here's the final line up for the Brum Punx Picnic 2012:
Cocksure P.K.F (Brum)
Drongos For Europe (Brum)
Black Marias (Peterborough)
Mangled (Brum)
This System Kills (South Wales)
The Cunts (Staffs)
GBH (Brum)
Sick on the Bus (London)
Girlfixer (Nottingham)
Billyclub (Kenosha, USA)
Scarred Society (Brum)
Intention (Brum)
Scutty Neighbours (Sheffield)
Paul Carter (Bradford)
Slagerij (Swindon)
Malarkey (Brum)
Contempt (Norfolk)
The Nerks- ft. members of Velvet Underpants (Brum)
The Knobbers (brum)
Cracked Actors (Brum)
Piss On Authority (Bristol)
The Nags (Bristol)
Obnoxious UK (Brum)
Flat Stanley (Stourbridge)
There will also be heavy reggae DJs in 3 rooms across the venue as well as 2 live band stages and film showcase. 100% of proceeds will go to charity. Venue is the Wagon and Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4ED.
 Fri 31st Aug, Sat 1st Sept, Sun 2nd Sept.

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