Carbon/Silicon announce details of new album:

The Carbon Free Bubble.xa0;

Carbon/Silicon the band formed by Mick Jones of the Clash and Tony James of Generation X are ready to release their long awaited new album x201c;The Carbon Bubblex201d;.xa0;

The album will be released as a FREE download via their website www.carbonsiliconinc.com <http://ethreemail.com/e3ds/mail_link.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.carbonsiliconinc.com%2F&amp;i=0&amp;d=9WUZV0X0-6X72-4049-Z748-X1U8769958U6&amp;e=ian@bigcheesemagazine.com> xa0; on Saturday 14 November 2009 at 12 Midday UK time.

The complete Cover artwork for the album will also be downloadable.

It also  comes with full Hi Res booklet artwork for each track.xa0;

This is the follow up to their 2008 album x201c;The Last Postx201d;. All 12 new songs are written by James and Jones

Carbon/Silicon have fully embraced the free download revolution since the release of their first song M.P.Free in 2002, they have gone on to release  3 albums as free downloads during their career.

Watch the Video Album Trailer here:xa0; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYTyg8loC9Q <http://ethreemail.com/e3ds/mail_link.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DGYTyg8loC9Q&amp;i=1&amp;d=9WUZV0X0-6X72-4049-Z748-X1U8769958U6&amp;e=ian@bigcheesemagazine.com>


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I Hate People records is a new record label formed  out of People Like You records. Their first signing is the Meteors Paul Fenech. They also have a compilation album coming featuring the Whip Crackin Daddies, Blitzkid and Crashed Out amongst others. More details-www.ihatepeople.de 


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80S second wave of punk legends the ABRASIVE WHEELS have just released their rather good new album-SKUM. and to follow they are planning a USA and Europena tour for 2010. In the meantime they have a  date at the Bridgehouse in London before Xmas-before headlining the PUNK ON EARTH festival in Birmingham on Jan 23rd with the likes of Sick On The Bus.


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There are plans for another reissue of  the Clashs landmark album,  London Calling .Due out   around Dec 14th, the record is subtitled the "30th Anniversary Legacy Edition." Not surprisingly, it comes five years after the 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition which is now out of print.

Full details on what will be added to this version have not yet been announced, but expect a CD+DVD package at the least.

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Iggy Pop reveals Stooges comeback

By Damian Jones
6 Music News reporter

Iggy Pop and The Stooges

Iggy Pop said his band recently returned to the studio for rehearsals

Iggy Pop has revealed he will make a comeback with The Stooges in 2010 despite the recent death of guitarist Ron Asheton.

The singer said the 60-year-old’s "spirit still lives on" within the group and the band will return next year for a full tour.

"The band have been rehearsing more without me than with me because I’ve been doing other things this year.

"But we have been rehearsing all together more recently," he said.

Pop continued: "We’re going to be doing a one-off show in Brazil in a few weeks but the real touring starts next year."

Spiritual presence

The singer said Asheton’s "spirit still lives on" within the group and original guitarist James Williamson will rejoin the band after nearly 30 years.

"We’re all very sorry about Ron," Pop told 6 Music presenter Shaun Keaveny.

"His spirit within the group remains with the rest of us and he is still a presence within the group without being on the physical plain.

I have no idea whether Elijah will be playing me, I doubt it

Iggy Pop, The Stooges

"With the exception of (Mike) Watt we all played in the same bands during the same two or three years in the Detroit area and knew each other in various ways and did extra curricular things together besides playing music.

"Everybody went to the same bars and coffee shops and we swapped girls and did all the things you do."

Asheton was found dead in his bed by police at his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in January this year. It is believed he died of a heart attack.

He was an original member of the band fronted by Pop in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

His riffs featured on hits including I Wanna Be Your Dog, No Fun and Down On The Street.

Living legend

Pop, who is due to receive the living legend award at the Marshall Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards, said right from the recording of early single 1969, he was in it for the long haul.

"Once I set out not to go to school and go into music instead I always thought this is what I’m doing with my life now.

"I never thought, ‘Hey this is a youth market so by the time I’m 24 I’d better have my first $3m’.

Iggy Pop and The Stooges

Iggy Pop and The Stooges in their early days

"It was never a career thing it was a life thing so it’s kind of worked out that way. It seemed difficult and far fetched and I knew it was going to be tough."

It has been reported Elijah Wood will be playing Pop in the forthcoming film biopic The Passenger.

But the singer said it was unlikely the Lord Of The Rings star would be taking up the role.

"I have no idea whether that is the case, I doubt it," he added. "I haven’t had any contact with those people for a queen’s age, a long time.

Listen back to the full interview by tuning in to Shaun Keaveny’s show on 6 Music.

