THE SKIDS, Dunfermline Alhambra Theatre, Mar 2010

The Skids @ the Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline 06-03-10
So this was to be the last ever Skids gig at the Alhambra theatre in Dunfermline, the band’s home town. The Band for tonight is Richard Jobson, Bill Simpson, Mike Baillie and Bruce & Jamie Watson.
The intro CD comes on, a roar goes up and they are on. Richard Jobson swinging his arms and legs about like a mad man possessed. The first two songs were over in a flash. As I catch my breath Richard tell us the next song was written in the library and “Working for the Yankee Dollar” is played. The crowd go mad.
They then go on to dedicate the next song to Stuart Adamson who was a special guy to them all. The crowd agree and we are played “The Saints are Coming”. Jobson says “too many bands from our era just go through the motions nowadays but we play from the heart,” and this receives a rapturous applause.
“Masquerade” is up next and the crowd are getting more excited as each song passes. They end the evening with “Into the Valley” and this had the building shaking. Everyone in the theatre are on their feet, from the moshpit to all the people up in the balcony seats, all singing along. Jobson holds the mic towards them and it is the loudest and best sing along I have ever heard. The fans are still singing when the band goes off.
But that surely cant be it - they come back on to do acoustic versions of  “Saints are Coming” and “Into the Valley” which mellows the crowd out before they play “Fields”, which according to Jobson they have never played live before.
And finally it is time for “that song that is like a lead weight around our necks all evening and you have been waiting for” says Jobson - “Albert Tatlock” is screamed out! “TV Stars” is played and the roof of the Alhambra is nearly lifted off its hinges.
And that was it - two hours of sheer brilliance and the last ever gig, if so they did their hometown and the fans proud but most of all they did themselves proud.
As they walk off Bruce stands alone and shouts see ya soon.
The end or the beginning…?

Words & photos: Dod Morrison


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