ViveLe Rock is proud to present the mighty one day Camden Rocks festival-this saturday at 12 different venues around Camden, London! Headliners include Therapy, Glen Matlock, The Computers, The Rifles, ITCH(King Blues) Electric River, Straightlines,. YoYos, The Howling, The Vex, Smoking Hearts and loads more. Tickets are just £20 for the entire day of rock n roll! To see the days lineup, stage times and ticket info go to  see you there!!!!

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photo teposter600_zps3a4f5e24.jpg

Vive Le Rock magazine & Dry Heave Records proudly present a night of the New Breed :


Hailing from Montreal, Canada are the ten legged chaos machine that is TRIGGER EFFECT. Despite being a new name in the UK the quintet have two studio albums under their belts and several tours of North America and mainland Europe already notched up, but this is all about to change! With a sound falling somewhere between the thunderous melody of The Bronx, mixed with the dischordance of Refused and all delivered with the ferocity of Black Flag, their non-stop, chaos filled sets have built them a reputation as one of the most explosive live bands out there.

The band’s new album, ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’, will drop in the UK on May 27th on Dry Heave Records, following this the band will be bringing the maelstrom of their live experience to the UK for the first time. If you caught their incendiary set at Groezrock last year you’ll know what to expect, if not, watch them light the touch paper and stand well back!

Support from :


Graceful is definitely not a word to describe THE SMOKING HEARTS. Their live Shows have seen guitars smashed and drum kits sprawled across stages and it is not uncommon to find half the band playing in the crowd while singer Ben Mills is in the back of the venue, on the bar or hanging from the rafters, all while coercing the crowd into joining the party. Clocking in at just over the half hour mark, "Victory!" is a celebration. Featuring backing vocals from over 40 of the bands friends "Victory!’ is a party of an album, the soundtrack to every good night out. THE SMOKING HEARTS intend on celebrating their victory worldwide.


Trieste is K A Williams (Fabric/Capricorns/Alabaster Suns), James Sherry (Done Lying Down/K-Line),Giles J Davis (Eagle Boys/Tough Troubles) and Rob Jarvis (Holy State)R.I.P and now Rich Matthews(K-Line, Grand central). Operating under the radar and harking back to a simpler time Trieste is the sound of long forgotten summers and winters. Late 80’s tinged DC style post punk.

!!!!!!!!!!!!FREE ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo teposter600_zps3a4f5e24.jpg

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 Ray Manzarek, most known as a founding member of the ’60s rock band The Doors, is dead. According to a message posted on the band’s Facebook page, Manzarek died of bile duct cancer while in Rosenheim, Germany, on Monday, May 20. He was 74. Wife Dorothy Manzarek and brothers Rick and James were by his side.

An excerpt from the Facebook announcement is below:

"Manzarek is best known for his work with The Doors who formed in 1965 when Manzarek had a chance encounter on Venice Beach with poet Jim Morrison. The Doors went on to become one of the most controversial rock acts of the 1960s, selling more than 100-million albums worldwide … After Morrison’s death in 1971, Manzarek went on to become a best-selling author, and a Grammy-nominated recording artist in his own right. In 2002, he revitalized his touring career with Doors’ guitarist and long-time collaborator, Robby Krieger."

Doors guitarist Robby Krieger also confirmed the news in the Facebook message, releasing this statement: "I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of my friend and bandmate Ray Manzarek. I’m just glad to have been able to have played Doors songs with him for the last decade. Ray was a huge part of my life and I will always miss him."

The Chicago-born Manzarek met Morrison while studying film at UCLA. The two went on to create one of the most iconic bands of the ’60s, described by Rolling Stoneas possessing "eerie, powerful, almost shamanistic invocations." The band’s name comes from the drug-trip book by Aldous Huxley, "The Doors of Perception."

After Morrison’s death at age 27 in 1971, Manzarek released several more albums, including a collaboration with composer Philip Glass and two solo albums.