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It appears the report of Chuck Biscuits being dead was a cruel hoax-

"Nick Patch of The Canadian Press reports: The founder of Vancouver punk group D.O.A. says that his former drummer, Chuck Biscuits, is alive and well and Internet reports of his death are part of a "cruel hoax."

Joe Keithley told The Canadian Press on Friday that the drummer’s brother contacted him and confirmed that Biscuits is indeed alive.

"He’s well and alive, so that’s good news," Keithley said on the line from his Vancouver office.

Several major news outlets in Canada, the United States and Britain reported Thursday that Biscuits had died of throat cancer.

The reports seem to have originated from a single blog post written by New York freelance writer James Greene Jr., who has since claimed that he was duped by an anonymous emailer.

"I’m sorry I unknowingly spread this horrible lie," Greene blogged Friday. "I apologize to the world, Chuck’s family, Chuck’s friends, and especially Chuck."

Biscuits was the original drummer for metal band DANZIG, and also performed with L.A. hardcore innovators BLACK FLAG and SOCIAL DISTORTION."

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Big Sexy Noise –  Lydia Lunch, James Johnston, Terry Edwards and Ian White.

Live at The Lexington November 7th doors 8.00pm tickets £10.00 / £8.00 adv

New Album:
Formats: CD album and download only
Street date: November 2nd 2009 thru Cargo Distribution

Cat no FIT 044CD – Barcode 5060143300622

Big Sexy Noise – “Besides being stellar musicians, gentlemen and a pleasure
to work with they are all, like myself, flaming weirdos.” – Lydia Lunch

“What The Kills should sound like if they weren’t such pussies” – www.normanrecords.com

Big Sexy Noise follow up their vinyl mini album, released earlier this year, with a full blown CD album and London Live show at the Lexington on November 7th . The band, fronted by Lydia Lunch and Gallon Drunk alt-rockers James Johnston, Terry Edwards and Ian White, have recorded a further five Johnston/Lunch originals plus a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover to complement the original six tracks.

Big Sexy Noise is the primaeval bump, grind and holler of White’s thuggish drums, Johnston’s moronic low-tuned riffing and Edwards’ brutal organ and sax interventions led by Lunch’s take-no-prisoners vocals. The album opens with The Gospel Singer which Lunch wrote with Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), followed by Lou Reed’s Kill Your Sons before settling into the trademark songs by Big Sexy Noise protagonists Johnston and Lunch.

Slydell and Another Man Comin smoulder along with slinky grooves; Baby-Faced Killer and Dark Eyes delve deep into psychosis with precision metal riffing and Bad For Bobby lulls you into the still-birth-of-the-cool with a Lunch vs Edwards vocal/sax duel to die for. By way of contrast God Is A Bullet is the Lunch/Johnston vocal duet on a Charles Manson theme which opens with the chilling line “Dying is easy – it’s living that scares me.”

Lydia is in fine form berating the weak and miserable in Your Love Don’t Pay My Rent and Doughboy, but not before the formidable drum-led Diggin The Hole and the unlikely but affectionate cover of That Smell (Lynyrd Skynyrd), with Johnston in full Johnny Thunders mode.

History – Lydia Lunch has collaborated with Terry Edwards, James Johnston and Ian White in a variety of musical guises for the last ten years. From Hangover Hotel and Smoke in the Shadows to the recent multimedia performances of Real Pornography and The Ghosts of Spain, the three rabble rousers from Gallon Drunk have, in a series of ever morphing configurations, collaborated with Lydia in creating psycho-ambient soundscapes in the service of propelling forth spoken word exorcisms in her decades-long prophecies of societal collapse, moral bankruptcy, and global corruption.

And, according to the No Wave Nostradamus herself, "It’s time to stop complaining, quit your crying and embrace the coming End Times. Let’s fucking rock."

Gospel Singer | Kill Your Sons | Slydell | Diggin The Hole | Baby-Faced Killer
Bad For Bobby | Dark Eyes | Another Man Comin (while the bed is still warm)
God Is A Bullet | That Smell | Your Love Don’t Pay My Rent | Doughboy


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This is a shock-Chuck Biscuits was a great drummer. we last saw him playing for Social Distortion at Londons Garage.

Prolific punk drummer Chuck Biscuits died Saturday after a lengthy struggle with throat cancer. He was 44.

Chuck was born Charles Montgomery in British Columbia, Canada, performing with hardcore pioneers D.O.A. before relocating to California in 1982 and joining Black Flag. Those early days in California saw him perform with a number of legendary bands, including the Circle Jerks, Fear, and the The Weirdos.

Biscuits later made his name playing for Danzig. From 1988 he performed as part of that band for their first four albums. He later appeared on their 1993 Thrall: Demonsweatlive EP which yielded the hit "Mother." The drummer performed with a number of acts from punk to hip hop, logging time with everyone from Samhain and Social Distortion to Run D.M.C.

