Two former members of THE BOLSHOI have reconnected to make new music.

Singer/guitarist Trevor Tanner and keyboard-player Paul Clark have announced that over the past few years, they've been collaborating on new music long-distance between their homes in Florida and Seattle.

Now trading under the name of THE BOLSHOI BROTHERS, Tanner and Clark revealed the news on their website

"When we called it quits we all stayed friends and we all moved apart which is an inevitable part of growth, for my part I stayed in touch with Paul because he and I have many things in common and had remained friends after the demise of the Bolshoi," says Tanner. "Fast track to 2018 and we decided that we would try and do some music together, which was a bit problematic due to the geographical chasm between us and my ineptitude at using any kind of computer recording system, cue the pandemic and everything changed. The panic and frightening reality of impending death pretty much sped up my songwriting process and I learned to use the computer to make music long-distance and otherwise. Paul and myself started to collaborate on some pretty interesting music and with his help I was able to use the computer to communicate musically with my friend some five thousand miles away."

"Needless to say it's been a long journey... but we've learned so much along the way, not just about producing music but also about each other," continues Clark. "It turns out that being able to trust one another and be inspired by one another, especially without actually being in the same room together in over thirty years, is at the core of everything."

The Bolshoi formed as a trio in Trowbridge, Wiltshire in 1983 with Clark joining two years later. Quickly becoming regulars on post-punk and goth bills, playing shows with The Cult, The March Violets and Lords Of the New Church among others, they released a pair of albums and string of now classic indie singles in 'Happy Boy', 'Away', 'TV Man' and others predicting, yet sadly falling short of, mainstream success, the band splitting in 1988.

"The Bolshoi Brothers is not an exercise in nostalgia," Tanner adds. "It is a genuine collaboration with a nod to our past but a definite step forward in these mental times. I’m not afraid…" 

Check out the video for first track 'Steam Funk'... 


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