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                        THE CLASH HITS BACK

A 2-DISC selection OF THE very BEST (Available on CD/LP/Digital)


                           THE CLASH 5 STUDIO-ALBUM SET (available on CD/LP/DIGITAL)


‘The clash’, ‘Give ‘em enough rope’, ‘London calling’, ‘Sandinista!’ & ‘combat rock’ – re-mastered with original packaging restored





Sony Music releases The Clash Sound System – the band’s re-mastered recorded works collected together for the first time – on 9th September. Contained within classic boombox packaging designed by Paul Simonon, the boxset contains the band’s 5 seminal studio albums in their original 8-disc format, newly remastered by The Clash, a further 3 discs featuring demos, non-album singles, rarities and B-sides, a DVD with previously unseen footage by both Don Letts and Julien Temple, original promo videos and live footage, an owner’s manual booklet, reprints of the band’s original ‘Armagideon Times’ fanzine as well as a brand new edition curated and designed by Paul Simonon and merchandise including dog tags, badges, stickers and an exclusive Clash poster.

Conceived and compiled by The Clash, ‘Sound System’ is a significant and unique collection of the complete recorded works by the 20th century’s most influential British band. Greatly enhanced by the careful remastering rendering the original recordings more vital and crisp, all contained in Paul Simonon’s iconic design, with a selection of bonus material, ‘Sound System’ is the most important and unique boxset to be released.

Prompted by demand for a complete collection, ‘Sound System’ is a powerful reminder of The Clash’s enduring legacy.  It’s hard to think of a band before or since that have exerted such universal influence. The 70’s punk movement gave birth to some important bands, but none were more important than The Clash. Here were a band who pushed and broke musical boundaries, a band who fused musical experimentation with a socio-political conscience. From their eponymously-titled debut album in 1977, the band incorporated elements of reggae, rap, jazz, dance, rockabilly and ska in their music. Their passionate, political agenda continues to inspire new fans and musicians alike. Indeed, the issues The Clash tackled are as relevant today as they were in the late 70s/early 80s. Dubbed “the only band that matters” in their heyday, the same could be said almost 40 years later.

‘Sound System’ Contents:
1. ‘The Clash’
2. ‘Give Em Enough Rope’
3. ‘London Calling’ (double album)
4. ‘Sandinista’ (triple album)
5. ‘Combat Rock’

·     All newly re-mastered by The Clash with award-winning engineer Tim Young

• Three CDs featuring rare tracks, demos, non-album singles and B-sides (track listing follows)

• DVD including unseen Julian Temple footage, early Super 8 film shot by Don Letts, all the band’s promo videos and previously unseen live footage (details below)

• Owner’s Manual booklet

• Folder containing reprints of ‘Armagideon Times 1 & 2 and Armagideon Times 3 (new edition of fanzine compiled and designed by Paul Simonon)

• Merchandise; dog tags, badges, stickers and a Future Is Unwritten note book designed by Harland Miller

• An exclusive photo poster

Sound System’ CDs Track Listing:
Disc One
1. White Riot (Single version)        
2. 1977 (B-side)                                    
3. Listen (Capital Radio EP) / Interviews (Capital Radio EP)                
4. Capital Radio (Capital Radio EP)                                                                                      
5. London’s Burning (Live B-side Remote Control)                                     
6. Complete Control (Single version)           
7. City Of The Dead (B-side)           
8. Clash City Rockers (Original single version)                                             
9. Jail Guitar Doors (B-side)                               
10. White Man In Hammersmith Palais (A-side)      
11. The Prisoner (B-side)                 
12. 1-2 Crush On You (B-side Tommy Gun)                                                                                       
13. Time Is Tight (Black Market Clash)        
14. Pressure Drop (B-side English Civil War)                             
15. I Fought The Law (Cost Of Living EP)                                       
16. Groovy Times (Cost Of Living EP)           
17. Gates Of The West (Cost Of Living EP)                   
18. Capital Radio (Cost Of Living EP)           
19. Armagideon Time       
20. Bank Robber (A-side)                  
21.  Rockers Galore On A UK Tour (B-side)                                                      
Disc Two
1. Magnificent Dance (12”) 5:36 (available on Singles box set)           
2. Midnight To Stevens (Outtake)
3. Radio One (B-side Hitsville UK)
4. Stop The World (B-side The Call Up)      
5. The Cool Out (US 12” B-side of The Call Up)         
6. This Is Radio Clash (A-side)       
7. This Is Radio Clash (B-side 7” – different lyrics)                                     
8. First Night Back In London (B-side Know Your Rights)                       
9. Rock The Casbah (Bob Clearmountain 12” mix) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
10. Long Time Jerk (B-side Rock The Casbah)            
11. The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too (Outtake) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
12. Idle In Kangaroo Court (Outtake listed as Kill Time) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
13. Ghetto Defendant (Extended version – unedited) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED   
14. Cool Confusion (B-side Should I Stay Or Should I Go 7”)
15. Sean Flynn (Extended ‘Marcus Music’ version) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
16. Straight To Hell (Extended unedited version from Clash On Broadway) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
Disc Three
Extracts from The Clash’s first ever recording session at Beaconsfield Film School 1976. Recorded by Julien Temple
1. I’m So Bored With The USA         
3. White Riot        

