Now in its fifth year, the Red Rooster Festival has shaped up from humble beginnings to be THE go-to weekend for rock’n’roll, blues and roots music . Vive Le Rock donned its dungarees to check it out….


With a track record of good weather, Red Rooster is something of a rarity in the UK calendar. Better not jinx it! It’s also one of the easiest on the eye, when it comes to locations, situated in the grounds of Euston Hall on the Norfolk-Suffolk border, by wood and river. Moreover, it’s compactness means you don’t waste time and energy slogging everywhere, can easily find your mates and are generally in with a good chance of making it back to your tent before passing out.

Kicking off on the Thursday evening, just as most people are arriving, the mainstage offers a low-key bill of mellow country rock, headlined by Philadelphia’s Low Cut Connie, trading in a weird concoction of garage rock through a Queen filter.

The following morning, though, the fest sets off in earnest with London’s long-serving Cajun aces Joli Blon, who do an amazing job of shaking the masses out of their torpor. The day takes shape approvingly via the many-headed Cash-style country-punk of The Johnsons, ZZ Top-channelling newcomer Sam Morrow and Texan golden boy Jarrod Dickinson, who takes time to salute homestate legend Doug Sahm with a terrific cover of ‘I’m Glad For Your Sake’.

After a Prosecco-and-veggie-burrito break, Vive Le Rock returns to the mainstage for another of Texas’s finest sons, Dale Watson. Single-handedly saving country music one truckin’ song at a time, Dale’s on fine form, the crowd quickly getting into singalong mode on ‘I Lie When I Drink’ (“…and I drink a lot!”). Ever the consummate pro, Dale takes some beating, although Nick Lowe gives it a good go. Since teaming up with LA’s masked instrumental surf band Los Straightjackets, the Godfather of Pub has been reinvigorated: delivering an elementary ‘greatest hits’ set, rockin’ recent single ‘Tokyo Bay’ is as good as anything the great man’s ever done.

By Saturday both stages – and the sun’s rays – are getting into their stride, so we slap on the lotion to enjoy sets on the Little Red Rooster acoustic stage from fast-rising skateboarder-cum-country-blues-picker, Yorkshire’s own Serious Sam Barrett – drawing one of the biggest crowds of the weekend – and the country’n’rockabilly of The Haystingers, unphased by a mid-set power failure.

Over on the mainstage, it’s Euro-tastic with youthful French rockabillies Howlin’ Jaws delivering a blistering set, closely followed by Switzerland’s Powersolo and the homegrown Oh! Gunquit, featuring the finest hula-hooping, trumpet-blowing frontwoman of the festival.

East Londoner Errol Linton has been a reliable draw on the London scene for many years, so it’s great to watch him deliver a crowd-pleasing mid-afternoon set of his reggae-infused blues. He’s definitely deserving of bigger things. So too, Cedric Burnside: grandson of the legendary R.L. who kickstarted the noughties punk-blues scene, he delivered a blistering set, backed only by a hard-hitting drummer with an infectious beat. The two even swapped places at one point!

For the final act of the weekend, Vive was in a bit of a quandary, but sorely tempted by the soul-inspired space-rock of The Budos Band, we opted for the tried’n’tested Legendary Shackshakers on the Little Red Rooster stage. One of the most dynamic acts of the festival, it’s a shame they’re relegated to the smaller stage, but their fiery gothic-country-punk has zero airs and graces, quickly creating the atmosphere of the moshpit, frontman J.D. Wilkes risking life and limb (his, the band’s, the crowd’s) with his cavalier mic-stand antics. A brilliant punk-rock frontman, and quite possibly the only one armed with a banjo, Wilkes is a force of nature who deserves much wider fame.

The party kept rockin’ well into the night over on the Howlin’ Woods DJ stage, but totally spent from the Shackshakers, Vive (dis)gracefully retired. Out first Red Rooster successfully completed, we’ll definitely be back next year.

