Psychobilly stalwarts return reanimated.

Legends of the psychobilly scene who made their name with classics like ‘I See Red’ have been surfing the tsunami of renewed interest in the genre. Always an innovative band, they emerged as forerunners once again with brand new release ‘In The Blood’ on People Like You, slap bass vocalist Steve Whitehouse explained: “It is the ultimate album for us. We spent a long time getting the best sound and we actually wrote it as 'an album' rather than just a bunch of songs chucked together .I find myself being influenced more and more by things that are happening around me, a lot of stuff winds me up”. Psychobilly was originally dismissed as a gimmick but thirty years later is still a worldwide genre but Steve is not surprised: “Like a lot of cult scenes it differs from the mainstream by having devoted followers, people are really into the music for the true love of it. There is a whole new young scene that has developed over the last five to ten years too, breathing a whole new lease of life into it. It's happening in a lot of other countries too, especially the USA and it's great.”
Frenzy have clearly influenced the new generation of bands, vindicating the innovation they were often berated for.
“It is really flattering to know and makes us feel like all the hard work was worth it. We have spoken to a lot of bands that have become really big, some that have even gone on to influence us, we’re chuffed our music has been the reason they got into a band. You can hear a lot of Frenzy influence in bands from periods when we were getting slagged off for being too progressive, go figure. Frenzy are always innovative. That's why psychobilly started in the first place, to stick a finger up to the festering rock 'n' roll scene.”
The band see the signing to PLY as another step on the road to bigger things: “People Like You have given us a great opportunity to reach new people and expand on our fan-base we have been touring relentlessly to get the word out about our new material, but there is only so much you can do. ‘In The Blood’ needed something much bigger.”

‘In The Blood’ is out now on People Like You

Simon Nott

TIGER ARMY – III: Ghost Tigers Rise
NEKROMANTIX – Brought Back To Life


Righteously raw punk ‘n’ roll.

Lucifer Star Machine make the kind of music that gets played in scuzzy dive bars, and their fans love it that way.  Ever since releasing their first single on their own label in 2006, the band has been attracting more and more attention for their gritty brand of rock and roll.  The band mixes classic punk, sleazy ‘80s rock, and sneering vocals together, and with song titles like ‘Venom Milkshake’ and ‘Disco Hard On,’ Lucifer Star Machine avoid any sort of polite pretensions.  Their raucous, take-no-prisoners live shows further cement their reputation as down and dirty, no frills rockers.  They’re currently at work on their third album, and are readying to release their albums in the States.  While the band continues to record, tour and gain more attention, it’s clear that they won’t have to sell their soul to Lucifer in order to find wider success. 

‘Street Value Zero’ is out now on Nicotine

THE RAMONES – The Ramones
MOTORHEAD – Ace Of Spades
THE MISFITS – Walk Among Us


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