Photo copyright - Phil Osbourne

With the anniversary of Phil Lynott’s death last month-and our major Thin Lizzy interview in this month's Vive Le Rock we just wanted to mention Phils punk rock connections. He was always hanging around with punks and rockers in Camden so it was obvious what happened next.

In 1979, under the name "The Greedies" (originally "The Greedy Bastards", but shortened for obvious reasons), he recorded a Christmas single, "A Merry Jingle," featuring other members of Thin Lizzy as well as Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols. The previous year he had performed alongside Jones and Cook on Johnny Thunders' solo album "So Alone".

They played one show at Londons Elevtric Ballroom where they played both Lizzy and Sex Pistols songs organized by Frank Murry-former Lizzy tour manager and future Pogues manager. Apparently it was, a one-off, brilliant gig!!

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