Polydor Demos – The Clash’s second recording session November 1976

Produced by Guy Stevens
5.  Janie Jones 
6. Career Opportunities
8. 1977 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED                            
9. White Riot – 
Live at The Lyceum, London 28th December 1978
10. City Of The Dead         
11. Jail Guitar Doors – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED 
12. English Civil War        
13. Stay Free  – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED               
14. Cheapstakes – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED         
15. I Fought The Law        
Bonus DVD

Julien Temple Archive – 6:20

White Riot Interview – 7:10

Promo and interviews with Tony Parsons

       1977 1:87
       White Riot 1:48
       London’s Burning 2:05

Sussex University 1977

       I’m So Bored With The USA 2:14  – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
       Hate & War 1:94  – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
       Career Opportunities 1:42 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
       Remote Control 2:73  – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

Don Letts Super 8 Medley 11:40

       White Riot 1:52
       Janie Jones 1:73
       City of the Dead 2:04
       Clash City Rockers 2:15
       White Man in Hammersmith Palais 2:53
       1977 1:41

 Clash On Broadway – 19:50

       London Calling
       This Is Radio Clash
       The Magnificent Seven
       Guns Of Brixton
       Safe European Home

Promo Videos

       Tommy Gun 3:00
       London Calling 3:20
       Bankrobber 4:00
       Clampdown (Live) 5:00
       Train In Vain (Live) 2:10
       The Call Up 3:10
       Rock The Casbah 3:20
       Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Live at Shea Stadium) 2:50
       Career Opportunities (Live at Shea Stadium) 3:00

The Clash – Hits Back

(2CD Best Of)



Released simultaneously, ‘The Clash Hits Back’ features 33 of the band’s iconic tracks, across a 2-CD set. The tracklisting is sequenced from the band’s legendary Brixton Fairdeal show in 1982.

Hits Back contains the best studio recordings of the full set, plus 8 additional iconic tracks, and will be available digitally and on CD. It comes with the original setlist, handwritten by Joe Strummer which he usually taped to the back of his Telecaster before each gig. 

“Every show was different. Joe would spend a lot of time composing the running order, considering dynamics, emotional impact and the key the songs were in. This record is based on Joe’s set list from The Casbah Club UK Tour, Brixton Fairdeal, 10th July 1982”. Mick, Paul & Topper.

‘The Clash Hits Back’: The Very Best Of The Clash:

Disc 2 (Joe Strummer’s setlist continued)
1. Ghetto Defendant                                                               
2. Armagideon Time                                                              
3. Stay Free                                                                                                    
4. I Fought The Law                                                               
5. Straight To Hell                                                                                     
6. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?                 
7. Garageland
8. White Riot                                                            
9. Complete Control                                                              
10. Clash City Rockers                                      
11. Tommy Gun                                                                                         
12. English Civil War                                           
13. The Call Up                                                        
14. Hitsville UK                                                                        
15. This Is Radio Clash                                                                                            


Disc 1

1. London Calling                                
2. Safe European Home                                                       
3. Know Your Rights                                                            
4. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais                                    
5. Janie Jones                                                            
6. The Guns of Brixton                                                                          
7. Train in Vain                                                                                                            
8. Bankrobber                                                                          
9.Wrong ‘Em Boyo                                                                
10. The Magnificent Seven                                                
11. Police On My Back                                                                           
12. Rock The Casbah                                          
13. Career Opportunities                                                                                      
14. Police & Thieves                                                             
15. Somebody Got Murdered                                                           
16. Brand New Cadillac                                                                        
17. Clampdown                                                                                         


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 U   K      D   E   C   A   Y
N E W    H O P E    F O R    T H E    D E A D


With one crashing blow, UK Decay have rewritten the rules of engagement for supposed ‘comeback’ albums and redefined the term ‘Punk’ for the modern age. Make no mistake about it, this is no sentimental rehash of a sound from over 30 years ago, this is a seismic explosion of anger unleashed in a sound that emanates from both Heaven and Hell. ‘New Hope for the Dead’ is destined to be one of the defining albums of 2013.”

