The hottest band in the U.K right now to combine punk, ska , rockabilly and more - THE GRIT are the real deal. With new album ‘Straight Out The Alley’ out next month on People Like You, you can also sample them on a free CD from April 22nd with this month’s Big Cheese magazine. (

VLP:How and when did the Grit get together?
“Me (Louis Ville, guitar) and Big Lou (vocals) moved to London in 2002 and started The Grit then, but the band didn't really take shape until 2004 when little man kurt (double bass) joined the band.  It was around 2005 when the band became an established touring band, releasing records and shit like that!”

VLP: So what’s different on the new album?
 “We went a bit more full on with our influences in styles other than Punk rock, delving into ska, rockabilly and country, and we've experimented with new instruments in the tracks- brass, mandolin, Uke etc. But it's still essentially a punk rock album, and better than the last album!”

VLP: What bands do you look to for influences?
“It’s wide ranging really. We'll always look to The Clash for inspiration, plus old favourites like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, and then you've got more recent influences like The Slackers, Rancid and Kings of Nuthin'.”

Where can we see the Grit next?
“The Underworld in London on May 10th, and then around the UK throughout May. Check our myspace details for more! Cheers!


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