JAMIE PERRETT has a new video which he’s premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock ahead of the his London headline show at the weekend.

If the name sounds familiar it may be because Jamie is the son of THE ONLY ONES frontman PETER PERRETT, as well as being his guitarist and producer on his most recent album for Domino, Humanworld. Jamie was also the original guitarist in Pete Doherty’s BABYSHAMBLES.

His second solo single, ‘Angel Of Santiago’ follows on from Jamie’s debut single ‘Masquerade Of Love’ and was inspired by a fraught journey from Barcelona to Nîmes.

“It was one of those nights, like the Scorsese movie After Hours, where everything just goes wrong,” Jamie explains. “Trying to get from A to B seems like an impossible task. We missed the train by seconds. Then attempted to get a coach which didn’t exist. An Uber to the local car hire place ended in disappointment when we found out our license had just ran out. With each passing hour and options running thin, we sat in the taxi contemplating our next steps. ‘I’ll drive you,’ said Sandra, the flamenco guitarist from Barcelona. ‘We’ll make it to Nîmes, France (390 km) in time for the gig’. Me barely being able to keep my eyes open, nodded in agreement and pointed in the direction of France. Luckily we made it, just in time for sound check. No-one would have done. Oops.”

“The video was quite a healing experience,” he continues. “A 3-day shoot with a lot of trekking on the south coast near Gosport. A mini-pilgrimage, like a condensed Camino De Santiago. I’m at my most happiest when in transit, constantly moving, alone with my thoughts. Some of the weather was quite extreme and the paths (semi) treacherous. A lot of the time I was just silent. Going through my own shit. Reliving memories.”

Jamie and his band play The Grace (formerly Upstairs At The Garage), London this Saturday 2 October – tickets

‘Angel Of Santiago’ is available to stream/download here.

Jamie Perrett on Facebook

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Vive Le Rock’s Paul Gilman checks out the world’s number one SLADE tribute band!

When we heard that esteemed Slade tribute band Slady were playing at the Con Club in Lewes, to quote a song by our glam rock heroes, we were, “In like a shot…”.

Initially starting out as a 70s bootboy band Slade captured the time with their punchy tunes and singalong lyrics.

Formed in 2018 in Southend, Slady are an all-girl tribute band, they look and sound the part and are all highly accomplished musicians.

Slady take the stage and it’s an immediate throwback to the 1970s. A quick glance around the audience and it’s clear that many of them were there the first time around but probably a bit more worried about toilet access than they used to be.

Band members Gobby Holder, Jem Lea, Donna Powell and Davina Hill look a little nervous to start with, it can’t be easy after such a long enforced break and the anticipation in the room is high.

The band launch into one of the lesser-known numbers, ‘Hear Me Calling’ and it’s soon clear that this is a band who know what they are about and are just warming up. The songs flow thick and fast and the best is yet to come.

‘Get Down And Gget With It, ‘ Born To Be Wild’ and ‘Take Me Back ‘Ome’ bring joy to the room, it’s absolutely brilliant. Gobby Holder’s voice is the nearest I’ve heard to The Nod’s paintstripping vocals and the band capture the fun of the original. ‘Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me’ has the audience singing along; Slade
themselves didn’t like it so rarely played it.

A few numbers lesser-known to the non-diehards are well received and then it’s on to those monster hits, ‘Mama Weer All Crazy Now’ and a finale of, ‘Gudbye T’ Jane’; I remember it first time around on my
Woolworths Top Of The Pops album but this tribute band nail it, unlike the ‘Woollies Wallies’.

There was some talk of it being too early for ‘that Christmas song’ or was it too late ?

Vive Le Rock caught up with the band after the show…

VLR: How was the pandemic for you ?

Gobby: I spent most of in the toilet, I livestreamed to our fans as, ‘Gob on the bog!’

Davina: Truly a difficult year, I went from gigging every week to nothing, it was so hard for everyone and as a young person and a musician it was a shock when the music industry just stopped.

VLR: Favourite Slade song?

Davina: ‘How Does It Feel’. Pure genius.

Jem: ‘Nobody’s Fool ‘.