Our deepest condolences go out to Chuck’s family and friends.

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Social Distortions’ guitarist Jonny Wickersham spoke to recently about their upcoming plans and why it takes so long to record:

So many bands are so regular with their albums, like, every 18 months is a new record, and after awhile I just stop paying attention. I mean, how much can a band evolve and grow in 18 months? Eighteen months later they’re going to put out the same record. The only band I can think of that did that and had a lot of evolution was The Beatles.

It’s not like we’re going to start putting out a record like we’ve been listening to The Dead or something We’ve got a handful of songs right now that are finished, and bunch that we’re still working on

The band plans to enter the studio February 1st with hopes for a spring release.

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Fat Wreck Chords has announced their plans to release a 3xCD boxset titled Wrecktrospective. Originally announced several years ago, but finally getting released, the first cd will contain classic tracks from Fat Wreck Chords back catalog, while disc 2 will contain demo and unreleased tracks, and disc 3 will be the original 2001 Fat Club 7-inches on 1 cd.

All told, the set will feature 88 songs from Against Me!, American Steel, Anti-Flag, Avail, Bracket, Chixdiggit!, Consumed, Dead To Me, Descendents, The Dickies, Dillinger Four, Enemy You, Epoxies, Face to Face, The Flatliners, Frenzal Rhomb, Goober Patrol, Good Riddance, Hi-Standard, Lagwagon, The Lawrence Arms, Less Than Jake, The Loved Ones, MxPx, Mad Caddies, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, NOFX, Nerf Herder, No Use For A Name, None More Black, One Man Army, Only Crime, Propagandhi, Randy, The Real McKenzies, Rise Against, The Sainte Catherines, Screeching Weasel, Sick Of It All, Smoke Or Fire, Snuff, The Soviettes, Star Fucking Hipsters, Strike Anywhere, Strung Out, Swingin’ Utters, Tilt, The Vandals, Western Addiction, Wizo and Zero Down. (That’s right, we have band profiles for everyone except Goober Patrol.)

The label was originally formed in 1990 though their first release was issued in 1992.

You can click Read More for the track listing.


  1. NOFX – "The Separation Of Church And Skate"
  2. Lagwagon – "Violins"
  3. Propagandhi – "Back To The Motor League"
  4. No Use For A Name – "Soulmate"
  5. Bracket – "2RAK005"
  6. Strung Out – "Too Close To See"
  7. Face To Face – "You’ve Done Nothing"
  8. Good Riddance – "Weight Of The World"
  9. Tilt – "War Room"
  10. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – "Leaving On A Jet Plane"
  11. Wizo – "Raum Der Zeit"
  12. Frenzal Rhomb – "Never Had So Much Fun"
  13. Hi-Standard – "Wait For The Sun"
  14. Snuff – "Martin"
  15. Goober Patrol – "Easy Life"
  16. Swingin’ Utters – "Windspitting Punk"
  17. Screeching Weasel – "Cool Kids"
  18. Mad Caddies – "Mary Melody"
  19. Consumed – "Brutal Truth"
  20. Sick Of It All – "The Bland Within"
  21. Avail – "Black And Red"
  22. Less Than Jake – "Gainesville Rock City"
  23. Anti-Flag – "Turncoat"
  24. Rise Against – "Heaven Knows"
  25. Real Mckenzies – "Kings Of Fife"
  26. Lawrence Arms – "Like A Record Player"
  27. Dillinger Four – "Americaspremierefaithbasedinitiative"
  28. None More Black – "Everyday Balloons"
  29. Against Me! – "T.S.R"
  30. Descendents – "‘Merican"
  31. Only Crime – "R.J.R."
  32. Chixdiggit! – "I Remember You"
  33. Dead To Me – "By The Throat"
  34. Good Riddance – "Flies First Class"
  35. Rise Against – "Alive And Well"
  36. Flatliners – "Eulogy"
  37. NOFX – "It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite"
  38. Lawrence Arms – "On With The Show"
  39. Lagwagon – "Bury The Hatchet"
  40. Western Addiction – "The Church Of Black Flag"
  41. Loved Ones – "Living Will (Get You Dead)"
  42. Star Fucking Hipsters – "Immigrants & Hypocrites"
  43. Bracket – "Everyone Is Telling Me I’ll Never Win, If I Fall In Love With A Girl From.."
  44. American Steel – "Sons Of Avarice"
  45. Nerf Herder – "5000 Ways To Die"
  46. Propagandhi – "Middle Finger Response"
  47. None More Black – "Slytherin? My Ass!"
  48. Swingin’ Utters – "A Promise To Distinction"
  49. Against Me – "You Look Like I Need A Drink (Acoustic)"
  50. Soviettes – "Multiply And Divide"
  51. Zero Down – "No Apologies"
  52. No Use For A Name – "Always Carrie"
  53. Dead To Me – "Writing Letters"
  54. Strung Out – "Alone"
  55. Dickies – "My Pop The Cop"
  56. Avail – "Done Reckoning"
  57. Mad Caddies – "Polyester Khakis"
  58. Sainte Catherines – "Hau Weg Die Scheisse"
  59. Epoxies – "It’s You"
  60. Smoke Or Fire – "Goodbye To Boston"
  61. Anti-Flag – "Underground Network"
  62. Vandals – "Underground"
  63. Vandals – "Why Are You Alive"
  64. American Steel – "Middle Of The Night"
  65. American Steel – "New Religion Everyday"
  66. Real Mckenzies – "Another Round"
  67. Real Mckenzies – "Loch Lomond"
  68. MXPX – "The Road Less Traveled"
  69. MXPX – "You Hold The Key"
  70. Strike Anywhere – "Antidote"
  71. Strike Anywhere – "Asleep"
  72. Randy – "I’m Stepping Out"
  73. Randy – "Unite"
  74. Randy – "Freedom Song"
  75. NOFX – "Zyklone B Bathouse"
  76. NOFX – "Spaghetti Motel"
  77. Swingin’ Utters – "Black Mountain Rain"
  78. Swingin’ Utters – "Outside Life"
  79. Strung Out – "Dig"
  80. Strung Out – "Lost Motel"
  81. Enemy You – "The Promise Breakers"
  82. Enemy You – "Kind Hearts"
  83. Enemy You – "Emma"
  84. Lawrence Arms – "Porno And Snuff Films"
  85. Lawrence Arms – "A Toast"
  86. Lawrence Arms – "Overheated"
  87. One Man Army – "Victoria"
  88. One Man Army – "She Wants Me Dead"