Red Rooster on Facebook

Pics by Ken Taylor

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Punk rock ukulele band THE PUKES are back with a brand new video which they’re premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

‘One In A Million’ is taken from the band’s first full album of all-original material, Never Mind The Buffet, which is due out in September though their own Hoo Har label. The video is the work of renowned film-maker Mark Richards.

The Pukes have built a reliable reputation for riotous gigs, featuring ukulele-based renditions of punk classics from the likes of Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, Cock Sparrer, Ramones and Discharge, releasing the album Too Drunk To Pluck in 2014.

The band now return with a slimmed-down line-up and an album of self-penned songs, produced by ex-Vibrator Pat Collier at Perry Vale Studios in South London.

The band have a handful of dates coming up, including a special album launch at The Dublin Castle, Camden on 13 September. Full dates are…

Thu 1 Aug – Rebellion Festival
Fri 13 Sept – London – Dublin Castle tickets
Sat 14 Sept – Bristol Ukulele Festival

The Pukes on Facebook

Pic by Mark Richards

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In 2019, the urgency of anarcho punk’s message is just as relevant, if not more so, than in 1982. Punks with informed opinions and a ferocity towards the injustices of government and mankind as a whole continue to make their voices heard amid a cultural atmosphere of ignorance and submission. Vive Le Rock caught up with Bad Breeding, who carry the flame of anarcho wrath into the 21st century.

You formed in 2013 in Stevenage, how did you all get together and what’s the journey been like?

We’ve been friends since we were kids and went to the same secondary school. There was a time in the summer of 2013 when we were all at a bit of a loose end in terms of employment and decided to do something in the evenings that would serve as a bit of a release from the slog of labouring shifts and agency work. Bad Breeding has allowed us to contribute to a lot of political and cultural discussions we’ve felt marginalised from growing up in somewhere like Stevenage. It’s given us an outlet of expression that we haven’t been able to construct elsewhere in our working lives.

How long did it take to write and record this album and what do you want people to get out of it?

We wrote the bulk of Exiled in a month or two after getting back from a European tour last October. We had structures and a few songs down before we left, but most of them were finished off in the autumn after spending a month or so travelling around in the van. Exiled further explores the systemic, pernicious con-tricks of neoliberalism that have dogged and punished vast sections of the British working class since Thatcher through Blair and beyond into the sort of ideological contempt that is being played out now under the Conservatives. I think there’s been a trend in mainstream guitar music in recent years to confuse working-class resistance with unshakeable victimhood. Things seems to be put through a patronising or condescending liberal lens. I think you tend to get a lot of virtue signalling and weird class tourism from bands. We wanted to write a record that spelled out the rank injustices experienced on a daily basis as they are in the cold light of day – without pretence or performative gesturing.

Since the first wave of anarcho punk, what did those bands change and achieve?

The thing I always took from that period was the emphasis on a collective effort to push for change – whether that be within immediate music scenes, local community issues or wider constructs within the political landscape. I wouldn’t term myself as an anarchist, I would define myself as a socialist, but those anarcho bands were important in opening up political dialogue within music that wasn’t led by the capitalist class and wasn’t constricted by the overbearing nature of liberal intellectualism. It placed people at the heart of everything and inspired collective politicisation without people being put off by the misdirection of the supposedly complex political realities laid out by late capitalism. Educationally those bands played an important role in offering a route into politics that didn’t have to be defined by a lofty education and were often more aligned with direct action. Through pamphleting, art and organising, they democratised access to radical information, arguments and varying modes of resistance.

What message are you spreading?

The intention is to create records and take part in shows that centre on the spirit of the collective and allow people to take part in political discussions without feeling marginalised or belittled. For me you’ve got to use genuine anger and frustration as a means of bringing people together. Channelling anger and frustration into something that people can relate to at an immediate level has always seemed a positive practice for me. If it can open up doors for people to read up on particular issues or get involved in local, direct work then that’s progress in my mind.

