Vive Le Punk takes a quick butchers at the craziest sideburns in rock 'n' roll history! If you have any more to add to this glorious gallery email us with a pic and info at

ALVIN STARDUST - With sidies like this no wonder he found God!

CRAZY CAVAN - The hairy king of the Teddy Boys.

ELVIS PRESLEY - The sidies go hand in hand with the hit songs and the burgers.

BRIAN SETZER - The rockabilly legend's face creepers are as wild as Stray Cats.

LINK WRAY - The rock 'n' heroes' sidies rumbled down his face all his life.

NODDY HOLDER - With these beasts the glamtastic grandad has always Slade his sidie rivals.

JESSE HECTOR - The former Hammersmith Gorilla was indeed pretty hairy! Almighty face fuzz.


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