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This years City Invasion Punk festivals  have been announced and are sponsored by Big Cheese magazine."Headlined by the long awaited return to London of the Exploited the lineup also includes the US Boms (back with Duane Peters) plus the Grit, Reno Divorce, Moral Dilemma, the Luchagors, Gimpfist, Poundaflesh, the Skints and more. Its at O2 Academy Sheffield Dec 5th and O2 London Islington Academy Dec 6th

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Press Release:
September, 11th 2009

Due to phenomenal demand Public Image Ltd have added a further date at London’s Brixton O2 Academy with the band now playing the famous venue on the 21st and 22nd December.

John Lydon"Everything is going accordion to plan, everything I learnt about life is Norman Wisdom"

Now this 2009 UK tour will see one of the most innovative and influential bands in music history perform in the UK for the first time in 17 years.

John Lydon, Lu Edmonds, Bruce Smith and Scott Firth will also tour nationwide in celebration of the 30th year anniversary of the groundbreaking ‘Metal Box’ album, kicking off at The Birmingham Academy on December 15th.

Public Image Ltd will not only be celebrating the anniversary of ‘Metal Box’ but also showcasing the unique sounds of singles such as ‘Public Image’, ‘Death Disco’ and ‘This Is Not A Love Song’, to ‘Rise’ and ‘Seattle’, with many further surprises in store.

After fronting the Sex Pistols John Lydon formed Public Image Ltd in 1978 with their experimental sound fusing Rock, Dance, Folk, Ballet, Pop and Dub PiL are regarded as producing some of the most diverse music of the post-punk era. As a band the music and vision constantly evolved like no other, culminating in an incredible live experience.

Now these 2009 December shows are set to re-create the Christmas vibe that was at the forefront of PiL’s first ever UK gigs on Christmas Day and Boxing Day in 1978 at The London Rainbow Theatre.

Lu Edmonds- Multi instrumentalist and former guitarist in The Damned Lu joined PiL in 1986 recording and playing on the album Happy? and co-writing the album ‘9’ adding yet another dimension to the PiL sound.

Bruce Smith- Former drummer in The Pop Group and The Slits became percussionist for PiL also in 1986 playing and recording on the albums Happy? and ‘9’. Seen as a drumming virtuoso Bruce Smith brought his unique style into the fold.

Scott Firth- A bass player/multi instrumentalist that has collaborated and played with a variety of top musicians and bands including Steve Winwood, John Martyn, Elvis Costello, and The Spice Girls.


Birmingham, 02 Academy, December 15th 2009
Leeds, 02 Academy, December 16th 2009
Glasgow, 02 Academy, December 18th 2009
Manchester, Academy, December 19th 2009
London Brixton, 02 Academy, December 21st 2009
EXTRA DATE – London Brixton, 02 Academy, December 22nd 2009

Tickets on sale now. Buy online at Livenation.co.uk or Tel 0844 576 5483 (24hrs)


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A new era is dawning for DEVO, comrades…and with it comes a fresh start for all of us.