What other bands do you feel are vital to the anarcho scene now and why?

Nicky Rat, who produces most of the band’s artwork, has put together a brilliant band called Subdued. I think they’re pretty crucial at the moment. It sort of takes the best and coldest parts of Amebix and a lot of those early bands on Spiderleg Records and combines them with that deathly smog of stuff like Celtic Frost. There are lots of exciting things happening in the DIY scene both here and in Europe at the moment, which aren’t necessarily defined by anarchism, but are certainly driven by a collective desire to bring people together and give bands a chance to play shows and tour.

What are some influential bands to you and some key albums that inspire you?

Being born in 1990 most of my inspiration started with an inherited record collection and all the literature and artwork that came with it. Flux of Pink Indians and a lot of the bands on Spiderleg  (Amebix, Subhumans, The System, Kronstadt Uprising) are important to us. Crass and some of the bands on Crass Records too (Zounds, Omega Tribe, DIRT, The Mob). The Six-Minute War EPs are some of my favourites and the later Fallout records too. No Trend’s Too Many Humans is a crucial one within the band as a document of progressive nihilism. They had so much commitment to messing with conformity and people’s heads. That band is a standalone art form in its own right. There’s plenty of other stuff too – Icons of Filth, S.A.S, Instigators, Reality Control and the Epileptics.

What do you think of Crass?

They’ve been a vital entry point for us, especially in understanding the importance of collective power and collaboration, although I wouldn’t say we share the same politics. One of the things that always drew me to Crass was the intention to question and resist without being overbearing or condescending. It didn’t smack of being educationally pious, but more of a group that asked people to question what was around them. Some of their comments on the links between capital, power and the condition of our environment seem to be ringing truer than ever as we become acutely more aware that we’re enduring a vile system that is wholly incompatible with the survival of life on our planet. The use of different elements of media has appealed to us too – the use of video, literature and some of the more direct methods of resistance that came to define a lot of anarcho bands at the time. In terms of artwork we’ve tried to use that idea of writing to help further the points on our records by including essays and other bits of literature with the releases.

Do you go along with the DIY ethic and if so, how?

Stevenage hasn’t got a live scene and licensing issues make it difficult to put on shows. You’d need people wanting to come out too so in that regard building something based around music here has been difficult. We had Bowes Lyon House in the 80s that put on a lot of great anarcho bands but sadly they don’t do shows there anymore. Instead we’ve been involved with different movements across Europe. For example, we did a Rote Hilfe fundraiser in 2017 to help pay the legal costs for those arrested at the G20 protests in Hamburg, while we’ve also taken part in fundraisers for No Tav and a number of other movements in Italy. We get involved wherever we can. Locally our work has been less built around shows and more focused on our community food bank and locally-run group People for People – Stevenage, which encourages the use of direct methods to help alleviate the strain of austerity taking grip in the town.

If Brexit was handed over to you – how would you deal with it?

I can’t answer on behalf of the band unfortunately. We’ve all got differing viewpoints and it’d take a while before we got anywhere near a coherent answer. It’s taken two years to reach this weird impasse so imagine the arguments we’ve had amongst ourselves during that time. Personally I feel the only democratic option is to deliver what people voted for. We risk conceding huge amounts of ground to the right if people’s votes are done away with. There was evidently misdirection on both sides of the debate and I think that was an honest measure of just how much political self-interest governed each campaign. That said, I think it would be dismissive to assume that people were duped or voted solely on ideologically nationalistic lines as opposed to their own economic experiences and material conditions. Some sections of the mainstream press ran with the idea that Brexit purely centred on reactionary nationalism and xenophobia, which may have been true in some cases, but they never really gave space to acute concerns regarding the role of the European Union as a damaging neoliberal cartel. There are important questions to be asked of the EU as a reactionary force of late capitalism and its exploitation of workers both here and in mainland Europe. If we’re striving for revolutionary challenges to the nefarious and exploitative structures that govern our lives then it’s vital we should hold a mirror up to a neoliberal construct backed by corporate banks, big business and imperialistic forces like NATO.