It’s true, dammit! While the world and his wife are going ga-ga over a group of girls recreating the sounds that UK DECAY were part responsible for in their teenage years before splitting in 1982, the original post-punks are about to release ‘New Hope For The Dead’, only their 2nd album and first since reforming after more than a quarter of a century apart. A heavy sonic assault built upon the politics of dissent that lyrically encompasses the twin evils of extremism and bigotry, the fracturing nature of society, the lack of engagement by today’s generation and the attraction of things that ultimately harm us, it is also home to a collection of excellent new songs.

Originally formed in Luton in early 1979, UK Decay were leaders of the then emerging post-punk scene and are widely credited (if once derided) with coining the term ‘Goth’ in a music press interview in Sounds music paper that subsequently inspired a worldwide movement. Part of a musical lineage that saw them emerge after Siouxsie & The Banshees and pre-fame Adam & The Ants alongside the likes of Bauhaus and Killing Joke, their single/EP releases and 100,000 selling debut studio album For Madmen Only were substantial Independent Chart topping records, while they were also session regulars on John Peel’s Radio 1 show. Extensive touring in the UK and mainland Europe led to tours of North America – including memorable treks supporting Dead Kennedys and then headlining above a new LA punk scene containing Circle Jerks, Black Flag, DOA, Social Unrest, The Subhumans, etc – while current iconic names such as Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Tool have all cited the music of UK Decay and their incendiary live performances as influences on their own careers.

Lead vocalist Abbo grew up on the Farley Hill estate in Luton, “just one street away from the idiot that now fronts the English Defence League.” In the late 70’s it reflected the social conflicts of the time; now, even more so, the town finds itself riddled with racial tension, bigotry and violence that make it a potential blueprint for a future Britain. “We’re not here for a nostalgic reunion, the band came back together as we felt we had something to say about our times and put out music that is made of these times ” he opines. “There have been three or four generations of music since we originally split up, but there is a vacuum in music of any comment or action in kicking against a world of apathy, discrimination and totalitarianism.”

“We are finding that our voice resonates with old and new alike,” adds guitarist Spon. “It’s a new time but the same problems exist. We’ve always been a political band, but one that’s able to reference human passions too. The new album encapsulates all of that and presents it with a sound that is the best we’ve ever achieved.”
New Hope For The Dead is released by Rainbow City Records on LP, CD and download and distributed by SRD. The album cover features paintings by the Italian anarchist artist Franko B of the US and UK flags in embossed black oil that amplify the themes of UK Decay’s new songs. The LP inner sleeve and CD booklet contain photography by Hugo Glendinning.

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 2003 – 2013

London’s O2 Academy Islington celebrates a decade of live music with a show from US rock royalty





Thursday 29th August 2013 – Doors 7pm
£22.00 adv from / 0844 477 2000 (24hr)

Monday 20th May 2013; Academy Music Group (AMG) will celebrate a decade of live music in the Capital this August. O2 Academy Islington opened on Friday 19th September 2003 with a phenomenal launch night performance from US punk rockers, Alkaline Trio, bringing a sell-out zealous crowd who knew every word to every last song during the sprint paced hour long set! 

What better way for O2 Academy Islington to turn the ripe old age of 10 in 2013, than with the help of the band who opened it! Alkaline Trio will celebrate with an exclusive live show at the venue on Thursday 29th August 2013 as a special birthday performance, bringing their combustible magic to delighted UK fans.

Well known as a guaranteed tour stop for global punk/ rock acts, the last decade has seen O2 Academy Islington present shows from major rock royalty including; KISS, Def Leppard, Skindred, Biffy Clyro, Paramore, Bullet For My Valentine and Jimmy Eat World to name but a few; so it’s a fitting tribute to welcome back one of punk rock’s finest to celebrate a LOUD ten years of live music in N1!