VLR: Dave Hill from Slade got run over by a pushbike last time he was in Brighton and broke his arm. Any broken bone stories ?

Jem: I broke my wrist playing hockey at school.

Donna: No broken bones but I’ve recently torn my ACL twice in my right knee due to kickboxing, thankfully I’m recovering well.

VLR: Any plans to write some of your own songs ?

Gobby: All of us are songwriters so, yes.

VLR: If you could have been in any other band who would it have been and why ?

Gobby: X-Ray Spex. Poly was an inspiration making herself known in the male-dominated punk scene.

VLR: You updated some of the sexist lyrics of ‘Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me’. Are you a feminist band?

Donna: One hundred per cent. I’ve been in male-dominated fields all my life and experienced sexism first hand. Sexism has no place in the 21st Century and we need to keep fighting it.

VLR: What’s the weirdest or funniest question you have ever been asked in an interview ?

Jem: We were once asked if we meet up and have pillow fights!

This Southend-based band are destined for bigger things and are soon to headline the annual Slade convention in Wolverhampton.

Slady on Facebook

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Undersung Aussie rockers SWEDISH MAGAZINES have announced their return with a new ‘Best of…’ anthology.

Formed by Tasmanian brothers Van and Cal Walker, Swedish Magazines came bursting out of Melbourne in the mid-Noughties with their high energy rock’n’roll. Following in the wake of the likes of Hoss and Powder Monkeys and taking their name from Iggy Pop’s ‘Five Foot One’, they managed one album, the explosive Eat More Baby, before exploding themselves.

As prolific songwriter Van focused on a solo career, a brief Mags reunion in 2011 yielded a second album Wino Havoc with its anthemic opener ‘Bottles & Barstools’ before the band went their separate ways again turning up in such bands as The Livingstone Daisies, Heartbrokers and Tyrannamen.

With Van having just released his first album in a decade, the successful lockdown release Ghosting, the Mags are back for another turn of the page with a new deal with Melbourne’s Rubber label and the compilation I wish Life Could Be…

Set for release on 10-track vinyl and 15-track CD on 19 November, I Wish Life Could Be… is available to pre-order here.

Swedish Magazines on Facebook

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Aussie power-poppers THE ON AND ONS are back with a new album next month.

The aptly-titled Back For More is the Sydney trio’s third full-length and follows relatively hot on the heels of last year’s acclaimed mini-album Menacing Smile.

Formed in 2015 by brothers Glen and Brian Morris, alongside bassist Clyde Bramley, the band have an impressive collective CV, which includes stints with the Hoodoo Gurus, Kings Of The Sun, Screaming Tribesmen and Paul Collins Beat.

Set for release on Citadel on 4 October, Back For More is available to pre-order from the label and from the band themselves via Bandcamp.

The On And Ons on Facebook

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BILLY IDOL returns to the UK or an arena tour next summer.

The ex-Generation X frontman will be joined by THE GO-GO’S on all dates.

The dates, Idol’s first since 2017, follow on from the release of The Roadside EP, which came out this month. The Go-Go’s too have recently had a profile boost with the release of The Go-Go’s documentary film produced and directed by Alison Ellwood, last year.

Full dates are…

Sat 11 June – SSE Hydro, Glasgow
Mon 13 June – AO Arena, Manchester
Wed 15 June – Resorts World Arena, Birmingham
Sat 18 June – SSE Arena, Wembley
Sun 19 June – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Tues 21 June – First Direct Arena, Manchester

Ticket presales begin on 28 September. Sign up here.

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Piano-playing Yorkshire songwriter CAROL HODGE has unveiled another video from her new album.

‘The Moan Of A Thousand Years’ is taken from The Crippling Space Between, which is out today.

Accompanied a video by renowned videographer Ash Pears, ‘The Moan Of A Thousand Years’ and the album it comes from find Hodge reflecting on the turmoil of the last eighteen months. It’s not all doom and gloom though, her lyrics frequently couched in irony and humour with emotive piano numbers rubbing up against rousing, uplifting indie rock as indicated by the single.