What’s lined up next for the band in 2019?

We’ll be doing some shows with Uniform from New York City at the back end of July – Bristol, Hull, Leeds, Cardiff and London. We should get out to do another European tour in September and hopefully get over to the United States where Iron Lung are releasing the record too.

Exiled by Bad Breeding is out now through One Little Indian.

For fans of: Subhumans, Flux of Pink Indians, Subdued

Bad Breeding are featured in the current issue of Vive Le Rock!

Bad Breeding on Facebook

Pic by Katie Rose

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Fast-rising London rockers RANDY SAVAGES have a bunch of shows coming up next month and they’re sharing a new live video exclusively with Vive Le Rock! as a taster.

The clip of the unreleased ‘Better With Age’ was shot on the band’s recent dates in The Netherlands.

“It’s about still drinking and still taking drugs in your 30s and 40s when you should know better…”, they say proudly.

Randy Savages play Garageland at London’s Shacklewell Arms on Friday 12 July, with SNAKERATTLERS, before joining the bill at the second Pump It Up Powerpop Weekender at The Lexington on Saturday 27 July, alongside THE NUMBER ONES, DUNCAN REID & THE BIG HEADS, LAST GREAT DREAMERS and more.

Their final show of the month will be as special guests to US legends POISON IDEA at their last ever UK show at New Cross Inn on 31 July.

The band are currently lining up an Italian tour, to be followed by the release of an EP recorded live at London’s legendary 100 Club.

Randy Savages on Facebook

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Punk legend BRIAN JAMES has added a one-off London show this summer.

The former DAMNED and LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH axeman – and let’s not forget, author of THE very first UK punk single ‘New Rose’ – hasn’t played in the capital since a World Cup-bothering show at the Lexington last summer, celebrating the vinyl reissue of his classic debut album.

This time he’ll be playing Oxford Street’s fabled 100 Club, scene of many early victories, including the legendary 100 Club Punk Festival in September of ’76.

The show on Friday 23 August will also feature special guests THE DeRELLAS with Londoners ELECTRICS opening proceedings.

Tickets are available from the 100 Club website, with a FREE CD EP for the first 100 tickets sold!

Brian James on Facebook

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LAST GREAT DREAMERS are to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of their classic debut album Retrosexual this Autumn.

The band were formed on the Soho glam scene in 1993 and released Retrosexual the following year to considerable acclaim. It would be their only album until reforming in 2014.

For the first time ever, the album will be released on vinyl in a fully-remastered limited edition, including a free download. The record will be released through their own Ray Records label on Friday 15 November, but it’s available to pre-order here.

Now scattered across the country, to celebrate, the powerpop-rockers will be playing a special London show at The Lounge in their old stamping ground of Camden Town on Saturday 16 November, where they’ll be playing Retrosexual in its entirety including songs never performed live before, plus a second set of fan favourites. The gig will be followed by an after-party with Marc and Slyder from the band on the decks, recreating one of their original Glitterball monthly club nights. Tickets are on sale here. The band are also planning VIP packages and a ‘magical minibus tour’ of their old haunts.

Since reforming the band have gone from strength to strength, touring more widely than ever before, including shows in Spain, Norway and Italy and numerous festival appearances. Releasing their acclaimed fourth album 13th Floor Renegades in April 2018, Marc and Slyder have since been joined by new rhythm section Tim Emery and Rik Pratt.

“Marc and I haven’t played some of these songs live for over twenty years so relearning them has been great and we are both really excited about the prospect of playing them again,” says Slyder. “We know this album means a lot to many of our fans so it will be a privilege to play it for them in its entirety. It’s gonna be a real party atmosphere, a celebration, we have a few special things planned and hopefully a few special guests.”

