Animal from the Anti-Nowhere League kindly agreed to answer some questions about the origin of their name to the controversial “so what” song.

Dod – Anti-nowhere league -What’s the origin of that name?
Animal-The name comes from the late seventies. when everyone was 'anti' something......we were a piss take of all these people....the do-gooders who were so far up their own arses with their own righteousness that they forgot how to live......the anti 'nowhere' league...a dislike for the controlled masses...

Dod – How much do you think punk has changed in the last 30 years?
Animal-Its not as violent as it used to be...people in the scene seem to get on a lot better with each other.....not a bad thing.....enjoying the music more than the fighting!!!

Dod- What originally attracted you to punk?
Animal-Got to be the Stranglers....Peaches and Hanging around....they were on our bike 'clubhouse' jukebox...once heard, Punk had a grip on me ......the rest of my club allowed me to indulge seeing I was the youngest at the time......the band was born

Dod-So what, was controversial when it was originally released but has since been covered by Metallica, so what’s different now?
Animal-So What.......a song that took 2 minutes to write but spent the rest of my life singing it!....I don’t know the power of the song but a lot on people do...including Lars said to gets under your skin and you cant put it down.....did buy myself a new Harley with the proceeds from them so I mustn't grumble!!!

Dod - Who writes your songs?
Animal-I do....they all come from my 'darkside'.....we all know where that is right?...we all have one...some darker than others.

Dod-What’s your favourite Anti-nowhere league song and why?
Animal-So many from different periods of my life ....but at the moment...Self Harm.....and Chocolate Soldiers.

Dod - Are you still fans and of who?
Animal-Yes I am still a fan...I don’t get along to shows so much these days unless its a festival we are playing....and because I know most of the bands now... we sorta talk about the old days instead of me throwing my undies at them!!

Dod- Do you prefer playing the likes of rebellion or small venues?
Animal-Some and Some.....I like the closeness of small venues but I like the stage area of the larger venues.....means I can move around more without stepping on band members.

Dod - What’s your coolest band story?
Animal-The best ones will be kept for my book...I will finish it one day before it finishes me.....trouble is most of the stories involve ex band members....and their sense of humour has wained over the years so they would like to forget most of them!!!..But like an elephant with a good solicitor!

Dod - What do you think about downloading music online?
Animal-downloading......what can I say....destroying small bands quicker than the establishment....killing us slowly....glad I am old!

Dod - What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Animal-Shit...always has been always will’s a game that I can’t play.

Dod - How does music affect you and the world around you?
Animal-It doesn’t.....I still ride...I still play...I still write....fuck em all.

Dod - What are the biggest obstacles for bands?
Animal-Real music is is the great God...if you not in then you are have never been lead by money money money...if I need it then I will go out an earn it....whatever means........that’s what keeps me a virgin....look don’t get me wrong the punk stage is a great platform for small bands.....good bands ,bad bands and fuckin awful bands.....have a few years playing in a band if you get anywhere then fine...make a few quid if you are lucky.... but usually once on this circuit you are may get to the top of the shit pile but shit pile it still is when dealing with the money men....they will never take you seriously so stick two fingers up and have some fun!!

Dod – What makes a good crowd?
Animal-Sex drugs alcohol and attitude...crazy people get off on crazy music.....we don’t preach....we do!!

Dod - Any last words?
Animal-.Its better to die chasing a dream..... Than live with out bad.....ANIMAL.



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