We talked to punk legend and UK SUBS frontman Charlie Harper about the band's upcoming performance at the Vive Le Rock sponsored Endorse It In Dorset Festival in August.

Here's what he had to say.

You're playing with the Rezillos, New Model Army and more on a farm for Endorse It In Dorset Festival. Got anything special planned?
“Well as we're playing on a farm, we'll be playing 'Down On The Farm' of course. It's a good festival. They wanted us to do it last year but we couldn't so we're really happy to head down this year.”

Will you be playing a different set down in Dorset?
“We are planning on making it more of a festival set. We're working right now on a rain song incase it rains. We can welcome the rain, we're not frightened of rain. Here we are, dancing in the mud kind of thing. It's going to be quite a goody, it's coming along. Then we have

You're playing with The Wurzels too?
[sings] “I've got a brand new combine harvester...”

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