live the Citrus Club Edinburgh,Scotland 20-03-09

Punk is dead, so they say, well sad to disappoint it is alive and kicking more than ever. We may be older and wiser but the music from 25 years ago is still as great as ever.

As soon as Animal uttered the words “We are the league, the Anti Nowhere League” the crowd was off – jumping, pushing, pogo-ing.

I don’t have the energy nowadays to get in amongst the crowd but my buzz is taking photos of the bands and the crowd, which gives me natural high.

We were to hear most of “We are the league” album including Snowman, Streets of London, I hate rock n roll, Woman (one of my favourite all time punk tunes), So What (the infamous b-side to the 1981 single Streets of London that had the British police seize all copies of it from the bands distributor under the obscene publications acts, and is now covered by many bands including Metallica, it has been 28 years since I first heard this song wow) had the place going wild.

The addition of Johnny Skullknuckles from Goldblade on Lead guitar was a master stroke, he brought rock n roll look to the band, and with Shady on bass, Nato on drums and the menacing figure of Animal singing you have one awesome band.

When there was time for one more song Animal said “what would you like” and in unison the crowd shouted “So What” so we got it for the second time that night. The crowd went totally mental, people falling everywhere, being picked up to be knocked down again, all in a friendly manner.

After the show, the band came outside to speak and take photos with members of the crowd. I know many bands will not do this but I think it is great and sometimes just finishes of a great evening.


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