With the worlds' biggest and greatest punk festival about to rock Blackpool again at the start of August, Vive Le Punk caught up with Rebellions main man Darren Russell to find out what hes got planned for 2009!

The King Blues

What bands are you looking forward to seeing at Rebellion this year Darren?
The King Blues who i think are the best band in the UK, Flogging Molly who are a truly awesome live band, Killing Joke for sure, and some things in Bizarre Bazaar stage like Adrian Edmondsen and the Bad Shepherds, The Bay City Rollers & Gong and some good new bands if i can like The Blame, The Exposed & Jaya the Cat and of course the Adicts are always great.

Killing Joke

Were you a Killing Joke fan back in the day?
I was really into the Crass anarcho thing at the time but i had a few singles and the first album which still sounds great now.

And the Animals and even Derek Faulkners Bay City Rollers are on this year!!
Yes we have been trying lots of variety of the last few years. Chas & Dave always do well, and we have had the Sweet, Slade & the Animals before. We like to consider ourselves as more than just a straightforward punk

And finally- you have a few other shows pencilled in for Holland and Londo soon- can you tell us about them?

Cock Sparrer in Amsterdam is already sold out, we have 4 Skins at Amsterdam Melkweg on December 5. Next year Cock Sparrer are doing 2 nights at London Forum March 26 & 27 and we are planning a Rebellion in Venice in the spring.


1.U.K SUBS. Charlies Brit punks are onfire again and will roll out all the
2.THE KING BLUES. Best band in the uk right now.
3KILLING JOKE. Originla lineup reformed to rock Blackpool.
4.FLOGGING MOLLY. Lets all go hooley crazy on Thursday night!

The Freeze

5.THE FREEZE Rare U.K show from 80s US punks.
6.SHAME ACADEMY Members of Irish legends the Outcasts and Rudi -dont miss em!
7.THE BANNED. Reformed 76' Roxy punks-will they be any good tho?
8.THE ADICTS. Blackpool faves
9.SICK ON THE BUS. Biff and hte boys always rock!
10.SONIC BOOM SIX. Ragga, hip hop , punk machine!

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