For Immediate Release News Release 18th September 2013

While this festival is in Surrey you won’t find any of that reality TV / Surrey Hills (Show) B***** / Rubbish here!!

2 days to go and this New and Independent Festival is here!!

As the Summer festival season draws to a close for another year the festival spirit is far from over and this festival presents a veritable fest of alternative (ish) musical delights collectively called “The Undercover Festival”

With ticket sales now picking up the organisers of the festival are confident that this event will be a success.

Our line up is attracting ticket sales from all over England and further afield from Jersey, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Poland.

We believe that we have the right venue, the best bands to suit what we are aiming to achieve and all at a reasonable price compared to many other festivals of this size.

Please note: For the avoidance of any doubt The Undercover Festival is not an open air festival - the festival will be held in 2 rooms and a marquee at the Bisley Pavilion - undercover by nature of the music policy of this festival and undercover - well because it is....

Dreadzone, The Cockney Rejects, The Skints, The Glitter Band, 999, Stone Foundation, Chelsea, TV Smith, The Bermondsey Joyriders, Louise Distras, New Town Kings, Dirty Revolution, The Brompton Mix, GLITTER BOX BURLESQUE + many many more

44 Bands / artists over 2 stages + The Vive Le Classique Dancehall DJs playing vinyl only + The Buskers Corner plus so much more

Ranging from internationally renowned performers to established acts nationally and a lot of promising local talent complete the line up of this new festival to hit Surrey on the 20th & 21st Sept at the Bisley Pavilion Brookwood near Surrey

Punk, Ska, Northern, Indie, Alternative, Retro & Acoustic + all at a bargain price; what more can you ask for?

At this festival we have acts that are internationally and nationally renowned but what will also be special about this festival is the amount of acts we have booked with local links.

Woking, Surrey and the South East have a rich musical heritage (The Jam, The Stranglers, Sham 69 etc), however contemporary music across Surrey and the South East to many is not as ground breaking and vibrant as those days, we believe that musical talent covering many genres and ages is still vibrant today but mostly undiscovered by the wider local community – our message to the community is come on down to the festival and see this rich line up of talent from Woking / Surrey / The South East / South Coast and beyond for yourselves”.

Supporting 3 worthy causes

At this festival we are providing 40 plus top acts / cracking DJs etc BUT we will also be urging support for 3 worthy causes; 2 that are local to Woking and one that is a national campaign, there will be a stall at the festival and a bucket collection.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

The Phoenix Cultural Centre

Woking & Sam Beare Hospices a worthy cause in our book that serves the community well


Beats staying in an watching x factor and all that schmaltz on TV!!

Unlike other local music events we will not be charging for parking...


For £45 for both days

Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis!!


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