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1) WILKO JOHNSON – Sneakin' Suspicion 

Found on his 'The Best Of Wilko Johnson, Volume 1' compilation from 2010, this song was originally the Wilko-penned debut hit single for his former pub rock pioneers Dr. Feelgood back in May 1977. This version, recorded later with the Wilko Johnson Band (featuring Blockhead bassist Norman Watt-Roy and drummer Dylan Howe), shows exactly why the Canvey Island legend will be so sorely missed.

2) KILLING JOKE – Corporate Elect

Jaz Coleman and Killing Joke have been playing by their own rules since the late '70s and this new searing single from the industrial post-punks' fifteenth album, 'MMXII' (released last April) will floor you with its power. Find it on the new three-dsic boxset, 'The Singles Collection 1979-2012' on Spinefarm and remind yourself why Killing Joke are simply unstoppable and untouchable. 

3) THE CHEATS – Hammersmith Palais 

This cover of the Demolition 23 song (a band which featured Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks and produced by Little Steven from the E Street Band!) sees the Pittsburgh punk 'n' rollers playing it fast and loose. Influenced by '77 punk, Motorhead and Swedish rock, expect it loud and lairy. They released their latest album, 'Pussyfootin'' last July through Screaming Crow Records.

4) THE DRESDENS – Out On The Streets

Formed as a hell-raising side-project by the dudes from Winnebago Deal and Mondo Generator, The Dresdens play it fast, punchy and raw. It's punk rock 'n' roll from the streets to the gutter, in homage to the classic punk of the Damned and the Buzzcocks. Their self-titled 2007 album was shelved until now (seeing the light of day thanks to Dry Heave Records), but this street anthem has to be heard.

5) RT-ZED – You Are Free

Founded in 2000 by Stiff Little Fingers drummer Steve Grantley (also ex-The Alarm), RT-Zed return with new guitarist friend Steve 'Jonesy' Jones and third album, 'Zed Head'. A snotty hard rock song from that new record takes the form of the strutting 'You Are Free', highlighting the skills of these respected musicians. It's a brand new Babylon...

6) SIR REG – 'Til The Dead Come Alive 

A Swedish band with an Irish frontman, Celtic punk rockers Sir Reg have been honing their craft since 2001 and this song, combining driving rhythm and intense violin playing that results in an energetic and uplifting anthem, shows they're at the top of their game. This track can be found on their rabble-rousing new album, '21st Century Loser', out now on Heptown Records.

7) SWINGIN' UTTERS – Stuck In A Circle
Twenty years since they formed, the Californian veterans return with their most polished album to date, 'Poorly Formed', out now on People Like You. This semi-acoustic track shows a band honing their craft and mastering shifts in dynamics. Combining the bluster of punk with a roots rock element, it's a fine example of a band unafraid to evolve with time.

8) V8 WANKERS – Road Hog 

Taken from their aptly titled new record, 'Got Beer?' (out April 26th on SPV), these hard driving punk 'n' rollers from Offenbach, Germany have their pedal to the metal on this album highlight. A rowdy, riff-filled ass kicker of a song, this ode to speed and engines has to be played loud. So turn it all the way up and rev your engines, V8 Wankers are 13 years in and show no signs of slowing down.

9) CIRCUIT 68 – Perno Inferno 

Influenced by everyone from The Sex Pistols to The Beach Boys, this County Durham posse's driving mix of pyschedelic mod/soul rock, with a '60s swagger, on 'Perno Inferno'. Releasing debut album, 'Eleven', back in November 2011, they've since been making a name for themselves on the live circuit, including supporting one of their heroes, Bruce Foxton. Fire it up with 'Perno Inferno' and let Circuit 68 take you back.

10) THE SILVER SHINE – In The Middle Of Nowhere
The title track from this Budapest, Hungary three-piece's new album (out April 19th on Wolverine Records) is a raucous collision of punkabilly and rock 'n' roll that shows how far the band have come since forming in 2004. With vocal trade-offs between double bass player Krista Kat and guitarist Ati Edge, this is an urgent, bouncing song that's sure to get you moving. 

11) JJ & THE REAL JERKS – Economy Class Ego Trip 

Channelling '70s legends like MC5, The Stooges and the New York Dolls, this LA garage punk band play their hearts out and you can almost hear the blood and sweat dripping off them. With brass and keys adding to the chaotic, building track, this is red hot. It's no surprise it's the lead single and title track from their latest five song EP, produced by Earle Mankey (The Runaways, The Adicts, The Beach Boys). 

12) BRAXTON HICKS – Never Kill Yourself
Having only formed last July, this raw indie punk band from North Wales describe themselves as a “bad Dead Kennedys”. However, the three-piece (featuring an ex-member of Sons Of Selina and 4Q) sound like a slightly unhinged collision of The Minutemen and Snuff. 'Never Kill Yourself' is the rousing title track of their recently released EP, with its follow-up, 'The Bench EP', due out soon on Link2wales Records. 


The London steam punk quartet with the name taken from Jack The Ripper-related graffiti sound like a lurching concoction of 1880s menace and 1970s punk rock. The song is taken from last year's second album, 'This May Be The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons'. Catch their incredible live show at London's Borderline on Saturday 27th April.

14) MONGREL – Bored To Death
This menacing song from the aggressive female-fronted hard rockers out of Boston, Massachusetts is the opening track from their blistering latest full-length, 'Reclamation'. Formed ten years ago, Mongrel have taken their punk and metal influences and focused them into the threatening and filthy sound exemplified on 'Bored To Death'. 

15) REJECTED – South Karelia Night
Hailing from Finland's freezing streets, this ass kicking four-piece have been blasting out their gritty punk 'n' roll assaults since 1998. Based in Helsinki, and describing themselves as “Rejecdeath rock 'n' roll”, the outcast anthem 'South Karelia Night' is the title track from their new 7 inch. Rejected are the last gang in town and they're coming out all guns blazing.


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