GOLDBLADE Aberdeen, April 11th 2009


The Moorings 
April 11th

Goldblade came along and did what they do best. They took the evening by the scruff of the neck and turned it into the best party in town. The name of Goldblade's game is participation and, right from the off, they had the very enthusiastic crowd pogoing and singing along with their anthemic, football terrace choruses. Opening up with crowd favourite Fighting in the dancehall,followed by strictly hardcore, we then had a minor technical hitch when they lost Pete Birchmore's guitar midway through the second song. However, after a couple of minutes break, they started at the beginning again with another, even more frenzied run through of Fighting in the dancehall and their theme song, Strictly Hardcore.
The set continued apace, drawing mainly from their last two albums, Rebel Songs and Mutiny. Motormouth front man John Robb never stops moving and it wasn't long before his shirt was off and he was dripping sweat. There was no let up though as the classics kept on coming. Recent single Jukebox Generation blasted out along side Mutiny along side Riot Riot. Towards the end of their set, John invited someone up on stage to help them out with a final run through Psycho again. The volunteer, although not quite possessing the physique of Mr Robb, got right into the spirit of things, ripping off his shirt and giving it 100% with the lyrics, and a fine job he made of it too. The final song of the night was a sizzling version of Black Elvis which, as ever, had the crowd bellowing along with the words. After that they left the stage and you could see the steam hanging in the air from all the sweating that was going on from both band and crowd.
Goldblade really are one of the best live acts in the country at the moment. Do yourself a favour and check them out when they play your town. You won't be disappointed.


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