South London anarcho punks CONFLICT have been kicking against the pricks for thirty years now and are about to celebrate the fact by playing their Gathering of the 1000s show in London in April with a host of other great punk and rock ‘n’ roll cats. Vive Le Punk got mainman Colin on the phone!

VLP: How did Conflict form? When and where?
“Conflict formed in Eltham south east nine, originally as Splattered Rock Stars in 1979.”

VLP: When you started Conflict did you think that you would have such a big political and social impact?
“Not at all, in fact it is still hard to take in.”

VLP What were things like back in the early days of the anarcho scene?

“Fresh and exciting springs to mind, sadly a lot of this freshness is now lost in the second wave of anarcho groups - most say the same stuff packaged differently.”

VLP: You havent always been the most popular band with the authorities. Any funny stories spring to mind?
“Still going on at present so hold on this for now, only yesterday we received more unwelcome attention.”

VLP: Just how hard was it to keep the band going with the police on your back?

“It was the force (excuse the pun) that fuelled the engine as such.”

VLP: What do you think of punk in 2009? What do you think of Britain in 2009?

“I have a great feeling about new groups such as those we are playing the Gathering with and feel that these fresh faces are the future. Britain is exactly the mess I knew it would be.”

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