"It is always an honour to play London. To have been at the beginning of an era with O2 Academy Islington was AMAZING. I remember that show being extra special and playing again for their 10th Anniversary is something we’re extremely proud to be a part of" Matt Skiba, Alkaline Trio

More than 15 years since Alkaline Trio’s debut album release ‘Goddamnit(1998) and now nine albums later, the band have cemented themselves firmly as spokesperson for ‘the downtrodden, the dispossessed, the ill-at-ease’ while ever broadening their palette with new colours and extremes, never producing two records the same. April 2013 has seen the release of their most recent album ‘My Shame Is True’, preceding the start of the 2013 tour and highly anticipated UK festival performances including Reading and Leeds (Lock Up/ Rock Stage) . 

Tickets on sale via O2 Priority Wednesday 23rd May and general sale on Friday 24th May from – £22.00 adv 

Alkaline Trio are
Matt Skiba – Vocals/Guitar
Dan Andriano – Vocals/Bass
Derek Grant – Drums 

Artist Links
facebook – /alkalinetrio
Twitter – @alkaline_trio

Venue Links
facebook – /o2academyislington
Twitter – @O2Islington


Further tour dates as well as their performance at Reading and Leeds Festival include:  

26th August 2013 – Dublin Academy, 

27th August 2013 – Belfast Limelight, 

28th August 2013 – Edinburgh Liquid Rooms,

29th August 2013 – London, O2 Academy Islington


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  *** The Crunch unveil video for debut single ‘Down By The Border’, out June 3rd on 7” vinyl via Legal Records ***

Sulo – vocals     Mick Geggus – guitar     Dave Tregunna  – bass     Terry Chimes – drums
All-star power-pop rockers The Crunch have posted a promo video for upcoming debut single ‘Down By The Border’.  Shot at London’s Berry Street studios, where the band are currently hard at work on their first album, the no-frills performance clip captures the raw musical chemistry and shared passion for rock ‘n’ roll which has united these four iconic rock and punk talents as The Crunch.  Watch it at;
The band’s legendary line-up is led is Sulo Karlsson, the honey-n-gravel voice of Swedish blues-rockers Diamond Dogs.  On bass is punk rock prime mover, noted for his part in Sham 69 and Lords of the New Church, Dave Tregunna, and on guitar Mick Geggus – whose crucial role in creating the Oi sound with the Cockney Rejects was recently documented in acclaimed biopic ‘East End Babylon’.  Completing the quartet is original Clash drummer Terry Chimes, whose equally notable later work includes stints with Black Sabbath and Hanoi Rocks. 
The Crunch’s collective past credits are undeniably impressive, but even more inspiring is the music they’ve begun creating since joining forces.  ‘Down By The Border’ offers a first taste when it’s released on June 3rd via Legal Records, and music fans can hear more tracks from October’s album – plus some classics from the members’ back catalogues – two days later, when The Crunch makes their UK live debut at London’s Relentless Garage.  Date for the diary is;
Weds 5th June – LONDON, Upstairs at The Garage (supported by Eastern Promises)
Doors 7pm.  Tickets £15 adv. at

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The Vive Le Rock & Big Cheese sponsored Camden Rocks 2013 festival has announced the stage times in the various venues around Camden.

Check out the full band list and set times HERE.

Returning to London’s NW1 postcode for a second time, Big Cheese and our sister mag Vive Le Rock are stoked to sponsor this year’s Camden Rocks festival!

With over a hundred established and up-and-coming bands bringing the noise on Saturday the 1st of June, venues taking part include the Jazz Cafe, Monarch, Enterprise, Camden Head, the Barfly, Purple Turtle, Black Heart, the Hawley Arms, Lock Tavern, The Cuban and Camden Rock, essentially bringing Camden Town alive with the sound of music from 12pm to 12am!

With BC friendly bands such as RISE TO REMAIN, FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, STRAIGHT LINES, HAWK EYES, THE JB CONSPIRACY, BLEACH BLOOD, ELECTRIC RIVER and ITCH playing alongside the likes of THE REFILES, THERAPY?, THE YOYOS, GLEN MATLOCK, THE HOWLING and BAD FOR LAZARUS as well as DJ sets from Carl Barat and Chris McCormack, it’s going to be one hell of a party!

