Right, let’s remember our rock history. Altamont free festival marked the death of the 60s and it was pretty violent stuff. Goodbye psychedelic hippy jams, and hello to the hardness and disillusion of the 70s. With a name like THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT it’s not surprising the band sound like everything good and heavy that came out of the post 60s. But they also manage to reconcile the two opposing eras of legendary rock by playing a hybrid of hard rock, garage, punk, and that little bit of psychedelic to show they’re not being discriminative. The band is rock n roll at its rawest and sleaziest. Think the Stooges, think Them, think Sex Pistols, think the Doors, think anyone who you think rocks and put them all on choppers and in leather jackets and you get the idea. It’s retro at its best, but the kind of retro we’re in desperate need of in our ipod and protools safe age.

The band is hitting the UK to promote the hotly anticipated full length ‘Altamont Sin’ and will be playing London's Tufnell Park Dirty Water Club on September 18th, with special guests Teasing Lulu. Expect Jake Cavaliere on vocals and 60s style organ to command the stage (they call him ‘The Preacher’ for a reason) and fiery guitar from fellow The Bomboras band mate Johnny "Stiggs" DeVilla. Shawn Medina joins DeVilla on guitar adding extra sonic distortion. The rhythm section boasts the drumming assault of Max ‘Sicko’ Edison and bassist Michael Davis, dubbed the ‘Mad Dog’, of MC5 fame. We had a chat with Jake ‘The Preacher’ to find out more about their brand of punk rock.

VLP: What can the U.K look forward to from the Lords of Altamont in Sept?
J: We need to bring back the party into music. Rock n roll is too serious. Everyone is trying to get a message across. Our message is fuck and have fun, don't look back. The lords aren't capable of showing England anything they haven't seen before. You have the best music, the best clothes and the British invasion over us. We have 2pac and Britney... Don't we?

VLP: What is it about the 60s that you guys are so in love with?
J: The music is great for starters. The Look is great. Mod fashion, the clothes, movie culture, the drugs, the discovery in new sound in music. All the killer musical instruments, the colours, the lack of baggy sagging jeans, NO HIP HOP, The Fuzz box, song writing, the shoes and the way girls looked and dressed.

VLP: Do you have a favourite biker B-movie?
J: My favourite movie is Wild Angels hands down. Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra, Bruce Dern, bikers, fights, drugs, Davie Allen soundtrack. You can't go wrong.

VLP: How did you hook up with Michael from the MC5?
J: Mike and I met at a music store in Hollywood about seven years ago and hit it off. It doesn't hurt that he's in one of the most important rock n roll bands of all time. Angela Davis (Mike’s wife) took a liking to the Lords and has been managing the band for about four years now.

VLP: Finally-your top 5 bands/acts of all time…
J: Wow, tough. This changes depending on mood, but in no particular order: Rolling Stones, Love, Back Rebel Motorcycle Club, 13th Floor Elevators and Spacemen 3. Do I have to stop?

The Altamont Sin is out now on Easy Action records.

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