Last Great Dreamers will also be playing the second Pump It Up Powerpop Weekender alongside The Number Ones, Duncan Reid and The Big Heads and more at The Lexington, London on Saturday 27 July. Tickets are on sale here.

Last Great Dreamers on Facebook

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London punks HEALTHY JUNKIES have a new video which they’re premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

‘This Is Not A Suicide’ is taken from the band’s latest album Delirious Dream which was released last Autumn.

The band have a bunch of dates coming up, including their third annual FREE Punk & Roll Rendezvous festival from 6-8 September at The Unicorn, Camden featuring 25 bands plus DJs. Full dates are…

12 July – The 100 Cub (w/The Vibrators and Penetration)
13 July – The Unicorn, Camden ( Punk & Roll Rendezvous )
20 July – Percy’s Cafe, Whitchurch
26 July – The Amersham Arms, New Cross, London
3 Aug – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
17 Aug – Wolsey’s, Bangor, N Ireland (BBA Taking Control Festival)
23 Aug – The Mulberry, Sheffield (Punks Against Cancer)
31 Aug – BOSfest. Burnham-on -sea
7 Sept – The Unicorn, Camden (Punk &and Roll Rendezvous)
18 Sept – The Dublin Castle, London
28 Sept -Kollis The Lounge, London
5 Oct – HRH Punk Festival, O2 Academy, Sheffield

Delirious Dream is available now from the band’s website.

Healthy Junkies on Facebook

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PENETRATION have covered BUZZCOCKS’ classic ‘I Don’t Mind’ for a new video.

As previously announced, the Newcastle band will be joining Buzzcocks and THE SKIDS at the Royal Albert Hall, London on 21 June, celebrating the life of the sadly departed Pete Shelley.

Penetration’s Pauline Murray memorably paid tribute to Shelley at the Vive Le Rock Awards in March, performing ‘What Do I Get?’ alongside Steve Diggle and the house band, The Vive Le Rockers.

“I first saw Buzzcocks as an 18-year-old at the Screen On The Green in 1976,” she recalled. “Punk inspired young people to explore talents they didn’t know they had and Pete Shelley wrote love songs with a twist,
simple yet profound. I wish Pete was here tonight to know how much he was appreciated for his lifelong dedication to music and providing the soundtrack to the lives of a generation. It’s only when someone leaves us that we notice how their lack of presence can change everything.”

Penetration covered ‘I Don’t Mind’, for the sessions that resulted in their acclaimed 2015 comeback album Resolution, which also featured former Buzzcocks drummer John Maher. The band shot a video for the song at Whitley Bay Playhouse, which has been unseen until now.

Penetration play the following dates…

21.06.19 LONDON Royal Albert Hall (w/ Buzzcocks & Skids)
22.06.19 PORTSMOUTH Wedgewood Rooms
12.07.19 LONDON 100 Club
13.07.19 LEWES Con Club
14.07.19 HALIFAX Lantern
03.08.19 BLACKPOOL Rebellion Festival
06.10.19 SHEFFIELD O2 Academy
18.10.19 NEWCASTLE Cluny
19.10.19 GLASGOW Audio

Penetration on Facebook

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PETER PERRETT and friends have been announced as headliner for this year’s Somers Town Festival.

Now in its 21st year, this lively community event takes place annually in the Somers Town area of London between St Pancras and Euston Stations and Camden to the north. This year’s festival on Saturday 13 July has been invited onto the British Library Piazza adjacent the traditional event on Chalton Street.

Artists confirmed to appear alongside the Only Ones frontman Peter Perrett & ‘Special Guests’ over four stages are former Loft and Weather Prophets frontman Pete Astor, Knox from The Vibrators, Oh! Gunquit, Imaginary Millions, The Speedways, The Mighty Caretakers and more to be announced.

