The Ramonas are the UK's original all girl tribute to the Ramones, one of the most influential punk rock bands in history.
The band were formed in honour of the Ramones back in 2004, by Clare Product (Guitarist in UK cult rock band Anti Product and bass player in Marky Ramones blitzkrieg) after having backed up Marky Ramone as Johnny at the Underworld in England.
The Ramonas capture the magic which the Ramones had in their early days with their intense on stage energy levels whilst looking much better than Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee or Marky ever did.
The girls have toured all around the UK & Europe and guarantee a good night out... Unfortunately it will never be possible to see the Ramones live again so the Ramonas are the next best thing for any punk rock fan.'
On the eve of the Ramonas set on the Vive Le Rock stage at Guilfest this year, we spoke to bassist, Pee Pee Ramona (akaVictoria Smith). Gabba gabba hey!
So how were the Ramonas shows with Ramones legendary drummer Richie?
Absolutely awesome, Richie is an incredibly talented guy and it was an honour to share the stage with him. We only found out a couple of weeks before the show at Camden Underworld that it was going ahead so it all happened very quickly. Richie was really down to earth, when we first went to rehearse with him our singer met him in central London and took him on the tube at rush hour!..very rock n roll, haha!
What's been the most unusual show the Ramonas have played?
Most of the shows we play are biker festivals, tattoo conventions and rock clubs. Being all girls we often get asked to play events that are showcasing Women in music, I think one of the strangest gigs, for all the wrong reasons was when we played in London for International Woman's Day one year, the gig was booked, we promoted it well and when it came to the day of the gig they informed us that men weren't allowed to attend! Crazy considering our audience/fan base is over 80% male!
Did you ever see the Ramones live? Who was your favourite Ramone?
Unfortunately not however I did see Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg play in Bristol the other week, that was a great night he was brilliant as was Michael Graves on vocals. Obviously we played with Richie too so I think there's only really CJ left to see of the Ramones that are still alive and gigging. I would have loved to have seen the original line up though, Dee Dee is definitely my favourite Ramone :)
Finally, what 3 things should fans bring to your show at this years Guilfest?
Ramones/Ramonas t-shirt, Gabba Gabba Hey banner, Beer!
The Ramonas play the Vive Le Rock stage at GuilFest on Friday 13th July.
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