Stupid is as Stupid does….

They have returned after a twenty odd year year break with one of the albums of the year-‘The Kids Don’t Like It’ and just ripped it up in proper 80s skate punk fashion at Rebellion. Ladies and gents we give you Tommy Stupid-and the Stupids!!

You must be stoked on the reaction to the album-its getting great reviews.
Yes its been very nice to see such a lot of support, of course there
have been some bad reviews as well which are usually based on a presumption that we have reformed to "re-achieve former glories" when nothing could be further from the truth. I was the last one to think that anyone would remember who we are. Its probably the worst time to "reform" at the moment. People almost groan at the thought.

Was it difficult gelling after 20 odd years apart?
We did this purely to record new material. We played the old songs to get back into the swing, which about 2 years ago was quite tough but now were player harder and faster than we ever were. Honestly the Stupids are so much better than they ever were. We’re amazing.

Did you enjoy Rebellion? Catch any bands you liked?
Rebellion was quite a bizarre scenario. Yes we did all enjoy it, for anyone that’s never been it's completely bonkers. It’s like a punk rock retirement community. I think the event itself is great and the selection of music was top notch, but considering this is "punk rock" I would have expected more imagination from the punters and the merch traders. I thought this was all about individuality?
Out of all the bands we saw I liked Killing Joke the best.

And so, this is looking like a permanent reunion-whats next for the Stupids?
Just gigging until we start writing more new material. We need to sell enough of the first one to pay for itself first! We’re here for the crack, when that runs out we'll start thinking about the post-hardcore acoustic circuit.


Effecting a return that’s far from dumb, skate punk savants THE STUPIDS are back with new album ‘The Kids Don’t Like It’. We find out where they’ve been for the last twenty years and where they’re planning on going…

Back in the early 1980s when the indie charts were full of shoegazers and goth lite acts, Ipswich’s mighty fine Stupids bought a smile to punk rockers everywhere with their wacky take on skate punk and hardcore. Quickly gathering a devoted cult following, the Stupids made groundbreaking records like ‘Retard Picnic’, and briefly toured the US and then Australia with their Ocker brethren The Hard Ons before suddenly packing it all in, in 1989. Before I got to see them. Bastards! And then suddenly, they’re back! After various reissues, greatest hit selections and all round global praise, Tommy Stupid has regrouped with Ross and Marty and dropped one hell of an A-bomb of a comeback album that sounds fresher and tastier than anyone on the whole damn planet could have ever hoped for. Yes siree, the sixteen tracks on 'The Kids Don't Like It' won't disappoint and so Big Cheese caught up with these skate punk legends ahead of their appearance at this year’s Rebellion festival to find out if they're still Stupid…

So how did you guys end up getting back together after all these  years?
“Because Marty had nothing else going for him and hassled me into doing it again. We initially gave up our aspirations of success as a U2 covers band called U Tool and went for the next easiest option, the Stupids.”

And how’s it feeling?
“Mmmm, it feels soooo good. It makes me crazy.”

What the hell have you all been doing since hitting the indie charts way back when?
“It’s been so long since the ‘80s that it’d take a book to go into detail. I got heavily involved with drum & baass music and have been producing and DJing under the name Klute for over fifteen years. Marty had three beautiful girls and pursued a successful stint as a studio engineer before getting fed up with it.”

The album sounds really fresh. It’s still got the sound of the Stupids but better.
“Yes, it’s much better than that old shit isn’t it?”

Anyone about that you rate right now?
“Actually, not really. Most music these days comes from a retro perspective and I'd rather listen to something that’s truly from the heart rather than something made by people who don’t even know what that means.”

Finally, is this a permanent reunion? If so, what’s next for the Stupids?
“From day one of this chapter we've gone along with the attitude that this is from the heart and for fun. We didn’t set a time limit but at the same time the only goal so far was to record a new album. We are very happy with the band so we'll just see what happens. The music is better than ever; we’re tighter and better live and we’re a fuck lot more angry than we ever were. Come see us.”

‘The Kids Don’t Like It’ is out now on Boss Tuneage
The Stupids play the Rebellion Festival on August 9th

El Prez

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‘Jesus Meets The Stupids’ 1987

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Snuff, The Arteries, NOFX

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