This Is Big Audio Dynamite¹ 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition : 26th April Remastered Original Album & 12 Track Bonus CD   ³Our sound was a blend of New York beats, Jamaican bass lines, English rock¹n¹roll guitar and me taking care of the sampled dialogue and movie stuff. The B.A.D. philosophy was to utilise all the elements of the media to create a fuller sound and write songs that were about something.  With a foot in the future and a foot in the past we were dealing with the right now.² Don Letts  Sony Music will release ŒThis Is Big Audio Dynamite ­ Legacy Edition¹ on 25th April. The classic debut album from B.A.D will be available on CD and as a download and will feature a bonus CD containing 12 rare remixes, dub versions, edits, outtakes and B Sides, 5 of which are previously unreleased. The release also boasts new personal essays from band members Mick Jones, Don Letts, Dan Donovan, Leo ³E-Z Kill² Williams and Greg Roberts, unpublished photos and images of memorabilia from the original album release. ŒThis Is Big Audio Dynamite ­ Legacy Edition¹ DISC 1 DISC 2 1. Medicine Show                                     1. Medicine Show (12 inch remix) 2. Sony                                                      2. Sony Dub (Dub Version) * 3. E=MC2                                                 3. E=MC2 (12 inch remix)             4. The Bottom Line                                   4. The Bottom Line (12 inch remix, edit version) 5. A Party                                                 5. A Party (dub version) 6. Sudden Impact                                      6. Sudden Impact (12 inch mix) * 7. Stone Thames                                       7. Stone Thames (12 inch mix) * 8. BAD                                                     8. BAD (Vocoder version) *     9. Electric Vandal *  10. Albert Einstein Meets The Human Beatbox (12 inch B Side)  11. BAD (12 inch US remix)  12. This Is Big Audio Dynamite (7 inch Non LP B Side) * Previously unreleased   Released in October 1985 and ³born from the ashes of The Clash² as Don Letts puts it, ŒThis Is Big Audio Dynamite¹ marked a monumental moment in musical history. Post-punk revisionism clashed head on with hip-hop beatboxes (pre-Beastie Boys and Run-DMC¹s fusion projects), dancefloor grooves, the Vocoder (precursor to T-Pain¹s ŒAuto-tune¹), and eye-opening, ear-bending cinematic samples gathered up from spaghetti westerns, Nic Roeg films and more. Their debut single ŒThe Bottom Line¹ was swiftly remixed by Rick Rubin and released on his ŒDef Jam¹ label.   ³From the outset B.A.D. was a breeding ground for ideas,² drummer and beatbox maestro Greg Roberts sums up, ³a crossroads where all good forms of music could and should diverge; New York, London, Kingston ...funky beats, reggae bass, rock guitar and classic songs shot through with cinematic vision.  The diverse personalities in our West London clan made for a challenging and energetic fun filled ride in the short lived but bright burning star that was B.A.D.  The first album has all the playful inventiveness of a group set free from musical constraints.²  ³What do I remember?² ponders Mick Jones. ³Reagan was president, Thatcher was the prime minister and we were Big Audio DynamiteŠ.it was a buzz to record in Basing Street studiosŠ.Bob Marley recorded thereŠ.Lucky Gordon (of Christine Keeler fame) for foods and nourishmentŠ..Paul 'Groucho' Smykle  at the controls with his heavy space-age dub mixesŠ..bringing the New York vibe to West LondonŠ. We rocked and we skanked²   
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