GMT-featuring 70s punk/rock n roll guitarist Bernie Torme are on tour!!  (Guy, McCoy & Torme) ARE COMING TO ROCK A TOWN NEAR YOU THIS NOVEMBER A 7 DATE TOURETTE  Thur 18th: THE RAILWAY ~ BOLTON Fri 19th: THE VOODOO LOUNGE ~ STAMFORD (LINCS) Sun 21st: DINGWALLS ~ LONDON Thur 25th: AREA 81 ~ BRISTOL Fri 26th: REVOLVER ~ BIRKENHEAD Sat 27th: BLACK FLAG ~ WAKEFIELD Sun 28th: THE MUSICIAN ~ LEICESTER IT'S PUNK, IT'S ROCK, IT'S ROLL IT'S EVIL TWIN 2010 IT HAS BEEN CALLED A 3 WAY MARRIAGE GONE HORRIBLY RIGHT! SO RAW IT MAKES SUSHI TAST LIKE 7 MONTH OLD HADDOCK! IT IS THE PERFECT THREESOME! BERNIE TORME'S GUITAR SHREDDING JOHN McCOY'S RUMBLING BASS ROBIN GUYS'S AWESOME DRUMS BETWEEN THEM THEY MAKE UP G.M.T  .  THE BANDS THESE GUYS HAVE PLAYED WITH INCLUDE: GILLAN  ZZEBRA  BRUCE DICKINSON  OZZY OSBOURNE  SAMSON  TIGERTAILZ  THEIR DEBUT ALBUM 'BITTER & TWISTED "A typically monstrous slab of punk-tinged psychedelic hard rock, overlain with squalling guitars, Whammy bar torture tactics and barely intelligiable, electric soup-fuelled vocals, 'Bitter & Twisted' is worth tracking down right away."  FOLLOWED UP BY 'EVIL TWIN' "GMT prove that with a basic 3-piece band, you can still do unheard of things - one minute it's a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride,with Robin doing his best 'Keith Moon' on "You Can't Hold Me", then next stop is an epic blues-based tale ('Perfumed Garden') invoking the Dartford Tunnel..." AND NOW YOU CAN HEAR THEM LIVE IN A TOWN NEAR YOU! 
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