As the John Lydon prepares to take P.I.L on another U.K tour, Vive Le Punk takes a look at some of Johnnys more memorable sardonic quotes.

Photo (c) Dod Morrison

“[Sid Vicious] would never have messed with heroin had he seen what a vacuous fat slob Lou Reed really is.” –Daily Star, 24 November 2009

“I can't eat a thing the day before a gig. It'd make me vomit. Once I come off? I could eat a scampied elephant between two buttered mattresses.” –Telegraph, 01 Jun 2008

“He should lay off the preaching. If you mean to do some good in this world you don't need to go bowing to the Pope.” –On Bono, The Telegraph, 01 Jun 2008

“It’s a museum, and therefore a mausoleum. It might be big and sparkly with lots of plate glass, but it’s cold and efficient deep down inside its very wicked, wicked heart.” –The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Los Angeles City Beat, 01 November 2007

“It does annoy me when I see the likes of Paris Hilton, who is, to be polite, an amazing underachiever. She’s underwhelming in every single way possible. And it’s repulsive. And she’s already a rich bitch.” –Los Angeles City Beat, 01 November 2007

“Mommy and Daddy didn't buy us no guitars. It's wrong to make a comparison (to the Ramones), and these idiots don't understand that. I have no begrudging of what the Ramones do or any of them bands. But they did not come from harsh realities – and therefore (are) incomparable.” –On the Ramones, Orange County Register 24 October 2007

“It's very odd to see history regurgitated quite so vacuously by lesser mortals who then run off with all the credit. Puff Daddy's a classic example, isn't he? The rap genius! What is he doing? Ooohs and aaahs over Led Zeppelin and a Sting song he makes a real stink of, and both times he gets Grammies as if he's a genius.” –The Guardian, 17 May 2002

“The Internet's a waste of time. It's a hoax, much like that eight-track cassette nonsense, a technology trap. It's all MP3 thievery, and nobody's getting paid. You can't trust a single word on the Internet -- it's all lies and innuendo.” –The Toronto Sun, 04 June 2003

“Nothing more awful than seeing one huge army of mohawks -- such a disgusting cliché and so against anything I've stood up for. If you want a uniform, there are real armies out there you can join.” –On diversity (or the lack thereof) at the Sex Pistols’ reunion tour Los Angeles Times, 29 June 2003

“The man is robbing my bleeding life story because he doesn't have one of his own! Can you imagine Little Lord Fauntleroy Malcolm in football shorts? I suppose he'd need lace cuffs and Elizabethan tights...” on Malcolm McLaren’s claims that he had trials for Arsenal, Uncut, December 2007

Photo (c) Dod Morrison

Public Image Ltd. Tour Dates 2010
London, O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, UK, 19 July 2010
Bristol, O2 Academy, UK, 20 July 2010
Oxford, O2 Academy, UK, 21 July 2010
Leeds, O2 Academy, UK, 23 July 2010
Liverpool, O2 Academy, UK, 24 July 2010
Glasgow, O2 ABC, UK, 26 July 2010

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