THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS - Fan video for ‘Society Is Rapidly Changing’ responds to riots - and the Evening Standard! + 100 Club show with John Sinclair on Sept 7th  A fortnight ago as the London riots raged, Bermondsey Joyriders fan Anna ‘Madam Miaow’  Chen found ‘Society Is Rapidly Changing’ - opening track on the band’s forthcoming second album ‘Noise and Revolution’ - an almost eeriely prophetic observation of the unrest brewing just below the surface in the weeks preceding the riots.  Setting images of the surreal scenes then still unfolding to the song, she created a YouTube video illustrating her interpretation of it, which has been spreading like wildfire since.  .   For those who’ve not yet checked it out, her work can be seen here;   When a week later the media began to move from dumbstruck documentation to considering the possible causes and cures for August’s unrest, the Evening Standard‘s Richard Godwin offered surely one of the more bemusing answers in his column for last Wednesday‘s edition, titled ‘Black Music Has The Best Take On Britain’s Riots’. Put aside for a second the obvious problems with that headline’s implications that the riots are a race issue (we are, of course, still seeing every shade of society pass through the courts) and it’s Godwin’s later declaration, that the best responses to events from British rappers do nothing so much as “speak of an urgent, topical creativity lacking in guitar music”, which appears most confused.    The Bermondsey Joyriders would like to challenge him on that one, and encourage anyone who wants to do the same to repost Anna’s video, respond to the article (here; and heck, maybe respond to the article with some favourite footage of Hendrix in action - to help the guy get over his notions that ‘black music’ and ‘guitar music’ are somehow mutually exclusive, and that anyone’s ethnicity or choice of instrument is any indicator as to the validity of what they have to say!  _______________  Back at their home-from-home of Oxford Street’s 100 Club on September 7th, The Bermondsey Joyriders will once again present ‘Noise and Revolution’ live and in full, complete with narration performed by former MC5 manager and 60s counterculture icon John Sinclair.  On this occasion, Gary Lammin (vocals / guitars) and Martin Stacey (bass) will also be joined for one night only by Simon Hanson (Squeeze) on drums, and Urban Voodoo Machine frontman Paul Rooney Angel on the blues harp.    Airing ‘Noise and Revolution’ in its entirely at a string of similar shows over the summer, the band have incited a packed Islington Academy to demand encores when supporting punk legends Marky Ramone and Jello Biafra and had reviews call an early “shock album of the year contender”.  Without having yet set a release date, The Bermondsey Joyriders have unquestionably built a buzz around ‘Noise and Revolution’ which simply cannot be overstated; this is an album ahead of itself, and right on top of the times.  September 7th - 100 Club, Oxford Street Performing ‘Noise & Revolution’ with guests John Sinclair, Simon Hanson (Squeeze) & Paul Ronney-Angel (The Urban Voodoo Machine) Support from The Phobics Doors - 7.30pm - Tickets - £8 adv. / £10 OTD 
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