Having formed way back in 1975 as the Pinz, THE ADICTS are the longest surviving punk band in the world with their original lineup. They are touring the U.K right now and I had a quick chat with singer Monkey.

VLP: I just saw you in the Punks Not Dead film, and you are the worlds longest serving punk band with original members. How did that happen?
Monkey: Nobody died yet and we don’t have anything better to do.

VLP: You have been going since 1976-and must have seen various waves of punk come and go.
M.I wasn’t paying attention… Did I miss anything good?

VLP: You seem to be pretty big in the U.S. Why did the band move to America?

M.Half of us came for the girls, the others stayed in Suffolk for the sheep.

VLP: Why did you choose to be a more of a theatrical/humorous punk band?

M.Why not, who doesn’t like a bit of theatre and a laugh.

VLP: What are The Adicts plans for the next album?

M.It’s done! It will probably be out in few months so grab it quick before it washes down the drain of obscurity.

VLP: And finally, what can we expect on your Sept U.K tour?

M.Fun, colour and music mess.

The Adicts classic album ‘Songs of Praise is re-released this month on People Like You records.

The Adicts – Chinese Takeaway- Facts and Fiction

- The Adicts were formed in either 75 or 76, no one is sure which.

- They were originally called Afterbirth and The Pinz.

- The band boast that they are the longest surviving punk band with the original line-up still in tact.

- The core original line-up consists of Keith ‘Monkey’ Warren – Vocals, Mel Ellis – Bass, Pete Dee Davison – Guitar, Michael ‘Kid’ Dee – Drums.

- They have added John ‘Scruff’ Ellis – Guitar (Mel’s brother), and Dan ‘Fiddle Dan’ Graziani – Violin, Piano, and Mandolin.

- The band has always used diverse instruments on their records making them distinct from most punk. These include the violin, gongs, and a carousel organ.

- At their first gig – when they were still known as Afterbirth -- they had just a motorbike as a lighting rig.

- The band’s manic energy on stage is enhanced with lots of confetti, streamers, joker cards, and glitter going into the audience.

- Their trademark band image made them notorious among their contemporaries. It included Monkey’s flamboyant clothes and near glam makeup along with the rest of the band in ‘droog’ style clothes (all white and bowler hats) based on the film ‘Clockwork Orange’.

- They are best remembered today for their song ‘Viva La Revolution’ which has featured on E! Channel commercials and in the video game ‘Tony Hawk’s Underground’.

- They appeared on the children’s TV programme ‘Cheggers plays pop’ in a child friendly guise as The Fun Adicts.

- They changed their name again, apparently under record company pressure, to ADX because of the negative connotations of Adicts.

- Despite the New Wave heavy ‘Fifth Avenue’ album they insist that they have always been a punk band.

- Their highest charting album is 1982’s ‘Sound of Music’ (Razor Records) which reach #2 on the indie charts, and entered into the national charts at #99.

- The band agree that their lowest period was around the 1984 single ‘Tokyo’ released as ADX. It was produced by ex-Vapors front man Dave Fenton.

- The return to form album ‘27’ included a board game where players could recreate the band’s favourite things to do on tour, including rolling a spliff and eating vindaloo.

- It was to be almost a decade before the band released any new studio material. This was 2002’s ‘Rise and Shine’. Their latest collection to date is 2005’s ‘Rollercoaster’.

- Their 6 studio albums and 2 live albums have been extensively reissued and are now available on iTunes.

- They are working on a new studio album, tentatively titled ‘Life Goes On’.

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