As you probably know, DEVO has been working on a brand new album – their first in nearly two decades.
This means DEVO will soon be performing many live shows across the USA in 2009, and then worldwide in 2010. Tour dates will be announced soon.

We here at Devo, Inc. have been extremely busy preparing for this new era, working on a new online presence, new costuming for the band’s upcoming concerts, new merchandise designs, new fan club offers, etc.

For many years now, I have been serving DEVO in a number of ways – from creating DEVO’s web sites and providing content, and designing merchandise, to managing their ever-growing  fan club. It’s been quite a lot to manage on my own, and I’ve been very fortunate to receive assistance along the way from many DEVOted fans (to whom I am forever grateful).

This new era of DEVO’s long career will bring with it a new batch of responsibilities for yours truly. Not only will I continue to work closely with the band on Web content, graphic design, etc., I will also be working with a team of comrades at DEVO’s new record label, who will be handling a lot of the technical work of Web site construction and maintenance. This will enable me to focus more on creating interesting content for the Web sites, including daily blogs & inside reports from DEVO events worldwide. The site will eventually be chocked full of video & audio content, plus blogs from me and the members of DEVO on a weekly if not daily basis.

In the coming days, you’ll notice some big changes at ClubDevo.com. We’ll be launching a brand new site – stripped down to the bare essentials for late 2009…introducing the world to DEVO’s new album, videos, etc. The full DEVO site will be reborn in 2010 with the gradual introduction of tons of content, old & new. The new online store will feature old favorites at first, and a selection of brand new items by late 2009/early 2010. The fan club is being completely restructured, and current Club DEVO registered members will retain their lifetime member status, with access to new fan club content.

The very popular Chosen Mutations and Signs Of DEVOtion online image galleries have been moved from ClubDevo.com to Devo-Obsesso.com. You can still send me your images for those pages, but it may take me a while to add them, since I’ve got a huge backlog of images to add already. Thanks to all of you who have submitted images in the past. The DEVO MySpace page will soon have a facelift, too….but I’m not sure exactly when.

Devo-Obsesso.com will soon feature a full report from the recent Hardcore DEVOtional 2009 Fan Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio. If you have any photos or video from the event, please consider sending to me via email or on disc to this address: Club DEVO, 702 Tyler Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604. I will be sure to credit you for anything I use in the report.

Now…onward, Spuds!
It’s going to be an exciting time for DEVOtees in the coming months…


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A whole mouth watering feast of rock and metal bands have been lined up to appear on two stages at the London International Tattoo Convention over the weekend of September 25/26/27, at Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, Wapping, London E1W 2SF.

The Vince Ray Rock ‘N’ Roll Voodoo Crypt Stage
The Voodoo Crypt stage will host live music from 7.00pm onwards, interspersed with performances from ‘Twisted Burlesque and Blood’ model Esme, and ‘Cabaret Freakshow Queen of Alternative performance’ Vivid Angel, courtesy of curators Torture Garden.

Zodiac Mindwarp who burst out of the starting blocks with their top 20 hit single ‘Prime Mover’, from the top 20 ‘Tattooed Beat Messiah’ album in 1988, have been confirmed to headline the Voodoo Crypt Stage on Saturday September 26th at 11.00pm. Zodiac Mindwarp will be playing select tracks from their brilliant, just recorded, upcoming new Viking-mythology-inspired studio album, ‘We Are Volsung’, a much harder and heavier opus than any of their previous recordings, set for release in late Autumn. Also expect crowd pleasing old favourites such as ‘Feed My Frankenstein’ a Zodiac Mindwarp penned original song covered by Alice Cooper on his 1991 ‘Hey Stoopid’ album, which also featured in the classic ‘Wayne’s World’ movie.

Crazy Gang, ‘Europe’s favourite jump jive and boogie band’, featuring Greggie G and Boogie Boy H from Matchbox, are set to wow the audience with their infectious, foot tapping blend of ‘vintage 40’s swing to 80’s rockabilly’ on the Voodoo Crypt stage at 11.00pm on Friday, September 25th.

Vince Ray and The Boneshakers will perform on the Voodoo Crypt stage at 7.00pm and 9.00pm on Friday and Saturday, and finally 4.00pm on Sunday. Described as “If Carl Perkins, Screaming Jay Hawkins and Lemmy jammed together, it would sound like this” by The Metro, Vince Ray and The Boneshakers roll Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Punk into their own inimitable style. Their songs are ‘an aural equivalent of Vince’s artwork with tales of hellbent hot rods, foxy femme fatales and B movie horror themes.’

