Sex, Drugs, Fashion & Rock 'n' Roll. London '76 - every ingredient was present for the cultural and musical Molotov cocktail that was about to explode as Punk. Following its UK cinema release, this brand new documentary explores punk's beginnings at 430 Kings Road, London, the SEX shop of punk's 'enfant terrible' pair of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. SEX was the melting pot that spawned the punk movement and its cultural vanguard - The Sex Pistols.

Featuring Vive Le Rock editor Eugene Butcher, Tony James, Gene October, Jon Savage, Glen Matlock, Jah Wobble, Caroline Coon, Steve Severin, Charlie Harper, plus archive performances from some of Punk's early London bands, this is one of the great stories of British musical in the 20th Century.

Available on DVD from http://www.odeonent.co.uk

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