The Adverts Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts (2011) released on November 28th on Fire Records  "One of the greatest punk records of all time"  Fire Records reissue the 1978 classic debut punk record 'Crossing The  Red Sea with the Adverts'. Released after an ever growing live following  and the string of successful chart hits, The Advert's debut has cemented  its place in punk rock history. Reworked into the familiar Fire package  by John foster the record will be available on CD and LP, both with the  extra single and live bonus tracks.   >From the sonic armageddon which ushers in 'One Chord Wonders' through  to the deliriously protracted fade of 'Great British Mistake', 'Crossing  The Red Sea' never put a foot wrong.  Created at the height of Punk, recorded with all the venom and passion  which gave the era such vitality, "Crossing the Red Sea" was at once a  statement of intent and a bellow of defiance, a refusal to take anything  for granted, even its own brilliance. More than that, though, the album  defined and thus became the precious moment in time when the  establishment rules of rock fell away, and new ones still had to be  carved out. And by those brittle standards, the Adverts weren't simply  crossing the Red Sea, they were parting it.  Tracklisting: 1. One Chord Wonders 2. Bored Teenagers 3. New Church 4. On The Roof 5. Newboys 6. Gary Glimore's Eyes 7. Bombsite Boys 8. No Time To Be 21 9. Safety in Numbers 10. New Day Dawning 11. Drowning Men 12. On Wheels 13. Great British Mistake 14. One Chord Wonders (radio) 15. Quickstep 16. Gary Gilmore's Eyes (radio) 17. Bored Teenagers (radio) 18. Safety in Numbers (radio) 19. We Who Wait  (radio) 20. On Wheels (Live) 21. Newboys (live) 22. New Church (live) 23. Gary Gilmore's Eyes (live) 24. Drowning Men (live) 25. No Time To Be 21 (live)  Cat#/ Formats: FIRECD143 - CD + free MP3 FIRE143 - MP3 Download FF143 - 2xLP + freeMP3


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