“If you’ve felt lost, hopeless and despondent, this album is for you,” says Carol. “If you’ve raged, kicked and screamed in the face of adversity, this album is for you. If you’ve felt desperate, voiceless and teetered on the brink, depressed with a cherry on top, then this album is for you. These songs are both my personal catharsis, and the collective sigh of nation, put through the wringer and pulled out with a forced grin and a deep sense of self-deprecation.”

Perhaps best known as piano-player and collaborator with Steve Ignorant, Carol was born with a rare condition called cleft type symbrachydactyly, which means Carol has just two fingers on her left hand, but this hasn’t stopped her building an impressive CV which has seen her work with the likes of Ginger Wildheart, The Membranes, Headsticks and Texan songwriter Ryan Hamilton.

Hodge’s third album, released through her own Midnight Stamp label, The Crippling Space Between is available here.

Carol Hodge on Facebook

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Swedish action rockers THE DRIPPERS have a brand new single out this Friday.

A scorching declaration of intent, ‘Time For Some Action’ is an incendiary teaser for the Gothenberg trio’s second album which follows on from their straightforwardly-titled 2019 debut Action Rock.

“It was William [Dickborn, guitar] who told us in the car, going up to Sunlight Studio, that he had a new song that was gonna be on the album,” explains bassist Viktor Skatt. “We’d worked hard and pre-produced the other tracks over several months so it seemed like he was a bit late to the party with this one. But we learned the song in the studio and worked on it for half an hour. Turned out it had a great groove to it, and with that commanding title it was a fitting song to choose as a first single. It’s time for some action!!”

Stream/download ‘Time For Some Action’ here.

The Drippers on Facebook

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Former BLACK FLAG bassist KIRA ROESSLER has announced the release of her debut solo album.

Roessler joined Black Flag in 1983, following stints in Sexsick, The Monsters and Twisted Roots, alongside former Germs and current Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear. Immediately prior to joining the Rollins and co, she was in DC3 with former Black Flag singer and guitarist Dez Cadena. Roessler played on four Flag studio albums during her tenure, kicking off with ’84’s Family Man.

Henry Rollins said of her Roessler, “She was a mere slip of a woman, but physical size really didn’t matter. She was in one of the most ferocious bands at the peak of violence in that scene in the ’80s.”

Going on to form dos with ex-Minutemen bassist Mike Watt, Roessler has also enjoyed a successful career as a film dialogue editor, working on such films as Mad Max: Fury Road, Joker and A Star is Born, and earning two Emmys in the process.

Striking a much more minimalistic tone than her work with Black Flag, Kira recorded the album, simply titled Kira, with her brother Paul Roessler (Screamers, TSOL, Richie Ramone).

“These days, most of my music is created alone in my room and then fleshed out with tasty additions from close friends I request virtual musical bits from,” she says. “Then, it’s off to Kitten Robot Studio where my loving brother and co-producer Paul Roessler helps me polish each song. The goal is simple – express my inner essence and hope that others might feel a bit of their own by listening.”   

Kira is set for release on 19 October through Kitten Robot.

Pic by Jack Grisham

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Penny Rimbaud from CRASS and Youth from KILLING JOKE have released a stunning new video from their forthcoming collaborative project.

‘We The Mountain, We The Sea’ finds Rimbaud waxing poetic over music by Youth, featuring the solo violin of sixteen-year-old Isabella Kolaczynska. The video was filmed and edited by Agi K.

Recorded and mixed in 2011 and remixed eight years later, the album Corpus Mei evolved through Youth presenting Rimbaud with a finished track, over which the latter would recite his own poetry, each piece coming together in a single take. Fellow Crass member Eve Libertine also recorded one track while contributing lyrics and backing vocals to others. Further overdubs were provided by Kolaczynska, Louise Elliott on flute and tenor sax, Kate Shortt on cello and Tony Barber on electric bass.

