4 Past Midnight, charity Xmas single.


Glasgow punk band 4 Past Midnight have released a rather good Xmas single in aid of the charity Childline. All proceeds are going to the charity.

The single, Nobody Should Be Lonely On Xmas Day is a rollicking, old-school punk blast in the typical 4PM melodic and no-nonsense style. In a much fairer world, this would be beating the living shit out of the X Factor no-marks and whatever festive re-release is doing the rounds and steaming straight into the charts. Backed with a somewhat less than sympathetic version of Elvis’s The Wonder Of You which is similarly excellent, it’s available as a CD here-


 HYPERLINK "http://4pastmidnight.bigcartel.com/product/4-past-midnight-nobody-sould-be-lonely-on-christmas-day-pre-order" http://4pastmidnight.bigcartel.com/product/4-past-midnight-nobody-sould-be-lonely-on-christmas-day-pre-order


and on download, here-


 HYPERLINK "https://4pastmidnight.bandcamp.com/album/nobody-should-be-lonely-on-christmas-day" https://4pastmidnight.bandcamp.com/album/nobody-should-be-lonely-on-christmas-day


4 Past Midnight’s FB site is here-


 HYPERLINK "https://www.facebook.com/pages/4-Past-Midnight/215468135159655" https://www.facebook.com/pages/4-Past-Midnight/215468135159655


Buy it. You know it makes sense.

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