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Lux Interior, front-man of veteran US band The Cramps, died in hospital on 04 February as a result of a heart condition aged 62. His death sent shock-waves through the underground music scene. The Cramps formed in the USA in 1976 and arguably became the first band to bastardise Rockabilly with 60s Trash and fledgling 70s Punk. They soon became legendary through their live performances at venues like CBGB’s in their home country and soon after in the UK and all over the world. They were arguably the first band to use the word ‘Psychobilly’ to describe their music but what isn’t in doubt is the fact that they took the Meteors as a support act on tour of the UK in 1981 and headlined the now legendary gig with The Meteors and Screaming Lord Sutch at The Hammersmith Palais on 22nd June of the same year. The Cramps and The Meteors went in their own direction from then on but it would be hard to deny that The Cramps were part of the catalyst for the UK Psychobilly scene even though they distanced themselves from the genre in recent years. Quite rightly so, as The Cramps were simply The Cramps influencing many bands but nobody would attempt to emulate them. Another two decades of wild shows and decadent, classic, albums were to follow. Anyone who saw the Cramps in recent years will vouch that Lux had lost none of his phenomenal stage presence and ability to completely mesmerise and stun an audience. The Cramps had a talent for genre hopping with fans as well as music attracting them from almost every sub-culture and had become iconic throughout. The fact that Lux had obituaries printed in UK broadsheets alongside the great and the good of country despite only singing on one minor Top 40 hit (Bikini Girls With Machine Guns) speaks volumes for the influence he and The Cramps have had on the music scene. He’s on his way to a journey out of this world, and no doubt enjoying the brand new kick. I would add R.I.P but I doubt it’s as  fitting as give ‘em hell!

Simon Nott


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