Acca Dacca get the A-Z treatment!!!

By Malcolm Dome and Jerry Ewin

Chrome Dreams, in association with Malcolm Dome and Jerry Ewing, are proud to announce the publication of this momentous book.
Published concurrently with the release of AC/DC’s hugely anticipated new reco

For many years AC/DC have been considered the thinking man’s rock band. Neither brainless metal nor dull, proggy ‘r-a-w-k’, this perennial group could almost be said to have picked up where the Faces left off in the mid-1970s – providing good time, uptempo and melodic grooves that just about anyone with even a scintilla of adrenalin could get off to.
The popularity of the band has led to a number of biographies over the years, some good, many barely readable. But this book really is something different. Taking the key elements and subjects surrounding ‘DC – songs, albums, personnel, gigs, events and numerous other subjects - and presenting them in alphabetical order, with each entry illustrated accordingly, it gets to the heart of the matter in hundreds of individual ways. Its in all good book stores now!!

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