There’ll also be film screenings – including The Parkinsons documentary A Long Road To Nowhere – poetry, comedy, street theatre, city gardening, a rock’n’roll market, a pop-up Somers Town museum, numerous stalls from local vendors and loads more.

Completely free of admission and open to all, the organisers have set up a Go Fund Me page, offering various incentives, to invite voluntary donations to help make the event the best it can be.

Somers Town Festival on Facebook

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Industrial techno-rock duo CUBANATE have a new EP out and they’ve unveiled a strikine new video for the title track.

Kolossus represents the pair’s first new music in more than two decades and features five new songs as well as remixes by FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY’s Rhys Fulber from and DROWND. The video is the work of E Gabriel Edvy of Blackswitch Labs.

Formed in London in 1992 as a four-piece, Cubanate eventaully slimmed down to a nucleus of vocalist Marc Heal and guitarist Phil Barry. Going out as support to the likes of Gary Numan, Sisters Of Mercy and Front 242, they released four albums before splitting in 2000. Heal and Barry reconvened in 2016 for Chicago’s Cold Waves festival, going on to play several more dates in support of the 2017 compilation Brutalism.

Kolossus is available now through Armalyte Industries.

Cubanate on Facebook

Pic by E Gabriel Edvy

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Fast-rising Yorkshire punks HANDS OFF GRETEL have unveiled another new video from their latest album.

‘Freaks Like Us’ is the fourth single to be taken from second album I Want The World, which was released in March through Puke Pop Records..

“‘Freaks Like Us’ is an anthem for the outcasts; for those that ever feel misunderstood and alone,” explains frontwoman Lauren Tate. “I really needed this song on my iPod when I was at school. The video takes me back to getting banned from performing at the school talent show, when I flipped the middle finger to the girls sat whispering and laughing at me in the audience. Writing this song for me was a way of saying ‘Just watch me’, embracing who I am and continuing to prove all that doubted me, wrong.”

The band, who were shortlisted for Vive Le Rock‘s New Blood award in March, hit the road for a series of gigs and festival shows, including Isle Of Wight, Kendal Calling and Rebellion. Full dates (so far) are…

Album Tour
20 June – Bodega Nottingham
21 June – Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
22 June – The 1865 Southampton
23 June – Suburbs The Holdroyd Guildford
4 July – Louisiana – Bristol
5 July – Shacklewell Arms – London
6 July – The Prince Albert – Brighton
10 July – Fulford Arms – York
11 July – Think Tank Newcastle
12 July – Broadcast – Glasgow
13 July – Bannermans – Edinburgh

Festival Dates
15 June – Isle Of Wight Festival
20 July – Black Thorn Music Festival
26 July – Kendal Calling
21 July – Amplified Festival
4 August – Rebellion Festival
31 August – Lindisfarne Festival

I Want The World, gig tickets and merch are available from the band’s website.

Hands Off Gretel on Facebook

Pic by Helen Tate

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THE BOYS have unveiled a brand new video ahead of a bunch of Scandinavian dates.

The West London ’77 punk legends are celebrating the fifth anniversary of their critically acclaimed Punk Rock Menopause album with a video for the track ‘Keep Quiet’.

The video was recorded during the band’s September 2018 Italian tour. Unfortunately guitarist Honest John Plain was unable to make the video shoot due to ill health.

“It was filmed and directed by Lester Greenowski at the Ligera Club in Milan, says keyboard player Casino Steel. “Many thanks to Lester and the enthusiastic crowd who made this possible. We had a great time!”

Guitarist/vocalist Matt Dangerfield agrees, adding: “This is now the sixth track from Punk Rock Menopause to be immortalised in video, which I think demonstrates just how strong the album is.”

