terminal' shortly.)  Bone Orchard grew out of an alternative Brighton nightclub run by singer  Chrissy McGee in 1983.  Their first 4-track demo led to a John Peel  session, which quickly led to a record deal with Jungle (and a  publishing deal with Mute/Sonet).  The debut 6-track EP 'Stuffed To The Gills' was stunning, with Chrissy's  disturbing and sometimes violent lyrics delivered in an intense, rasping  howl, backed by blues riffs from Mark Horse and Troy, over unusual  rhythms from Mick Finch and Paul H.  It was followed by the 'Swallowing Havoc' 12", which veered between  frantic rockabilly and laid-back Joplin-esque blues.  Then came the  masterful album 'Jack' expanding on their potential, adding violin, sax  and piano, gaining a fuller, jazzier sound but maintaining their  avant-garde blues weirdness.  They gigged with The Birthday Party, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Alien Sex  Fiend, Johnny Thunders & The Meteors, with memorable gigs up and down  the UK as well as in Europe.  They worked with the best of Brighton's  experimental video directors on a number of promotional videos, rarely  featuring the band in any conventional sense.  Their final Jungle release was the 'Princes Epilepsy' 12".  Later they  issued a mini-LP 'Penthouse Poultry' on their own Vax Records before  splitting in 1986, burnt out.  This compilation includes the best of the Jungle recordings on CD, and  seven video promos plus bonus live footage on DVD, with a 12-page  booklet including detailed notes from Grave Jibes webzine editor  Nattsol, and The Inca Babies' Harry S.  CD Audio:   1. Fats Terminal, 2. Knuckle The Butcher, 3. Shall I Carry  The Budgie Woman?, 4. Picking Appulheads, 5. Mancre!, 6. Kicking Up The  Sawdust, 7. Cold Back Stick, 8. Love Has Sin, 9. I'm Boned!, 10. Jack,  11. Lynched, 12. Marianne, 13. Five Days In The Neighbourhood, 14. Girl  With A Gun, 15. Scarlett Ropes, 16. Princess Epilepsy, 17. Same Old Ball  And Chain.  DVD Video:   Promo videos: 1. The Mission, 2. Cold Back Stick, 3.  Lynched, 4. Jack, 5. Fats Terminal, 6. Princess Epilepsy, 7. Touched.  Live Amsterdam Paradiso:* 8. Jack, 9. Tongue, 10. Top Dog, 11. Marianne,  12. Same Old Ball & Chain, 13. Big Boss Mama, 14. Princess Epilepsy  *Historical footage of imperfect quality.  NTSC DVD - viewable all  regions.  Cat no: FREUDCD093      Release date: December 5th 2011  More info: -- 
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