Bad Lieutenant     


New Order’s Bernard Sumner announces new project

Bad Lieutenant formed in 2007 with New Order’s Bernard Sumner (guitar and vocals) alongside Phil Cunningham (guitar) and Jake Evans (guitar and vocals). We can now confirm that they have completed their long awaited debut LP “Never Cry Another Tear” which is set for worldwide release on 5th October 2009 on Triple Echo Records. The album features sounds that have helped make New Order such a treasured, innovative force over the past three decades, but also featured is a brand new voice from exotic Macclesfield, Jake Evans.
The new album centre’s around crisp, streamlined, 21st century guitar music – underscored by keyboards and occasional melodica. The record includes Sumner’s seemingly effortless melodic invention, but now these familiar joys blend with vocals and the talented guitar work of Jake Evans.
“This album is very important to me,” says Bernard. “We’ve worked hard on it and I’m proud of it. It’s also important because it gives people the chance to hear a gifted new singer and guitar player who I think’s really talented.”

Together, the band have spent over a year writing, recording and mixing the album near Manchester, which features additional musicians including Alex James (Blur) and Stephen Morris (New Order and Joy Division) on several recordings. Song titles and live dates will be announced in due course. The live band will include Stephen Morris on drums and Tom Chapman on bass.
A debut single, “Sink or Swim” is expected to be released prior to the LP, on Monday 21st September 2009.
“There is some continuity to the music I’ve made in the past,” says Bernard. “But this is very different – because different people are playing on it. This is just how I now want to make music – it feels right to me and I hope at least a few other people feel the same.”

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