KILLING JOKE London, October 3rd & 4th 2008

OCT 3rd & 4th
Following the tragic and sudden death of Paul Raven this year, Killing Joke announced it would tour again in his honour-and tonight they are playing their first 2 albums 'Killing Joke' and 'Whats this For?' on the first night followed by their dance/techno influenced era 'Pandemonium’ album With screens blasting out old KJ images and their famous Jester icon the ram-packed Forum is treated to Killing Jokes ground breaking grinding punk, dub and industrial. With the original line-up including Youth and Big Paul, this is the real deal and over these 2 nights the band proved why they are such an influential part of so many scenes. From the Likes of 'Fall of Because' 'Eighties' and the always haunting 'Requiem' through to the pulsating and rocked out 'Pandemonium', KJ pushed the boundaries in a fitting reminder of what a powerful force they have been over the last 30 years. And while dedicating 'Love Like Blood' to Paul Raven, it was a very special night in the band’s history. Monumental!
Eugene Big Cheese

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