“Recording and writing this album was an intense and wonderful experience,” says Youth. “Penny is one of the great visionary poets of our generation. A seer and prophet… crying to the universe, alone up on the mountain. Part Blake, part John the Baptist and part Buddha. His is the limb nailed to the cross of our cultural banality. Such a narrative demands a suitably epic backdrop. Composing and producing this music, as a foil to Penny’s beautiful and terrifying, almost biblical monologues, has been one of my greatest achievements in over 40 years of making music. The themes reveal Penny’s almost psychic pre-cognition of today’s dystopia and the sudden slo-mo apocalypse were all living through now. Nevertheless, it leaves you with a feeling of hope, inspiration and many positive possibilities. This was a great challenge and a deep channeling in itself. Despite the serious nature of the work we were mostly laughing and really enjoying each other’s company, the sessions were filled with joy and love.”

“Throughout the recording of Corpus Mei the symbiosis was proved – we are as one, above as below,” adds Rimbaud. “Trust that wisdom, and creative love will prevail: the very core before the apple.”

‘We The Mountain, We The Sea’ is available to stream/download here.

Set for release through One Little Independent on 19 November, Corpus Mei is available to pre-order here.

Pic by Gee Vaucher

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Chicago punk pioneers NAKED RAYGUN have announced the release of their first new album in more than three decades.

Over The Overlords is the band’s first new album since 1990’s Raygun… Naked Raygun. It’s also their final Naked Raygun album to feature longtime bassist Pierre Kezdy, who passed away from cancer in October last year.

First formed in 1980, Naked Raygun released five albums before splitting in 1991. Reuniting for a one-off reunion show in 1997, they came back more permanently in 2006 following a performance at Chicago’s Riot Fest.

Over The Overlords is out through Audioplatter via Plastic Head on 15 October. It’s available to pre-order here

Check out ‘Living In The Good Times’…

Naked Raygun on Facebook

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Manchester veterans THE SPEED OF SOUND have a new video which they’re premiering with Vive Le Rock!

A slice of sprightly psych clocking in at under two minutes, ‘Opium Eyes’ is the second single to be lifted from the band’s new album Museum Of Tomorrow, their fifth, which we described as “unique and otherworldly”.

“‘Opium Eyes’ reflects the glazed, distanced stare of someone evading the past, the present and the future,” say the band. “Disengagement is the safest retreat for the alienated; from the poppy fields of Panta to Thomas de Quincy and on to Wild Palms and Dune, the escape to an artificial reality overtakes the ‘real’ world in importance.”

Released through Californian label Big Stir, Museum Of Tomorrow is available here.

The Speed Of Sound on Facebook

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Swedish rockers THE BABOON SHOW are back with a storming new single and video.

‘Oddball’ follows on from the band’s last single ‘I Never Say Goodnight’ out last year and is, say the band, “for all the Oddballs out there, all the misfits and outcast who want to fit in or not. We sure do feel like Oddballs. Be whoever you wanna be and have fun while doing it! Oddballs, we salute you!”

Formed in Stockholm in 2003, the band comprises founders Cecilia Boström (vocals), Håkan Sörle (guitar) and Niclas Svensson (drums), more recently joined by bassist Frida Ståhl. Following on from their six-track debut EP, they delivered their first three full-length album in little more than 18 months! They’ve toured widely covering not only Scandinavia and Europe but also playing in China and Cuba, where they recorded with Cuban musicians, fusing their high velocity Scandipunk with Cuban rhythms.

The band have lined up a Euro tour for the first half of 2022, arriving in the UK in June for dates at The Hairy Dog, Derby (10/6) and O2 Kentish Town, London (11/6), the latter as guests of The Descendents.

‘Oddball’ is set for release on vinyl on 28 January, and is available to pre-order, with an exclusive 20-page comic and sew-on patch, here.

The Baboon Show on Facebook

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HIS LORDSHIP, the new rock’n’roll power trio project from Pretenders guitarist James Walbourne, unveil their debut single today.

The band recently tore a strip off the Red Rooster Festival and London’s Moth Club with their incendiary stripped back rock’n’roll. Now His Lordship goes overground with ‘I’m So Bored Of Being Bored’, a sentiment that most of us can empathise with during these challenging times.

Check out the, quite literal, lyric video…

The band have announced a one-off Christmas show at The Lexington, London on Tuesday 21 December, with support from Iraina Mancini. Tickets go on sale here on Thursday 16 September.

