Photo by Simon Kotowicz.

VLP: Who are you , where are you from, and why are you fabulous?

"Hello, we are The Fabulous Penetrators and we are based in East London, though we are all from different countries, which would be France, England, Portugal, Scotland and Ireland. As  we are quite shy and unassuming people we’re reluctant to talk about our ‘fabulousness’ but I guess it has something to do with our striking beauty, masterful musicianship and horse-like stamina."

VLP: You seem to be a worldwide phenomenom, playing a lot of gigs in Europe?
"Well, we were prevented from travelling outside of the UK for a number of years due to a mixture of visa regulations and  motion sickness, so it’s nice to finally get a chance to plough fresh pastures if you will. And also, thanks to the power of the internet, it’s only taken us four days to become a worldwide phenomenon..."

VLP: Who would your dream guests be to  invite around for a sherbet?
"I suppose a liquorice lady really."

VLP: What phonographic records do you have available?
"We’ve just released our debut single, which is a double B-side 45RPM Phonograph record on Stag-O-Lee Records out of Germany. We prefer to deal with Germans as we can then go to Germany, which isn’t half as horrible a place as The Sun makes it out to be. We’ll be releasing another 45 in April/May, with an album appearing sometime in the late Summer."

VLP: What’s the best thing you have ever penetrated?
"Well, probably Glastonbury (5 times in 3 days!), but we also Penetrated the fuck out of New Years Eve once where we did it 4 times in one night."

VLP: And the worst?
"We never fail to please. But a strange man I know (vaguely!) in Ireland got caught making love to a donkey once. He claimed that he was taking a piss and the donkey backed into him. He also said it wasn’t very good."

VLP: Where can the general public expect to be penetrated at next?
"Well, we’re off to Porto and Stuttgart for some shows next week. Our next event in London is at Club Ugly @ The Social on 3rd March. We tend to play as much as possible, so best is to keep an eye on our Myspace."


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