With a recently completed sold out UK tour and another UK jaunt scheduled for November, Vive Le Punk reviews their Glasgow show , and checks in with a Top 20.

The Specials 02 Academy Glasgow 28-04-09

The venue was full to capacity - there were skinheads, Harrington jackets, Fred Perrys and shiny doc marten boots everywhere. The crowd were a mixed bunch, mostly men and women in their mid forties but there were many youngsters who weren’t even born 30 years ago when two-tone started. The DJ was playing some good old ska, getting the crowd even more in the mood than they already were.
When “Enjoy Yourself” was played on the sound system a crescendo of noise went up in anticipation. The big curtain that had been covering the stage was dropped and revealed the Specials logo on the rear wall. The band were there and they moved straight into action jumping all over, except the sullen looking Terry Hall who did everything at his own pace. “Do the Dog” was done at a break neck pace, and “Dawning of a New Era” and “Gangsters” were over in a flash.

The energy levels of the band were superb, especially Lynval and Neville who were jumping about the stage. The band’s camaraderie was totally mesmerising would not make you think they'd had a break of 27 years. Almost all of the first album was covered: the aptly named “Too Hot” as the venue was like a sauna, the eerie “Ghost Town” gave everyone a chance to cool off before it was back to full pace with “Too Much Too Young” and a few tracks off the second album.
Even though Terry kept his dour persona he proved to be very entertaining. At one point Terry asked for a cigarette and a packet was thrown on stage, which he played about with sticking them in his ears and under his nose. This was the closest we got to a smile from him!

Throughout the whole show the atmosphere was electric and people danced and sang along constantly. The twenty-four songs during ninety minutes were over in a flash. The Specials finished up with “Enjoy Yourself” (which everyone did!) all went home happy…
DOD. <> <>


1. A Message to You Rudy
2. Ghost Town
3. Little Bitch
4. Monkey Man
5. Too Much Too Young
6. Nit Klub
7. Concrete Jungle
8. Doesn’t Make It Alright
9. Man at C&A
10. Enjoy Yourself
11. Friday Night Saturday Morning
12. Long Shot Kick De Bucket
13. Skinhead Moonstomp
14. Your Wondering Now
15. Too Hot
16. Stupid Marriage
17. (Dawning Of A) New Era
18. It’s Up To You
19. Rat Race
20. Raquel


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