The Marshall Amps & Glorybound Ink Stage, will showcase some of the hottest new metal, rock, and indie bands around over the whole weekend. Explosive British metal band Sylosis, signed to Nuclear Blast Records, will co-headline on Saturday September 26th with Beyond The Grave, while Forever Never, top the bill on Friday September 26th and Brighton three piece The Rocket Dolls, (Ben Knopfler’s group) close the show on the afternoon of Sunday September 27th. The full line-up of acts on the Marshall Amps & Glorybound Ink Stage is:-

Friday September 25th
Forever Never – Insanely heavy and complex metal band with a melodic edge who played both Download and Sonisphere Festivals this year, and have already toured the USA twice with Stuck Mojo.
Codejak – New alternative hard rockers from the North West who have already supported The Buzzcocks, Holloways & Futureheads.
Kamikaze Test Pilots – Hard driving metal band, formed by mostly Ex- Zimbabweans, who infuse their music with African rhythms.
The Duel – DIY Female fronted new wave punk rockers from London whose explosive energetic live shows and talented songs have won them over a million hits on their myspace page, Myspace.com/theduel.
The Lost Souls Club – Southampton based glam rock trio formed out of the ashes of Plastic Toys.
The Superkings – 4 piece indie rockers from Burnley, Lancs.
Reality Killed Us – Brand new 5 piece female fronted punk poppers from Glasgow.

Saturday September 26th
Sylosis – Young thrash / death metal band signed to Nuclear Blast Records, who released debut album ‘Confusion Of An Age’ in October 2008. Played both Download & Sonisphere Festivals 2009.
Beyond The Grave – 5 piece ‘shit kicking’ new heavy metal juggernaut from North East England who have supported the likes of Cradle of Filth and Dry Kill Logic and starred at Hard Rock Hell last year.
Liberty Lies – Melodic Hard Rock band from the West Midlands who have toured with Gun and Heavens Basement.
From The Ashes – Intense Nu-thrash metal band who promise a brutal live show.
Raider – Noisy crunchy metal band from Devon who sound like the bastard child of Ozzy and Pantera circa “Mouth For War”.
No Quarter Given – Visceral Cornish thrash metal band with a blood-boiling epic sound.
Sworn To Oath – Midlands based old school rock and metal band who fuse massive guitar riffs with swaggering vocals.
Zuprowski Connection – North West based metal / grunge infused hard rockers who have already toured with Hatebreed & Testament.
Brass Neck – brand new band working on debut EP due for December release.
Sinocence – 4 piece Northern Irish vicious, hook laden melodic metal band, who released their debut album ‘Scar Obscura’ in May 2009.

Sunday September 27th
The Rocket Dolls – Blistering 3 piece post-grunge metal outfit from Brighton with huge crunching riffs who have just recorded their debut ‘The Frame EP’ with Skunk Anansie’s Ace.
New Device – New young classic hard rockers from South East England who have just been nominated for ‘Best New Band’ at Classic Rock’s 2009 Awards in November.

(NB more bands are tbc on Sunday).

* Tickets for the convention are priced at £20 per day or £50 for a three day pass.
* Opening Times are – 12.00 – 02.00am Friday and Saturday, 12.00 – 19.30 on Sunday.
* For more info online & advance tickets check www.thelondontattooconvention.com


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In 1949, King began recording songs under contract with Los Angeles-based RPM Records. Many of King’s early recordings were produced by Sam Phillips, who later founded Sun Records. Before his RPM contract, King had debuted on Bullet Records by issuing the single "Miss Martha King" (1949), which received a bad review in Billboard magazine[citation needed] and did not chart well.

"My very first recordings [in 1949] were for a company out of Nashville called Bullet, the Bullet Record Transcription company," King recalls. "I had horns that very first session. I had Phineas Newborn on piano; his father played drums, and his brother, Calvin, played guitar with me. I had Tuff Green on bass, Ben Branch on tenor sax, his brother, Thomas Branch, on trumpet, and a lady trombone player."[7]

King assembled his own band; the B.B. King Review, under the leadership of Millard Lee. The band initially consisted of Calvin Owens and Kenneth Sands (trumpet), Lawrence Burdin (alto saxophone), George Coleman (tenor saxophone),[8] Floyd Newman (baritone saxophone), Millard Lee (piano), George Joyner (bass) and Earl Forest and Ted Curry (drums). Onzie Horne was a trained musician elicited as an arranger to assist King with his compositions. By his own admission, he cannot play chords well[9] and always relies on improvisation. This was followed by tours across the USA with performances in major theaters in cities such as Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and St. Louis, as well as numerous gigs in small clubs and juke joints of the southern US states. King meanwhile toured the entire "Chitlin’ circuit" and 1956 became a record-breaking year, with 342 concerts booked. The same year he founded his own record label, Blues Boys Kingdom, with headquarters at Beale Street in Memphis. There, among other projects, he produced artists such as Millard Lee and Levi Seabury. The record company eventually failed, however, because King’s schedule left him too little time for the role of a businessman.[citation needed]

Performing with his famous guitar, Lucille.

