U.K. Subs' forthcoming gig at Champions in Bournemouth on Friday 3rd December is to be filmed for release as a brand new DVD. The Dorset film collective RADAR PROOF RECORDINGS, who filmed the last Time & Matter Recordings release 'Soft Lights & Loud Guitars', will again be utilised for the Bournemouth gig and Charlie has agreed to some of the fabulous extras that will be included on the DVD. Radar Proof Recordings will be again collaborating with Time & Matter for the DVD release, and once more, a limited edition will hopefully come out first, with all monies raised going directly to Charlie's Charitable Cause. Why not get yourself down to the gig so you have the chance to appear in the crowd whilst watching your favourite band. Meanwhile the UK Subs will be featured in issue 2 of Vive Le Rock!! and the new Subs album-Work in Progress will be out in Jan 2011 on Captain Oi. This is from the quite brilliant U.K Subs site- check it out!!
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