‘I’m So Bored Of Being Bored’ is available now digitally from Spotify and all the usual platforms.

His Lordship on Facebook

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Berlin rockers MÄSH have just released their debut album for Wanda Records.

The five-piece band (don’t let the pic mislead you!) don’t like to give too much away about themselves, but as far as we can tell formed in 2018, ploughing a similar beltloop-challenging bootboy-glam furrow to the likes of Giuda and Faz Waltz. Since then they’ve released a very fine pair of 7-inchers for Wanda (also responsible for releases by Los Pepes, Guitar Gangsters and Cyanide Pills) and one for Spanish label Snap!

Their self-titled 11-tracker is available now on limited edition red vinyl, regular black and download from Bandcamp.

Check out the video for ‘Leave You Behind’…

Mäsh on Facebook

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Aussie legends the HARD-ONS are back with another new video from their forthcoming album.

‘Lite As A Feather’ is the second song – after last month’s ‘Hold Tight’ – to be taken from the album I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken, their first album to feature You Am I’s Tim Rogers on vocals. Although the new video, from Radio Birdman: Descent Into The Maelstrom director Jonathan Sequeira, finds the band members swapping instruments. With predictably hilarious results!

I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken is out on 8 October through Boss Tuneage.

Hard-Ons on Facebook

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Fast-rising London rockers SEVEN DAYS AND DOESN’T DIE have just launched a video for their debut single, which is out today.

The rampaging ‘No Restitution’ is the first taste of the band’s self-titled debut album, due on 19 November through their own Seven Days label.

Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Kit, who also plays in Rich Ragany & The Digressions, the rest of the line-up comprises guitarist Deano, drummer Nic and bassist Roadkill – not his real name, we’re guessing!

The track was recorded by Tom Hough (Bloc Party, Grinderman) and mastered by Dave Draper (Professionals, Wildhearts).

Described by Kit as “a sleazy lament on longing and remorse,” it’s an explosive first offering from a band that’s definitely one to watch.

Pre-order the album Seven Days and Doesn’t Die here.

Seven Days and Doesn’t Die on Facebook

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THE CHORDS UK are back with a new video as a taster for their forthcoming album.

The rousing, anthemic ‘Hey Kids! Come The Revolution’ is the first single to be taken from Big City Dreams, the follow-up to 2018’s Nowhere Land.

Described by Paul Weller as “the best songwriter of his generation”, guitarist/singer Chris Pope was a founder member of late-70s mod revivalists The Chords, who racked up a huge following and string of minor hits before splitting in 1981. Pope returned with The Chords UK in 2013, broadening the band’s sound and fanbase with a set of hard-hitting punchy, punky anthems, as well as successful tours of Europe and the US.

‘Hey Kids! Come The Revolution’ is set for release on 8 October through EPOP Records, with Big City Dreams set to follow on 18 February. The following night, the band will play a special launch party at the legendary 100 Club on London’s Oxford Street.

The Chords UK on Facebook

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JIM LINDBERG, frontman of Cali melodic punks PENNYWISE has just laid down a first taste of his new solo project with a new video.

‘The Palm Of Your Hand’ was produced by folk-punk maven Ted Hutt and features help from Dropkick Murphys Marc Orrell on guitar, The Mighty Mighty BossTones’ Joe Gittleman on bass and Social Distortion’s Dave Hidalgo Jr on drums.

“I wanted to create two fictional characters who are struggling with shame, guilt and self-delusion to match the chorus lyric and so that’s how ‘Left-Handed Sal’ and ‘Walleyed Sally’ were created,” says Lindberg of the song, which was 15 years in gestation. “It’s a song about two people who for one reason or another can’t seem to get out of their own way and end up inflicting all kinds of damage on the people around them. The only way they’ll get out from under all their problems is to ‘Let that ego drop’ and let their feelings show. The answer is right there in front of them, in ‘the palm of your hand’.”

There’s no news yet on when or if a full-length album will be released.

Jim Lindberg on Facebook

Pic by Brent Broza

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