The Boys head to Scandinavia in June for the Odal Rock Festival, returning in September for more dates. Catch them at…

Sat 22 June – Odal Rock Festival
Thur 12 Sept – Gothenburg
Fri 13 Sept – tbc
Sat 14 Sept – Hova
Fri 20 Sept – tbc
Sat 21 Sept – Trondheim

Punk Rock Menopause is now available digitally from Revolution Records and Spotify…

The Boys on Facebook

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Writer, actor, broadcaster and musician RICHARD STRANGE is to celebrate the music of LOU REED on tour this Autumn.

The DOCTORS OF MADNESS frontman will be performing a selection of the New York legend’s songs – including classics intermingled with some obscure gems – in six cities during September, backed by a world class band.

With legendary musician, producer and arranger Terry Edwards of Gallon Drunk, PJ Harvey and The NJE acting as musical director, the line-up features guitarists Kevin Armstrong (David Bowie, Iggy Pop) and Paul Cuddeford (Ian Hunter, Trent Miller), keyboardist Florence Sabeva (Earl Slick) and drummer Dave Imby (Kid Creole).

You can catch Richard Strange and co on the following dates…

Sat 21 Sept – Jubilee Church, Hull
Sun 22 Sept – Zanzibar, Liverpool
Mon 23 Sept – Arts Centre, Norwich
Tues 24 Sept – O2 Islington Academy, London
Weds 25 Sept – Arts Centre, Colchester
Thurs 26 Sept – O2 Academy 2, Birmingham

Richard Strange Performs The Songs Of Lou Reed on Facebook

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A new pop-up shop is opening in Soho in celebration of all things WHO.

WHO @ 52 will be opening at 52 Brewer Street, London W1F 9TQ over Friday 14th and Saturday 15th from 10am to 6pm.

The venture will celebrate the legendary band’s return to Wembley Stadium for the first time in forty years, along with the release of their Tommy Orchestral, a live version of their pioneering rock opera, performed with a full symphony orchestra last year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the seminal 1969 album.

Items for sale in the shop will include the Tommy Orchestral album on CD and vinyl; an exclusive limited edition 7″ of ‘Pinball Wizard’ ONLY available at WHO @ 52; official Who merch, including a bespoke t-shirt and poster; tickets for the Wembley Stadium gig on 6 July.

The shop will also include an exhibition of rare Who memorabilia and shoppers will be invited to compete in a special Pinball Wizard Challenge.

The Who on Facebook

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Vive Le Rock recently hung out at London’s Hard Rock Cafe for Stevie Van Zandt’s live DJ set and radio broadcast of his Underground Garage Dance Party. The long-time member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and actor famous for The Sopranos series brought along his wife Maureen Van Zandt, who also plays his wife in The Sopranos.

A crowd of fans hoping to get their Van Zandt CDs and records signed gathered under the stage at the entrance of the Hard Rock. Van Zandt pulled up in a blacked-out 4×4 and entered through a side door to huge applause before grabbing the mic and opening his radio show with The Beach Boys’ ‘Good Vibrations’.

The appearance comes off the back of the new album Summer Of Sorcery from Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul, Little Steven’s first album of new material in 20 years. The band recently kicked off their live tour in May.

The show lasted two hours and featured Van Zandt’s usual mix of old school rock’n’roll embellished by his own stories as a fan and a performer. He took a break to meet everyone in the audience and spent a lot of time having pictures with fans.

Paula Frost

Pics © Hard Rock Café London

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Scots punks MURDERBURGERS have a new video which they’re premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

‘Turning 30 Was An Eye Opener’ is the opening track from the band’s latest album What A Mess released last March.

The video was made by and stars Kyle from Lovers Turn To Monsters. For fans of going apeshit in a room on your own.

