Fred Schneider turns a recipe into a hit with "Fruitcake" single from "Destination. Christmas!"     Track from B-52s front man's The Superions hits online stores Sept. 21st. Available for streaming now.     +++          The Superions (L-R Noah Brodie, Fred Schneider, Dan Marshall)     +++     AVAILABLE FOR STREAMING NOW      <http://official.fm/track/138968>      "Fruitcake" is the first single from The Superions album Destination. Christmas!     [STREAM + WIDGET]: http://official.fm/track/138968     [EMBED]: <iframe name="fairplayer" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="40" src="http://fanatic.official.fm/track/138968?fairplayer=small&skin=66"></ifr ame> 
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