ALLEN ADAMS 1957 - 2019

ALLEN ADAMS 1957 - 2019

We lost a genuine UK punk legend last November when Allen Adams, founder member of Peterborough's DESTRUCTORS suddenly passed away. Allen's longtime bandmate Steve Rolls got in touch to talk about his friend and the future of the band.

"Allen is a local legend and I know from the feedback I got after his death, how much so many people thought of him. I met him in '76 in the local record store. Myself and Mike MacGuire were trawling the latest punk records and those coming in from the US and got talking to Allen as we had formed Peterborough's first punk band The Now. Allen agreed to manage us and it went from there. We went on with his help to play venues like The Roxy and The Vortex.

"Allen was a true punk up until the end. Often seen round the local pubs holding court, ensuring all were in earshot. He’d often drop in something controversial to get that reaction, and he always did…. not always good I might add. He was working (up until a couple of days before he died) at Peterborough’s Met Lounge every Friday / Saturday night (and has done for donkeys years) handing out tickets, selling tickets and relentlessly handing out new Destructors releases. Despite the tough exterior he was a good, trustworthy solid (though controversial) guy and a great friend forever 40 years. I and many others miss him.

"So the latest line up of The Destructors ran from 2006 to the present day. Allen wrote the lyrics for everything and the band collectively. Producing over 50 releases (with three more in the can: 1) a full Destructors album called MADness; 2) a full album of Exorcise The Demons of Youth (as mentioned in Ian Glasper’s book as the one that should have been made), recorded by the last members of The Destructors, (oh and a couple with the ex-drummer of the 82 Destructors); 3) Allen's third solo album covering his favourite songs from the past. We intend to still release these at some point. Ideally we will try and get these out as vinyl.

"Future-wise, we may play a couple of gigs in honour of Allen but he was the heart and soul of the bands and all previous (10) iterations of The Destructors so that may be that."

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