Having left the Vibrators last year to focus on solo material, painting, Trailer Trash Orchestra, Urban Dogs acoustic and other projects, former frontman Knox tells VLR about a couple of the Vibrators' most successful times. 

The Vibrators were having a bit of a second coming back in the early '80s and were doing very well with the 'Guilty' and 'Alaska 127' albums. You went through the first wave and second wave of punk.

“Yes, we were lucky to be around then, it was very exciting. Looking back, I’m not sure if I’d have continued to do music without there being the electric guitar, and I always liked playing aggressively, certainly for the aggressive songs, and that suited punk. I think I always played a bit like that even in school bands I was in which might have started as early as 1959, certainly 1960, when I was living in Bushey, near Watford.”

And there's a lot about '77 punk in the press at the moment. Weren't the Vibrators actually the third punk band signed in the UK?

“I think so, I think we were the third punk band in the UK. First there was the Pistols, then the Stranglers, then us. We were playing something like six months before the Clash, really early on.”

Read an interview with Knox about one of his other bands Fallen Angels and their reissues of the albums 'In Loving Memory' (1986) and 'Wheel Of Fortune' (1988), both through Jungle Records, in the current issue (no. 8) of Vive Le Rock.

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Pure Mania (1977)
V2 (1978)

Guilty (1983)
Alaska 127 (1984)
Fifth Amendment (1985)
Recharged (1988)
Meltdown (1988)
Vicious Circle (1989)
Volume 10 (1990)
Hunting For You (1994)
Unpunked (1996)

French Lessons With Correction (1997)

Buzzin' (1999)
Noise Boys (2000)
Energize (2002)
Punk : The Early Years (cover album) (2006)

Garage Punk (cover album) (2009)
Pure Punk (cover album) (2009)
Under The Radar (2009)

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