THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS PREMIERE 2ND ALBUM ŒNOISE AND REVOLUTION¹ LIVE & IN FULL AT LONDON¹S 100 CLUB -  WITH LIVE NARRATION BY SPECIAL GUEST JOHN SINCLAIR!  Claiming all the credentials of a bonafide Œ77 Punk super group, The Bermondsey Joyriders are a band with the hard-won experience and history of three veteran punks.  Founding members Gary Lammin (vocals / guitar) and Martin Stacey (bass) cut their teeth in the Joe Strummer-produced Little Roosters and Generation X precursors Chelsea respectively, whilst recent recruit Rat Scabies (drums) will be best known as the man who laid down fast ¹n¹ frantic foundations for The Damned, the band who released the first British punk single New Rose.  More than the sum of their impressive heritage however, The Bermondsey Joyriders have won praise for splicing punk rock with raw blues via Lammin¹s startling slide guitar, emerging with a sonic signature that is undeniably all their own.  Given just 12 hours (!) in the studio to lay down their self-titled 2008 debut, they managed to produce a record that Classic Rock magazine¹s Carol Clerk deemed to have ³pulled off a really impudent mix of influences², and which Guitarist magazine¹s Charles Shaar Murray felt had achieved a ³unique spin on punk-blues².  Now under the direction of Cure and Depeche Mode producer David M Allen, the band are close to completing their second album, Noise and Revolution; an ambitious concept record, which fully realises the ideas that won acclaim when only sketched out on their debut.   Gloriously cocking a snoot at just about everything in the rulebook, Noise and Revolution finds real punk rebel spirit in combining 60s garage psychedelic trash, blues and soul sounds with brutally driven street rock 'n' roll.  The record's most radical twist on the ¹77 blueprint however comes the narration provided ex MC5 manager and counter culture icon, John Sinclair.  With the relevant, rare life experiences to make his spoken word parts captivatingly convincing, Sinclair speeds Noise and Revolution¹s story along with a poet¹s pace and rhythm, and a wicked humour.  Though a release date is yet to be set, The Bermondsey Joyriders, with true punk attitude, are to perform this unique record live and in full. A one-off show at London¹s legendary 100 Club on May 8th, will see John Sinclair join them onstage to recreate his narrative parts.  The decision to give a not yet released record this treatment, is indisputably brave and fresh, and a move which speaks volumes about the band's rightful confidence in Noise and Revolution.  This is one show you can say will be like no other - and one show you¹ll truly want to be able to say you were there for!  Key points for listings:  The Bermondsey Joyriders (+ special guest John Sinclair) play Noise and Revolution live  May 8th @ The 100 Club Support from: The Duel & The Resistants Plus: Luna Rosa (burlesque) & DJ Jeff Munday £8 advance / £10 on the door - doors at 7.30pm <> 
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