Get your £20 ticket and find out more info HERE.


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Bruce Springsteen and Dropkick Murphys to release new EP in aid of Boston victims


Bruce Springsteen and Dropkick Murphys to release new EP in aid of Boston victims

The Boss teams up with Boston band to re-record ‘Rose Tattoo’ for charity

Bruce Springsteen and Dropkick Murphys to release new EP in aid of Boston victims

Photo: PA

Bruce Springsteen has recorded a track with Dropkick Murphys to raise funds for victims of the recent bombing in Boston.

The Boston band were approached by Springsteen following the recent Boston marathon bombings and have re-recorded a new version of the band’s song ‘Rose Tattoo’ for inclusion on an EP released on iTunes today (May 15). The three song release will also include live acoustic versions of the songs ‘Jimmy Collins’s Wake’ and ‘Don’t Tear Us Apart’ by Dropkick Murphys. 

"Our friend Bruce Springsteen joins us for a new version of ‘Rose Tattoo,’ featuring his vocals, plus two live acoustic tracks recorded at the Gibson Showroom in Las Vegas just four days after those tragic events," the band reveal in a press release. "Bruce actually called us up the day of the bombing and asked what he could do to help," adds guitarist James Lynch. "We didn’t have to reach out. He was there for us."

All funds from the sale of the EP will be disbursed directly to The Claddagh Fund, a charity run by Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys.

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Welcome to the second Dry Heave newsletter! Summer is almost upon as & we’ve got loads going on over the coming months, so eyes down for what’s up


Trigger Effect band pic

Trigger Effect landed in Belgium yesterday to start the EU leg of their tour & the album drops on May 27th with the below UK dates happening in June. The rather impressive vinyl version is up in our store if you want to pick up a copy now!

Trigger Effect - What's Left To Eliminate?

Buy your copy here!


May 16 Thurs Le Havre France McDaid’s 
May 17 Fri Liege Belgium Peniche Inside out
May 18 Sat Tessenderloo Belgium JC Tessloo
May 19 Sun Leudwarden Netherlands Mukkes
May 20 Mon Leiden Netherlands SUB071
May 21 Tues Hamburg Germany Rote Flora 
May 22 Wed Berlin Germany White Trash Fast Food 
May 23 Thurs Poznan Poland Rozbrat
May 24 Fri Wroclaw Poland Observatorium Klub
May 25 Sat Brno Czech Boro 
May 26 Sun Hradec Czech Cafe
May 28 Tues Lublin Poland Tektura
May 29 Wed Kosice Slovakia Pokohoi
May 30 Thurs Budapest Hungary TBA
May 31 Fri Szeged Hungary Chat Noir
June 1 Sat Lljubjana Slovenia TBA
June 2 Sun Zagreb Croatia AKC Medilka
June 3 Mon Wurzburg Germany Immerhim
June 4 Tues Innsbruck Austria Autonome Space
June 5 Wed Nurnberg Germany K4 with NoMeansNo
June 6 Thurs Prague Czech Lucerna Music Bar with NoMeansNo
June 7 Fri Leipzig Germany UT Connewitz with NoMeansNo
June 8 Sat Kingston UK Fighting Cocks 
June 9 Sun Exeter UK Cavern
June 10 Mon Canterbury UK Beercart
June 11 Tues Glasgow UK Bar Bloc
June 12 Wed London UK Old Blue Last
June 13 Thurs Southampton UK Joiners
June 14 Fri Milton Keynes Crauford UK Arms
June 15 Sat Oxford UK Wheatsheaf

If you witnessed their ferocious set at Groezrock last year you’ll know what to expect, if not watch them light the touch paper and stand well back!

Check out their new video for the track ‘That Vital Force’ below..

Watch the Video


The Dresdens 10" vinyl

The Dresdens 10" LP came out late last month as part of Record Store Day 2013 & promptly sold by the bucket load. We still have a handful of copies in the shop so head over & grab a copy, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Head here and order your copy today!

