> Big Sexy Noise - “Besides being stellar musicians, gentlemen and a pleasure > to work with they are all, like myself, flaming weirdos.” - Lydia Lunch >  > “What The Kills should sound like if they weren’t such pussies” -
> > Big Sexy Noise follow up their vinyl mini album, released earlier this year, with
a full blown CD album and London Live show at the Lexington on November 7th . The
band, fronted by Lydia Lunch and Gallon Drunk alt-rockers James Johnston, Terry
Edwards and Ian White, have recorded a further five Johnston/Lunch originals plus
a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover to complement the original six tracks.
> > Big Sexy Noise is the primaeval bump, grind and holler of White’s thuggish drums,
Johnston’s moronic low-tuned riffing and Edwards’ brutal organ and sax
interventions led by Lunch’s take-no-prisoners vocals. The album opens with The
Gospel Singer which Lunch wrote with Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), followed by Lou
Reed’s Kill Your Sons before settling into the trademark songs by Big Sexy Noise
protagonists Johnston and Lunch.
> > Slydell and Another Man Comin smoulder along with slinky grooves; Baby-Faced
Killer and Dark Eyes delve deep into psychosis with precision metal riffing and
Bad For Bobby lulls you into the still-birth-of-the-cool with a Lunch vs Edwards
vocal/sax duel to die for. By way of contrast God Is A Bullet is the
Lunch/Johnston vocal duet on a Charles Manson theme which opens with the chilling
line “Dying is easy - it’s living that scares me.”
> > Lydia is in fine form berating the weak and miserable in Your Love Don’t Pay My
Rent and Doughboy, but not before the formidable drum-led Diggin The Hole and the
unlikely but affectionate cover of That Smell (Lynyrd Skynyrd), with Johnston in
full Johnny Thunders mode.
> > History - Lydia Lunch has collaborated with Terry Edwards, James Johnston and Ian
White in a variety of musical guises for the last ten years. From Hangover Hotel
and Smoke in the Shadows to the recent multimedia performances of Real Pornography
and The Ghosts of Spain, the three rabble rousers from Gallon Drunk have, in a
series of ever morphing configurations, collaborated with Lydia in creating
psycho-ambient soundscapes in the service of propelling forth spoken word
exorcisms in her decades-long prophecies of societal collapse, moral bankruptcy,
and global corruption.
> > And, according to the No Wave Nostradamus herself, "It's time to stop complaining,
quit your crying and embrace the coming End Times. Let's fucking rock."
> > Tracklisting > Gospel Singer | Kill Your Sons | Slydell | Diggin The Hole | Baby-Faced Killer > Bad For Bobby | Dark Eyes | Another Man Comin (while the bed is still warm) > God Is A Bullet | That Smell | Your Love Don’t Pay My Rent | Doughboy > > Live at The Lexington November 7th doors 8.00pm tickets £10.00 / £8.00 adv > v
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