In the 1950s, B.B. King became one of the most important names in R&B music, amassing an impressive list of hits including "You Know I Love You," "Woke Up This Morning," "Please Love Me," "When My Heart Beats like a Hammer," "Whole Lotta Love," "You Upset Me Baby," "Every Day I Have the Blues," "Sneakin’ Around," "Ten Long Years," "Bad Luck," "Sweet Little Angel," "On My Word of Honor," and "Please Accept My Love." In 1962, King signed to ABC-Paramount Records, which was later absorbed into MCA Records, and then his current label, Geffen Records. In November 1964, King recorded the Live at the Regal album at the Regal Theater in Chicago, Illinois.

King won a Grammy Award for a tune called "The Thrill Is Gone";[10] his version became a hit on both the pop and R&B charts, which was rare during that time for an R&B artist. It also gained the number 183 spot in Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. He gained further visibility among rock audiences as an opening act on The Rolling Stones1969 American Tour. King’s mainstream success continued throughout the 1970s with songs like "To Know You is to Love You" and "I Like to Live the Love".

King was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980. In 2004 he was awarded the international Polar Music Prize, given to artists "in recognition of exceptional achievements in the creation and advancement of music."[11]

From the 1980s onward, King has been recording less,[citation needed] but he has continued to maintain a highly visible and active career, appearing on numerous television shows and performing 300 nights a year. In 1988, King reached a new generation of fans with the single "When Love Comes to Town", a collaborative effort between King and the Irish band U2 on their Rattle and Hum album. In 2000, King teamed up with guitarist Eric Clapton to record Riding With the King. In 1998, King appeared in The Blues Brothers 2000, playing the part of the lead singer of the Louisiana Gator Boys, along with Clapton, Dr. John, Koko Taylor and Bo Diddley.

B.B. King in concert in France 1989

[edit] 2000— present

King owns several clubs in the US: on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee; in New Orleans, Louisiana; and in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, he invested in merchandise including barbecue accessories and has endorsed a line of guitar strings. Since 2004 King has toured less frequently, citing age and health reasons. In the summer of 2005 he undertook a "Final Farewell Tour" of Europe; but in 2006 he performed in both the US and Europe.

[edit] Farewell tour

Aged 80 at the time, on March 29, 2006, King played at Hallam Arena in Sheffield, England. This was the first date of his UK and European farewell tour. He played this tour supported by shredder/rocker-turned-bluesman Gary Moore, with whom King had previously toured and recorded, including the song "Since I Met You Baby". The British leg of the tour ended on April 4 with a concert at Wembley Arena. And on 28 June 2009 King returned to Wembley arena to end a tour around Great Britain with British blues icon John Mayall.

In July King went back to Europe, playing twice (July 2 and 3) in the 40th edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival and also in Zürich at the Blues at Sunset on July 14. During his show in Montreux at the Stravinski Hall he jammed with Joe Sample, Randy Crawford, David Sanborn, Gladys Knight, Lella James, Earl Thomas, Stanley Clarke, John McLaughlin, Barbara Hendricks and George Duke. The European leg of the Farewell Tour ended in Luxembourg on September 19, 2006, at the D’Coque Arena (support act: Todd Sharpville).

In November and December, King played six times in Brazil. During a press conference on November 29 in São Paulo, a journalist asked King if that would be the actual farewell tour. He answered: "One of my favorite actors is a man from Scotland named Sean Connery. Most of you know him as James Bond, 007. He made a movie called Never Say Never Again."

In June 2006, King was present at a memorial of his first radio broadcast at the Three Deuces Building in Greenwood, Mississippi, where an official marker of the Mississippi Blues Trail was erected. The same month, a groundbreaking was held for a new museum, dedicated to King.[12] in Indianola, Mississippi.
The museum opened on September 13, 2008.

In late October 2006, he recorded a concert CD and DVD entitled B.B. King: Live at his B.B. King Blues Clubs in Nashville and Memphis. The four night production featured his regular B.B. King Blues Band and captured his show as he performs it nightly around the world. It was his first live performance recording in 14 years.

On July 28, 2007, King played at Eric Clapton’s second Crossroads Guitar Festival with 20 other guitarists to raise money for the Crossroads Centre for addictive disorders. Performing in Chicago, he played "Paying the Cost to Be the Boss" and "Rock Me Baby" with Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan and Hubert Sumlin. In the live broadcast, he offered a toast to the concert’s host, Eric Clapton, and philosophized about his age and life. Parts of this performance were subsequently aired in a PBS broadcast and released on the Crossroads II DVD.

In June 2008, King played at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee; he was also the final performer at the 25th annual Chicago Blues Festival on June 8, 2008, and at the Monterey Blues Festival, following Taj Mahal. Another June 2008 event was King’s induction into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame alongside Liza Minnelli and Sir James Galway.