Originally recorded in 2007 and shelved until now comes rock n’roll punk street rats The Dresdens eponymously titled debut album, finally unleashed! Featuring former Winnebago Deal dudes Ben Thomas (drums) & Ben Perrier (vocals/bass) and ex Gunbunny man Jack Goldstein (vocals/guitar)
Also, check out this live track from back in 2007

Watch the Video


Blasted live at Desertfest

London rock n’roll, hardcore punk trio BLASTED recently ripped it up at Desertfest & have a bunch of dates of the coming months with the likes of TSOL, 7 Seconds, The Hookers & Trigger Effect. The band are currently writing for their debut full length album.

Their debut 7" – Exposed / Time To Die is available in store here :

Check out BLASTED live at these dates…

May 20th – London, Black Heart : w/ The Hookers
June 7th – Basingstoke, Sanctuary
June 8th – Kingston, Fighting Cocks : w/ Trigger Effect
June 12th – London, Old Blue Last : w/ Trigger Effect
July 17th – London, Underworld : w/ 7 Seconds
Aug 10th – London, Boston Arms : w/ TSOL
Sept 7th – Oxford, Wheatsheaf : w/ Peter Pan Speedrock
Sept 8th – London, Underworld : w/ Peter Pan Speedrock

Check out the promo clip of ‘Time To Die’

Watch the Video


Freebase group shot

Northampton hardcore terrorists have a clutch of summer shows lined up and some pending festival announcements to make. Also, a killer show alongside Vision Of Disorder and Knuckledust which is not to be missed.

Their first release in 10 years, ‘From The Basement’ has garnered rave reviews as a return to form, get your copy here :

Catch them at the following shows :

Sat 18th May – Bornem, Belgium
Sat 1st June – Frediceria, Denmark
Sat 8th June – Nottingham, The Doghouse (w/ Concrete Sox)
Weds 18th June – London, Underworld (w/ Vision Of Disorder)

Here’s the promo clip for the track ‘Welcome To Hell”

Watch the Video


Please welcome Pasadena Napalm Division! This Texan crossover/thrash supergroup features none other than Kurt Brecht of DRI on vocals alongside members of Dead Horse & Verbal Abuse. We are proud to be releasing their debut album on limited splatter vinyl in July. The album also features Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta on guest vocals.

Pasadena Napalm Division

Head over to & check them out or the clip below. You’re in for an old school treat!

Watch the Video

Well, that’s it for this news burst! Until next month!

Dry Heave Records

PS – Check out our links below!

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Having spent the last year and a half playing truant – as the rhythm section in a French band – Bailey and drummer, Peter Wilkinson, dust off their halos and re-focus on The Saints.

‘King of the Sun’ was produced by Fortunato Luchresi and engineered by Sean Carey. The title track will be the first single taken from the album. Initially released in Australia November 2012 to coincide with the band’s Australian tour

Chris Bailey says of the album, “The Saints have always been my main passion, despite my promiscuity and desire for musical experiment I feel that The Saints are an unfinished musical journey. This album is one step closer on this road.”
The tracks are subtle metaphors, disguised in nostalgia or cherishment of a time gone by; they capture the difficulties and the despair of our times.

The Saints continue to entertain crowds far and wide, throughout the world. Details of UK/European live dates will be announced soon.

Over the years the band have released 15 studio albums, 17 singles, 6 EPs, 2 live albums and 10 compilation albums, not to mention Bailey’s solo output and collaborations with other artists.

And they have done a shitload more but this is just PR, listen to the music….

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Stream KILLING JOKE’s ‘The Singles Collection’ below!

Out this week ‘The Singles Collection 1979 – 2012’, captures the ever-evolving KJ story with a series of dark, apocalyptic songs; over the years, the band – now back to their original line-up – have successfully combined disco and funk and a shamanic wisdom with the dark side of the punk fall-out, and their music is always challenging and always driven by its own special character & chemistry.

Simply, the influence of Killing Joke has been enormous, with an unlikely roll-call of musicians taking their cues from the KJ catalogue – from Nirvana to most modern American metal to many DJs and dance music mavericks… few, however, have coming close to matching the band’s innate power and prophetic message.

Killing Joke ‘The Singles Collection 1979 – 2012’ is initially being released as a Limited Edition 3 CD set (33 career-spanning singles plus a third disc of rarities, including previously unreleased studio tracks), plus a Super Deluxe Cigar-Boxed Edition.

