Well, it's Election time again and NEWTOWN NEUROTICS are back!

The Harlow punks have retooled and updated their classic 1982 anthem 'Kick Out The Tories', addressing more current concerns.

"The people of the United Kingdom are desperate for change, as it seems the very fabric of our country, our society, our communities, are crumbling before our very eyes," explains singer, guitarist and songwriter Steve Drewett. "We think that rock music is at its best when it reflects the lives of its listeners, and that the reworking of our 1982 song ‘Kick Out The Tories’ does exactly that. The change we feel we need, is reflected in the change we have brought to this new version of our best known number, it is about renewal, is about hope, not hate. The Newtown Neurotics believe ‘Kick Out The Tories (The Change We Need)’ captures the zeitgeist of these troubled times and is therefore all the more powerful for it."

While not promoting any particular political party, in an effort to encourage tactical voting, the band are pointing voters toward the website


'Kick Out The Tories (The Change We Need)' is available from the usual digital platforms now.



Pic by Andy Lee

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