Frontman Fraser heads out for solo dates during June, followed by full band shows around Europe with FLAMINGO NOSEBLEED, followed by appearances at Wonkfest and Rebellion. Full dates are…

8/06/19 – Dunfermline – Monty’s (Fraser solo)
19/06/19 – Inverness – The Market Bar (Fraser solo)
20/06/19 – Aberdeen – The Cellar (Fraser solo)
21/06/19 – Dundee – Conroy’s Basement w/ Nelson Savage + more (Fraser solo)
24/06/19 – Bristol – The Exchange w/ Ogikubo Station (Fraser solo)
25/06/19 – London – New Cross Inn w/ Ogikubo Station (Fraser solo)
26/06/19 – Leicester – The Soundhouse w/ Ogikubo Station (Fraser solo)
27/06/19 – Stafford – Redrum w/ Ogikubo Station (Fraser solo)
28/06/19 – Manchester – Gullivers w/ Ogikubo Station (Fraser solo)
29/06/19 – Glasgow – TBC w/ Ogikubo Station (Fraser solo)
30/06/19 – Edinburgh – Banshee Labyrinth w/ Ogikubo Station (full band)
02/07/19 – Vorselaar, Belgium – Den Tip w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
03/07/19 – Osnabruck, Germany – Substanz Haus w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
04/07/19 – Luneburg, Germany – Asta Wohnzimmer w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
05/07/19 – Berlin, Germany – Trickster w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
06/07/19 – Altenburg, Germany – Finnegans Irish Pub w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
07/07/19 – Prague, Czech Rep – Cafe Na Pul Cesty w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
08/07/19 – Vienna, Austria – Cafe Carina w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
09/07/19 – Linz, Austria – Sputnik Rock Cafe w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
10/07/19 – TBC w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
11/07/19 – Ravensburg, Germany – Cafe Balthes w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
12/07/19 – Savièse, Switzerland – Cage2Faraday w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
13/07/19 – Thun, Switzerland – AKuT w/ Flamingo Nosebleed
14/07/19 – Bergamo, Italy – Punk Rock Raduno
16/07/19 – Chamonix, France – Le Monkey (full band acoustic show)
17/07/19 – TBC
18/07/19 – Saarbrucken, Germany – Nilles Bar
19/07/19 – Den Bosch, Holland – Brouwpodium Bossche Brouwers aan de Vaart
20/07/19 – Hastings – Crowleys
27/07/19 – London – Wonkfest
01/08/19 – Blackpool – Rebellion Festival

What A Mess is available now from Asian Man (US), Brassneck (UK/EU), Umlaut (UK/EU) and Waterslide (Japan).

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Long-serving garage-rockers FLAMING SIDEBURNS are back with a brand new single.

‘Soulshaking’ is Finnish band’s first new song from their original line-up since the band’s classic album Hallelujah Rock’n’Rollah eighteen years ago. While that release brought huge international success for the band, it also marked the departure of founding guitarist Arimatti Jutila, leading to the band continuing with various different line-ups.

Last year, the original members came together once more for a series of dates, leading to the creation of a batch of material of which ‘Soulshaking’ is the first release.

“We had just played the first show in Barcelona, and the sense of ease and energy was filling our bodies,” explains Jutila. “I think that feeling was captured in ‘Soulshaking’.”

The track is a taster for the band’s new, as yet untitled, album which is set for release next year, the band’s 25th Anniversary.

You can stream/download ‘Soulshaking’ here.

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Reunited post-punks THE PACK are to issue their first new recordings since reconvening last year.

Progenitors to THEATRE OF HATE, the band features original members Kirk Brandon and John Werner plus Steve Grantley and Warren Wilson.

The quartet re-recorded thirteen Pack originals over three days in Salford last January. The Salford Sessions package also includes a DVD of the band’s show in London on 27 January.

Available for pre-release, the exclusive bundle also includes a limited edition art print, a t-shirt and an MP3, and is on sale from Brandon’s website.

As previously announced, The Pack play the following dates this month…

Wed 5 June – LONDON The Islington
Thu 6 June – PAISLEY Bungalow
Fri 7 June – NEWCASTLE University SU
Sat 8 June – MANCHESTER Ritz – on stage at 4.45pm
Sun 9 June – YORK Fulford Arms

Tickets for all shows are on sale here.

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