‘The pure magic of the most amazing post-punk outfit to ever walk the planet‘
Vive Le Rock, 10/10

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 The Boys + The DeRellas play The Borderline on 22 June 2013 , as a release party for the re release of The Boys first two albums,  

The DeRellas are recording a new album ,set for release at the end of the year , 
Read the cpmplete Boys story in Junes ViveLe Rock! 
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*** All-star power-pop rockers The Crunch make their UK live debut with an intimate, one-off show at London’s Relentless Garage on June 5th ***

Sulo – vocals Mick Geggus – guitar Dave Tregunna – bass Terry Chimes – drums
All-star power-pop rock act The Crunch have announced they’ll make their UK live debut on June 5th, with an intimate show upstairs at London’s Relentless Garage. This one-off date will be the only chance to catch the band in action on these shores before they embark on a full tour in October.
Formed late last year, The Crunch combines the talents of four renowned rock and punk players. Fronting the operation is Sulo Karlsson, the honey-n-gravel voice of Swedish blues-rockers Diamond Dogs. On bass is punk rock prime mover, noted for his part in Sham 69 and Lords of the New Church, Dave Tregunna, and on guitar Mick Geggus – whose crucial role in creating the Oi sound with the Cockney Rejects was recently documented in acclaimed biopic ‘East End Babylon’. Completing the quartet is original Clash drummer Terry Chimes, whose equally notable later work includes stints with Black Sabbath and Hanoi Rocks.
The Crunch’s past credits are undeniably impressive, but even more inspiring is the music this iconic foursome have been creating since joining forces. Debut 7” ‘Down By The Border’ will offer a first taste of their power-pop-with-punk-bite when it is released on June 3rd via Legal Records, and the group stress this is only the beginning. Neither a supergroup or a side-project, The Crunch is a fully committed band and issues its first album in October, when a UK tour is planned to support the release.
Before then music fans have a first chance to hear the new material – plus a few classics from the members’ back catalogues – at;
Weds 5th June – LONDON, Upstairs at The Garage
Doors 7pm. Tickets £15 adv. at


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 Here’s the new video for Pittsburg rockers, The Cheats cover of "Hammersmith Palais" which is appearing on the free sampler for the current issue of Vive Le Rock Magazine!!! Some of you may recognise it as a cover of Michael Monroes Demolition 23 song!



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 ELECRIC RIVER finishing up recording new album
More UK dates announced

Award winning Kent rockers ELECTRIC RIVER are just putting the finishing touches to the recording of their new album in Devon with Peter Miles (King Blues/We Are The Ocean).
Electric River recorded 16 songs including their radio single “Hold Your Nerve” and the live favourite “Keep The Engine Burning”, their song about Wilko Johnson’s battle with cancer.
In the meantime Electric River have been chosen to support UK legends New
Model Army and Ruts DC next week at:
May 2013
9th   Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms with new Model Army
10th Camden Underworld with Ruts DC
11th Sheffield Plug with New Model Army
Electric River also recently won Best New Breed at the Pure Rawk Awards show in London where they played a storming live set. <> <>                    

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At last – an exhibition that brings together over 40 years of musical mementos and memorabilia from the UK’s leading practitioners of old school R & B – Dr Feelgood. Take a journey through the early years when Lee, Wilko, Sparko and the Big Figure cut their teeth on Canvey Island before exploding onto the London pub rock scene. View an incredible collection of concert posters, record sleeves, press cuttings and previously unseen photographs from the days of Down By The Jetty and Milk and Alcohol all the way through to the modern era. Never before assembled in one place, this is a unique opportunity to get close to the artefacts and imagery from one of the worlds most exciting live bands. The Canvey Club 162 High Street Canvey Island SS8 7SS open: Monday to Saturday: 12:00-22:30 Saturday & Sunday: 12:00-15:30 and 19:00-22:30 Chris Fenwick Walks To coincide with the exhibition we have organised a number of Chis Fenwick’s famous Canvey Walks, visiting Canvey’s most infamous spots and Feelgood hide-outs. The walks will start at 10:30am – The Lobstersmack, Canvey Island SS8 0NR on the following days: 10th May, 17th May & 24th May finishing at The Canvey Club. The walk is aprox 2 hours. No booking necessary – just turn up.

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