“We are force fed shit every day so we thought we will swim in it,”
says Beaker, the illustrious leader of Yorkshire’s dirtiest cheeky
shockers the FUCKIN’ GLORIOUS. He follows with, “and eat

The Yorkshire sexy supergroup are threatening a new release and video
hoping to set the 2020 bar on a fantastical high-low. New music
produced this time by Lee Drinkall of Yuba Studio, TFG have worked on a
more live band set up with the comforts many studios can lack.

“Lee has an amazing set-up in a lovely home and is a very talented
musician/producer we wanted to work with,” says band guitar gob Jim. “His production techniques are original and I knew he would understand
our ideas and direction.”

‘My Life’ certainly shows this with layers of paranoia around a
broken-down simple songwriting structure and a build up of string
section and guitar as the track progresses, this creating a poppy yet
uncomfortable listen.

The original concept for the lyrics came from seeing the same homeless
person Beaker drove past each night after work. “Nobody ever looked at him, or treated him as a human,” he says. This evoked the sentiment about human superiority, and the power of ego. “‘The fact stands that we live, we die and are forgotten about.”

So, throwing us into the new track ‘My Life’ from the future
release, a new EP titled LivLafLuv the message encapsulates that.

“Jim came up with a video idea of the band on their knees crawling as
a human centipede and we all said ‘Fuck off’,” states Ben Grim, TFG’s
eccentric heavily-tattooed love hunk. “Stiv enjoyed having his face in
an arse on the day mind.”

It was obvious that with the help of long-term video collaborator and
movie making madman Paul Shrimpton (bassist at another of Yorkshire’s
finest, Deadbeat At Dawn), a script would emerge, and the added hooked
danger catch of cult horror hero Laurence R. Harvey (of the Human
trilogy). The crazy visual of a life trapped in an impossible
escape game was almost complete.

“It’s almost like we made centipede number 4 with all our favourite
Troma B-movie style and energy,” adds Jim. “But we also booted in
some GG Allin surf dancing covered in shit and it was a fuckin’
freezing afternoon for it.”

With the current UK political climate and the misery of more of the same
again, humour is the key as we keep on swimming, surfing and drowning in

“Life is a shitty mess at times,” finishes Stiv. “We have to keep
sucking that up.”

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