Like all bands, LAST GREAT DREAMERS have had their touring bands curtailed this year. So they're doing the next best thing and releasing a live album!

One of the UK's hardest-gigging bands, the powerpop-rockers visited nine countries last year, but only managed to squeeze in two gigs before being forced to scrap their entire touring plans for 2020. And with all the band members scattered across the UK, the writing, rehearsing and recording of a new studio album was an impossibility.

However, the recording of a gig the band played last year at Buckley Tivoli became available, so the band have decided to give it an official, limited edition release.

"We were extremely fortunate that Wills Audio filmed the Mind charity gig we did at The Tivoli and offered to help us live stream the show during lockdown," says guitarist Slyder. "It had a great response from our fans so it seemed a great idea to put it out as a release. As we had no plans at the time to use the audio when it was recorded it's pretty much as we sounded on the night, it has a raw sound and hopefully captures the energy of a Dreamers show."

The release also has the distinction of being the first Last Great Dreamers album to feature new bassist Tim Emery and drummer Rik Pratt, who've joined the band since the release of their last studio album 13th Floor Renegades.

"Rik and I came into the band at the start of 2019 playing in excess of 50 shows throughout the year with big touring plans for 2020 until Covid struck," says Emery. "I was really looking forward to recording with The Dreamers but now we are living in these exceptional times it does seem fitting that our debut appearance should be a live album reflecting the work we did last year."

Live At The Tivoli, whose sleeve pays cheeky homage to one of the classic live albums of the 80s, is set for release in November and is available to pre-order here.

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Pic by Leon Bell

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