In July 2008, Sirius XM Radio‘s Bluesville channel was re-named B.B. King’s Bluesville.

On December 1, 2008, King performed at the Maryland Theater in Hagerstown, Maryland.[13] On December 3, King and John Mayer were the closing act at the 51st Grammy Nomination Concert, playing "Let the Good Times Roll" by Louis Jordan. On December 30, 2008, King played at The Kennedy Center Honors Awards Show; his performance was in honor of actor Morgan Freeman.

[edit] Legacy

Live in Montreux, July 2006

Over a period of 52 years, B.B. King has played in excess of 15,000 performances.[14] He has made guest appearances in numerous popular television shows, including The Cosby Show,[15] The Young and the Restless,[15] General Hospital,[16] The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,[15] Sesame Street,[17] Married With Children[15] and Sanford and Son.[15]



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Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray are…
Heavy Trash!
Live At The Lexington 16th September
Midnight Soul Serenade
New Album – October 26th 2009

Heavy Trash release their third studio album Midnight Soul Serenades though Bronzerat on October 26th 2009, recorded in New York City at NY Hed, Matt Verta- Ray’s infamous analog studio. The album is already being hailed as Jon’s finest work since Orange.

On stage and in the studio, Jon Spencer, has destroyed and rebuilt American roots music with such ferocity and wild abandon it is hard to believe that there is anything left. The trail of musical destruction in the wake of his groovy hate-fuck combo Pussy Galore still smolders with the stench of avant punk trash and nasty garage ooze and grind, while his towering work with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion remains an indelible totem to his enormous mojo spirit and red-hot power of deliverance. He is Daddy Boss Hog! He is the Blues Exploder and Microphone Destroyer! A Gibson Brother! The man who shared a Chicken Dog with Rufus Thomas, got Soul with R.L. Burnside, and enjoyed a greasy Lap Dance with Andre Williams! He is /The Man Who Loved too Much/!!! Now, with his pal Matt Verta-Ray, he has become Heavy Trash, and is inviting you to a Midnight Soul Serenade.

Matt Verta-Ray grew up in the loving arms of left wing parents who would take him to folk and blues shows long before he sprouted sideburns. (His mother passed away in the ’90s, still angry that Dylan had gone electric, despite the fact – Matt is quick to point out – that she owned tons of Sun rockabilly 78s, which he very gratefully still has.) In the late ’70s, young Matt found himself one of only twelve people who went to see Bo Diddley at a Canadian fairground. After the show, Bo came out and preached to Matt for an hour about the dark secrets of rock’n’roll. And the rest, as they say, is history – from sitting on the edge of the stage with Bo, to thumping bass for Madder Rose, and then onto his hard-wired decontructionist rootsabilly band Speedball Baby, where he developed his slashing-dagger guitar style – to forming Heavy Trash with his friend Jon Spencer. Matt is also the mad scientist behind the jungle of tube amps and old-school echo machines that form the mutated nucleus of his analog cave, world-class recording studio NY Hed, where musicians come from all over the galaxy to learn the dark secrets of the Midnight Soul Serenade.

Heavy Trash gig listings:
16th September 2009 The Lexington, London – Doors 8.00pm –Ticket £10.00 http://www.allgigs.co.uk/view/artist/56429/Heavy_Trash.html
                     For further information please contact Sarah Lowe on 020 8960 5802

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 Exene Cervenka’s has a new album out now on bloodshot records

The Former X singer plays a mix of folk and country.
The foundation of the best punk rock, the music that lasts and remains relevant, isn’t self-destructive anger or smash the state bravado, but a sense of alienation and dislocation. The longing of the outsider. No band epitomized the burst of creativity and energy of US punk rock better than X and their lead singer and co-lyricist Exene Cervenka. And even though the expressions of fiery emotions and actions of youth fade or moderate, the search for a roadmap through the desolation persists, and it is why Exene’s distinctive lyricism still resonates.

‘Somewhere Gone’, Exene’s first solo album since 1991, is a sometimes dreamy but always intimate, passage through folk and country; subdued but no less edgy. Invoking other artists who travel easily between the worlds of words and music like Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith, Exene’s lyrics, and immediately recognizable, simultaneously fragile and totemic vocals, carry all the passion of X without all the loud.

Sonically, Somewhere Gone is a sometimes sparse, sometimes exuberant blend of folk, deep country and wide-open spaces.

Exene plays guitar on most tracks, and her band includes such luminaries as Amy Farris (Dave Alvin, Alejandro Escovedo, Kelly Willis) on cello and viola, Joe Terry (Skeletons, Morells) on piano, producer Lou Whitney (Skeletons) on bass, Dex Romweber on keyboards, Cindy Wasserman (Dead Rock West) and Jason Edge on guitar.


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