G'day mate – so where are you and what's the bloody weather like?
“I'm in Melbourne and it's winter time. We're freezing our asses off! It reminds me of an English summer!”

And just who the fuck are The Terraces?

“We're a four piece from Oz, with ex-One Way System founder member and bass player turned vocalist, Gary Buckley. My old mucker on guitar, Dean Tsolondres, ex-Rose Tattoo bass player Stephen 'Kingy' King and Howling Moon Doggies drummer Shakir Pichler. Four perfectly suited rebel rousers that look forward to blowing audiences away in August!”

You are over soon on the 'Punks of Mother England' tour. What's all that about?

“The tour features ourselves and our good friends Electric River. It's a double headline tour. When I first came to Australia everyone used to call me a Pome (Prisoner of Mother England). So seeing that we are all expats and Electric River are English we thought Punks Of Mother England was appropriate. It also defines the strange and weird fucking times we are living in at present – it's time punks came out of hibernation and started rebelling against the conservative assholes who think they can put their dirty little fingers in our faces and tell us what to do, when to do it and how to fucking do it!”

If we want to check out you guys, what records have you got out right now?

“We have our self-titled debut album out, 'The Terraces', and the new 'Extra Time' EP out August 5th. Both are out through Blast Records and are available through iTunes and all good record stores – and from the merch desk of course!”

What three things should someone bring to a Terraces show?
“A strong constitution, a soothing quiff and to know the words so they can sing along to 'Complete Control'!”



THE TERRACES & ELECTRIC RIVER (double headliners)


10 London Camden Underworld

11 Rebellion Festival, Blackpool

14 St Albans Horn

16 Gateshead Black Bull

17 Hinkley Kams Bar
18 Derby Hairy Dog


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